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[SUBMIT] Kaohom : The sexiest cat girl! T T

Heading Kaohom : The sexiest cat girl! the memories of mind.

Her name is Kaohom.she’s one of the ancient cats in thailand, called Khao Manee meaning “White Gem”, also known as the Diamond Eye cat. She’s my first cat. She’s 5 years old.And She is a part of my thesis,she’s the 1 of character of the Siamese cats in my thesis. She likes to run away from home,and up on the roof often.

But … now she’s gone forever. I miss her and I hope her will come back to be my pet again. . .

and this’s Kaohom : The memories of mind. :sad:

Teamname: Geneziszer
Sever: Tel


Heterochromia for the win!
What a beautiful cat.

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Your cat is perfect, why did she leave no… :sad:
I always want to have white-blue eyed cat :satisfaction:
Nice photo btw

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After on the roof… The Red cat lol -…,-

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:sad: she died. because disease of lung … doctor told me :sad:

Hey bro sorry for your loss. Check the Van Cat species, it was probably one of them or a breed of them. (for ref.)