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KToS General Thread v5.0

since there is a lack of a ktos general thread at the moment, this will function as one.

Please keep all discussions related to latest kToS patches and dev blogs in here.

Discussions of recent changes are very much appreciated.




i want to comment so this thread wont go unlisted

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hope people will still post ktos stuff here~

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what happened to the last one lol
why it was deleted

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the changes done on ktest server habe made its way to ktos live servers, including new vaivora equipment and set effect adjustments.


Chances are, IMC probably finally decided to take action against that thread or the thread creator, but its of no matter really (RIP thread/thread creator). The community simply moves on and another thread is created for the community to gather and discuss kToS/kTest information.

But with some changes…
(to bad old thread is gone)

Shadowmancer Vaivora Staff
Intelligence 220
Attack against Cloth Armored Targets 1488
Magical Critical Damage 1800
Diffusion projection :
Shadow Thorn skill level +2
Shadow Shot Blast +1
Shadow Thorn cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.
Shadow Thorn damages 5 (was 10) people around the target

other new Vaivo unchanged

The set options that can only be given to Savinos equipment have been changed to be applicable to Varna equipment

Sets updates not changed

The trading properties of Sprit Fragment items that can be obtained in Unique Raid have been changed.
They can go into Teamstorage

looks like that is all

Nothing need to be done against threads or the person. Crevox’s thread was removed at like the same time. And both users still exist.



ktos is having a webtoon competition for TOS!


저지먼트 [치명타 발생 확률 %증가] [치명타 확률 % 증가] 툴팁 내용 변경

So since the tooltip was changed this way, we can deduce that the effect of Inquisitors Judgment is not to increase critical rate [치명타 발생], but critical chance [치명타 확률].

The question is now if it affects critical chance like the leather set effect[ +20% chance of your base crit chance, if you have a base crit chance of 18% it will be 21.6% with Jugdment] or if it will work like Demon Lord Marnox card and apply a minimum crit chance.


New login theme

Seasonal track for Arbor Day played in Klaipeda

Another BGM yet implemented in game


Well, I had some hope they would change Vaivora Rod (for Sorcerers) into Staff… :frowning:

Good afternoon.

Could someone explain what are those changes? I get they are about Heal but I’m a little confused by them.

Heel reduction was applied in the PvP area .

  • Team Battle League tournaments : 30% → 15%

  • Resource scramble , guild former colonies : 50% → 25%

  • a reduction hilryang applies to all means to recover .

  • HP resilient option of 50% is applied is reduced .

As far as I understood is: TBL Heal got reduced to 15%, GVG Heal got reduced to 25% and that’s all. I didn’t get the rest.

Thanks in advance.


The third one is “The reduction of healing effect applies to all means of recovery of HP.”

The forth one is “The effect of HP Recovery (option) is reduced by 50%.”


Can someone re post the new Vaivora weapons in English please?

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This is regarding the reduction of the the Healing stat (that scales with SPR) in the content.
So your Healing stat is now 85% in TBL and 75% in Gem Feud and GTW instead of 70% in TBL and 50% in Gem Feud and GTW before the patch.

This is a boost to the base value of Healing you have in these contents and probably an adjustment to the recent introduction of recovery reduction debuffs on skills.

What you said is utterly wrong.

Before the patch, HP recovery skill applies only 30% of its effect in TBL; after the patch, it applies only 15%. Let’s say, your Heal can restore 1000 HP in PvE regions. Now in TBL, it will only restore 150 HP.

This patch applies not only to healing skills like Mass Heal and Chortasmata, but also to other skills, such as Revive, which restores HP after preventing one from becoming Incapable of Combat. So this is by no means a boost, but a quadra nerf to all sorts of recovery of HP in PvP.

In short, I got to invest more on healing for PVP.


A whole year has passed since this post and still nothing. Homonculus truly was forgotten


I kinda hoped they reduced the healing reduction too XD… Is this rly needed? Are (full?) healers that op? because mine ( i guess more dps oriented ) can’t rly heal out damage or barely in pvp… I don’t know… or do they want to force every cleric to stack healing stat or something?

My build already needs so many type of stats that I’m kinda confused what would be the best for it… XD Like… should I buy Boruble cards? would that be better than zaura? I’m a bit lost atm.

I still hope that it’s because they are working on something bigger…but…deep inside…I know they aren’t :tired:


< 2020 Development Road Map >

  • New classes for Archer and Scout
  • Remake of some of the existing Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric classes
  • New Art for each class
  • Renewal of maps on Orsha route and a total rearrangement for world map

(Just to list a few that seem more important.)