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[SUBMIT] Sir Hobbes Biscuit

Hello, my name is Sir Hobbes Biscuit.

My mother calls me “The Dorian Gray Cat”, because I will be forever beautiful and young like I am right now, and my father calls me “The Lion” because he thinks that I am majestic and powerful, in my opinion, they are both right. I am 2 years old, and I like to sleep (a lot) and I am afraid of birds (they scare the hell out of me), my father gets mad when I start screaming 5 AM in the morning because of them.

I grew up a lot in the last 2 years, but the doctor said, that im going to be small and cute for the rest of my life.


Nobody can handle my sexiness…including you, i bet.

I hate studying, it makes me tired (but my father keeps saying that i will become a rich cat some day, so i keep trying)

I love my father and my mother very much. They are always busy playing video games or studying, but i manage to get their attention some way or another (they just can’t say no).

It will be a hard fight against so many amazing pets (Including Mr Lawrence the Onion), but they are going to fear my roar!