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kTOS General Thread v2.0

The last thread is maxed out !! We did it guys !!

Keep the kTOS gameplay discussions here. Try not to drift too far off topic, discussing recent changes is encouraged ! In-depth questions about existing class mechanics are better suited to be asked in the Class Sub-forums!

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Q. How many server on kTOS now?
A. 3 Official ones, Ausrine, Vaivora, Jurate.

Q: How do I play kTOS?
A: You need a verified Korean Nexon account. If you want one you’ll have to find help elsewhere unfortunately.

Q: What server is the English community at?
A: Was Vakarine, but that server has since been merged into Vaivora (바이보라)

Q: What is TP
A: TP is a cash currency. You can regenerate up to 5 TP at 1 TP per 2 hours. Able to regen offline.

Q: I can’t delete my character!
A: Remove all equips first, then try again.

Q: How should I behave while playing, what’s the right etiquette?
A: No shouting in English or any non-Korean language in shout chat. Behave civilly to Koreans. Try to learn some basic Korean characters.


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lol 10k posts on the 1st thread hahahahaha

R.i.p first kTOS post

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i was about to post again in there too! :anger:

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And also a new attribute for prophecy…

No idea what it does tho, google translate is very confusing on this one.

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May the first topic not be forgotten.
But hey, new topic less risk of it getting shuted down all of the sudden due to idiotic flags.

R.I.P. first ktos thread… may the swordsmen wrath find peace with it.:crossed_swords:


@Gwenyth they will resume at 3pm KST later (4.5hrs from now)? no miko skill information yet unfortunately

I dont get warlock. Why attach spirits to AA when you have a 0cd 1pt skill that tells spirits where to go AND a skill to make em form a train (so they travel with you or something)?


/20 charrrrrrssss

RIP old ktos topic… even necromancers can’t bring you back now… :cry:

It seems like some kind of damage attribute… I hope it’s not that lame like the arcane energy one… X)

Rank 8 update preview

Rank 8 patch is late september


RIP the old kToS General Thread. It was fun. Thanks to @elysium for starting that mess.


Is it possible to see info on SR attributes?

My google translate can’t find it

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now you need to find everyone who was asking about the release date and share. :smiley:

Indeed, it was fun. and we didn’t get locked via flagging, DisckZee would be proud !


ah fk… looks like i won’t be able to make it to 280 by the time r8 is released… fml , no fk apple jeez… there you go.


rank 8 :heart_eyes:


New thread, we have to christen it by talking about Swordsmen.

Murmillo Helmet attributes benefitting Peltasta and Rodelero

I’d like to be the first to say.

Inb4 classresetrequests
inb4 mybuildisruinedposts