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:sparkles: "Swimming the same deep water as you is hard..." :sparkles:

That phrase pretty much says A LOT about me. Figure it out. :balloon:

* Robert Smith is the most romantic man that will EVER exist. Full stop.
* Synthwave, Retrowave, Industrial, Gothic and Alternative Rock are Part of Me
* Shameless Altaholic.
* Crafting Aficionada.
* (former) Wonderland Refugee, now Laimas Lost Child. ;_;
* (not Social) Justice Warrioress.
* Dream Huntress.
* Soft Troll.
* Chocolate Connoisseur.
* Cupcake Extraordinaire.

***Rules of Nature:***
  1. Respect me as youd like to be respected. Lex talionis.
  2. Dont cling onto me, please. I hate that. Really. :confused:
  3. Dont try to excessively annoy me or start acting like a dick. Especially a dick.
  4. Dont try to force a 'friendship.' Im hard to deal with, so youre setting yourself for disappointment... :pensive:
  5. Dont invite me to premade parties, unless I give permission. I enjoy having my time.
  6. Dont add me to guilds. I dont bother with guild stuff, especially how lacklustre theyre in here.
  7. Dont add me just to fill up your friend list.
  8. Do you have an opinion about me? Great. Id really appreciate if you could keep it to yourself.
  9. Dont try to follow me (or contact IRL), be it in-game or elsewhere. I dont need groupies or a bloody fukking stalker with me on every game I play...
  10. Dont get all upsetey about what youve read here, mate. I may sound like a bitch, but sometimes I have my reasons for doing so.
  11. Usually, Im not available from 6am-9pm (UTC/GMT+0) because of my job, ballet & university classes, on Mondays~Thursdays and even on Sundays sometimes, so if you decide to message me you wont get an answer right away. Sorry.
  12. Now the most important thing is: HAVE FUN!!! Im sure you had lots of it before meeting me. :sparkling_heart: