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TOS' Companion Maker! Official Voting Thread

Greetings Companion Lovers!! :heart_eyes:

First, we would like to thank all the Saviors who submitted their adorable pet photos! Thank you for the wonderful stories and super cute introductions! They were so fun to read.

And now, I know this may seem difficult, since each and every one of these animals is so cute, but it is time to officially vote for your favorite pet! Remember one of these lucky animals will become the next TOS Companion so choose wisely!

You have from now until October 15th 00:00 EDT to get your votes in.

[Reminder: Only votes received in this thread will count!]


Companions for Life “Fenrir”

Hello, how are you ? I am sending the photo of my companion to the contest, this one in the photo is the Fenrir, currently he is 10 months old. I wanted to upload a better photo however I am without camera at the moment so I picked one that my girlfriend sent me on whats those days lol. Thank you for your attention (I’m sending you two photos of him when I was a puppy <3)


Ersakoz’s Bird, Jiao

This is V1.01 of me. I was only 3 weeks of age and have not yet updated my graphics driver hence the lack of colour. Beside me is my favourite plushie that keeps me in comfort. If you noticed properly , i took a dump while posing for this shot


Moba’s Introduction

Greetings, Saviors ~

This event has given me an opportunity to flaunt and share my house pet i’ve had for over 5 years.

His name is Charlie, but most times I call him Charles. He’s part Maine Coon, so that’s where he gets his thick fur from. We adopted him when he was already 2 years old.:distinguished:
His current age is: 7.
Slighty obese
Cuddle monster.


Wolf-dog Companion!

I think ToS really need a wolf-dog companion. Heres our little Wolf. She is an Akita.
Her name is: Hagu. She is a really strong, kidness and cute friend!
Team: Cammpbell.
Server: [SA] - Silute


The new Battle Cockatiel (battlebird with the coolest hairstyle ever)!

Im Mathz from Silute and im here to introduce you my best friend, Francisco Neymar Junior, AKA Chico, the terrible!

He’s a 3 year-old Cockatiel, who helps me in my adventures on ToS world. A very good companion and an undefeatable demon-slayer, who sings as long as he erases the evil from our lands! And the best part is he do all of those incredible things withou losing a SINGLE feather of his enormous (and awesome, of course) tuft! xD

Please, let Chico help the saviors to save our world!


Kevin and Greg, the miniature goat brothers

Team Name - Pup
Server - Klaipeda
Description -
Kevin and Greg are a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats, who not only provide cuteness while prancing along behind you, but utility as they clear your path eating anything that may come in your way. While not eating, they are vocalizing their constant need of attention with loud bleats and forcing their way into your lap.

I could not just submit one as it would hurt the other’s feelings, they are very competitive and always head butting one another over food and attention.

Greg and Kevin respectively, who is the cutest brother?


My hard pup I love

Team Name: Benkkei
Server - Silute

This is Emily, she’s very sweet, but make no mistake, she loves to lick your ear.
He loves climbing on the couch to sleep and snores a lot of hahaha.


Schoki the cheeky bunny =:3

Hello this is Loredi from Fedimian server,

I want to introduce you my cheeky little bunny called “Schoki”.

When i found her(few months old she was at that time) in a pet shop the seller told me she will end most likely as snake fodder since her teeth weren’t growing normal and it will make much trouble for the owner to get them cut into a “comfortable size” every few weeks at a veterinarian so that she can chew normally…

Schoki was so adorable and i fell in love with her black, brown pelt and those cute brown/black eyes - <3 i just had to buy her! After 2-3 times at the veterinarian her teeth started to grow normal, no more chew trouble! yay
(it was a miracle!!! at least for me<3)

Now is Schoki 4 years old and i call her cheeky because when i take a nap she licks/tickle my hand till i wake up xD (<.<’’ She really loves to tickle!)

Also has a big heart and does take good care of her friends!


My dogs bears companions for life

Team Name - Hany
Server - Silute

Hello, this are Bella and Hamon, they love to swim and eat.
They are from Newfoundland race, very sweet and compassionate dog.
Would love to see them in the game.


Saiyan Cat

Team Name: PIusIe (is with capital letter i, Piusie written in a normal way)
Server: SA - Silute

Hello everyone, Moka is my cat companion, her has 8 month old. I picked it up from the street when it was still a small beast <3
She is a great fighter and she loves sleeping on the gray jacket, maybe someday she will become a great saiyan.


