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[SUBMIT] Gojira, Queen of dragons

Hi my name is Gojira, I am a bearded dragon. My species is one of the most adorable and lovable ones out there, (Due to being a bearded dragon I understand if you think I am biased, but, I don’t think I am)

This is me as THE most adorable baby ever, I was only 3 months old when I made my human pet take this pic.
I mean look at that smile, how can you not love me after seeing that. :wink:

Due to me being a new user I must post the rest of my pics as comments to this post.


Here’s me wearing my B-Day hat that I forced my human pet to make for me for my B-Day just a few weeks ago. I just turned 1 yr old.


Then I had a pic of me taken while I was busy watching my favorite movie … Godzilla! of course. I always get excited when I see him on screen and I may or may not have tried to kiss him a couple times.

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Next up is me using my human pet as a couch while I watch anime with him. He seems to really enjoy when I sit on him and watch things and he’s pretty comfy so I don’t mind sitting on him.

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Last up a picture I made my human pet take of me while I posed under the light. Gotta show off my good side. :smiley: