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[SUBMIT] Max the cuttest companion!

Hey! This is my incredible dog, Max.
He’s the sweetest and most playful dog that exists. He loves going for rides on the car, while he puts his head out of the window, he also loves swimming and walking around! He also likes being around the family and being in the spotlight. He’s the sun that warms up our home :smiley: .



That first pic is cute :slight_smile:

A huaso-dog companion would be really cool ahahah

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I hope that too, thank you :smiley:

He’s such a cutiepie <3 best dog ever… just look at that face!!
It’s freaking adorable ;u;

Also, kudos for the Huaso cosplay :prince:

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Would be reall cool have a Huaso companion :sunglasses:

nice dog! :satisfaction:


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