Hog Rider

Server: Telsiai
Team Name: emcheeey

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

In an essay conceptualized by Isaiah Berlin in 1953, from a parable titled “The Hedgehog and the Fox”, he stated that a wolf can do many things, but because of this wide variety of interests and strategies, their thinking is scattered and unfocused, limiting them to achieve something in a long run; whereas a hedgehogs are slow and steady, focusing in one overarching vision (which is defending), making them success in all odds.


Doggo Companion!

Hey everybody :bangbang:

Have you ever wondered, “is there anything more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” Well, I am Goro :fox_face:the Japanese Akita coming all the way from :snowflake: Alaska :snowflake: to tell you that there is!

When I am not working on my full time dog modeling career I think it’s important to enjoy life’s other pleasures. Some people say, “Goro, you always work so hard, when do you have time to do anything else?”. Work is important, but here is a list of things that I will always make time for:

12 hour power naps :zzz:
Partying with friends :tada:
Listening to good music while enjoying a nice day :musical_note:
Eating cake (not too much or you will get fat) :cake:
I believe life is an adventure! And I want to adventure with YOU! :sparkling_heart:


Britt the Bugcat


This is the introduction of my cat, Britt (aka Bug) for the companion event. Sadly Britt passed away a year ago and I lost a big amount of her pictures. Following is her best picture with her classic round bug eyes:

This is Britt. Even though her full name was Brittnay Matthews (in honor of a character of a Youtube series) I mostly called her Bicho. In spanish, Bicho means bug, and I called her that cause she would scurry and hide under stuff.

Britt was almost like a daughter to me. She was my first cat and I ended up finding her on the street and keeping her while working and going to college. I wish I could have met her at a different time in my life to have given her the time that she deserved, but she without doubt was happy and made my life happy.

She was curious beyond words. One time I got some tacos on my way from work late night and because she was smelling them I ended up squirting some sauce on her eye by accident.
After spraying her with water for a bit she got better.

I had to move to the USA because of legal reasons and on the airport I was unable to take her with me beacuse people were being rude. A couple of months later because of a complication in a doctor procedure, she passed away.

After having this 1 pet I learnt a lot on values of life and these fellas. Pets are way more dependant than kids. They nedd a huge amount of attention, and I wish people would think more before getting them out of impulses.

I loved Bug and I wish she could be saved in ToS, my favourite MMO.

Thanks and have a good day,
Korros ¨[NA] Klaipeda


Bull Terrier for Companion

TOS need Bull terrier for companion! he strong and can have 4 weapom slot (maybe).
Look this monster, he plays TOS too!

Team Name - Clemb
Server - Silute


My Pome Companion

Server: Silute
Team name: Deris

Hi guys, this is my baby boy Caramelo!

He is a 4 years old Pomeranian dog and he is veryvery cute as you can see!

He loves to smile and play Tree of Savior with me, he just love to follow my character with eyes lmao, If he turns in my pet in game I would be very very happy!

I love my foxie smile bb! :sparkling_heart:


Salacious Sage

My name is Sage the Bearded Dragon. I love blueberries and pooping on the carpet!

I want to grow up big and strong like Godzilla so I can atomic breath my pitiful humans captors, but for now I’ll just have to settle for being a super picky eater and waste all of their lovingly crafted salads. I enjoy taking warm baths on the balcony and going for car rides. Sometimes I even get taken out camping while my cat friends have to stay at home.

You should vote for me because quadrupeds make for stable mounts and I can puff my chin out and scare away all of your enemies.


Ashes to ashes

Hi everyone this is my baby or gay cat, Ashes. He’s a male egyptian mau born on 9/11/2006. In all honesty he’s such a attention hog always stealing MY spotlight :expressionless:. He doesn’t even care if I win this…he just wants people to adore him I know this because he told me himself, obviously. :chipmunk::unicorn::horse::penguin::frog::rabbit::snail:

Ashes to ashes dust to dust. :cat:


Kenny, ye olde british bolldog

Hello there buddy! I’m Kenny, the most adorable bulldog in the whole bloody world!

I perfected the arts of destruction.
You just hand over some stuff and I will tear it down to tiny pieces.
After the work is done I usually need some sleep… alooooot of sleep…

Some people say I have boar genes and like to play in the mud… bollocks! I’m bloody adorable.
But my mate - Wurstbaer - is always on my side.