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that is a very well made post heh

Ok, it is my understanding that elem property damage (fire, ice, earth, poison, etc) ignores def and goes thru elemental resist instead. Right? This is why meta AA clerics are so strong in late stage cm’s. Right?

So how does that work with wugu’s new zhendu?

If this really is the case I can see this + RS making bazooka really strong.

probs like enchant fire, where it is changed to fireprop damage and gives some fire prop eatk, and element property damage doesn’t ignore def, element property attack goes through ele resist

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What goes through elemental resist are the additional damage lines (Daino, Enchant Fire, Sacrament, Cafrisun, Manahas, Aspegillum and Last Rites for example). When a buff changes the basic attack’s property, it means it’ll deal bonus damage according to the elemental compatibility table (Poison is +12.5% against Fire, Ice, Earth and Thunder iirc). Enchant Lightning works that way (lightning property attack is increased and your basic attacks become lightning type).

Ok, I get that. So it could go either way:-

  • reduced by def/mdef then increased/decreased by natural resistance and elemental resist stat

Now what happens when I have both zhendu and enchant fire? Which element do I get?

Good question. I think it’s based on what you’ve used last. Casting Zhendu first will change it to poison property, then Enchant Fire would overlap it and change it to fire property.

Yup, @Hillgarm is correct.

Poison, i’m not sure if Enchant Fire change attack to Fire.

@Pokart it might change magic bolts (since they’re the only ones with diff particle)

I think it does. Meanwhile, Enchant Lightning clearly says in the tooltip that melee and missile attacks are changed to lightning property.

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We can’t really say for sure over tool tips. I mean, I could equate it to daino but daino is missing some tags and lines of code in its description page. No magic tag and the like.

I remember someone tested enchant fire AA with the elementalist attribute fire property: explosion where the explosion does 80% of AA damage to surrounding enemies.

I ran a quick test on miner’s village against Jukopus (Earth) and Kepa (Fire).

Some Math

MAtk 959
EF Fire Property Attack 325
Advantage EF FPA 406
Disadvantage EF FPA 243

Without EF
Jukopus 1064~1072
Kepa 1113~1122

With EF
Jukopus 1542~1553
Kepa 1356~1362

EF Increase
Jukopus 478~481
Kepa 240~243

It may be proven different with higher MAtk but so far it seems like it doesn’t change the attack itself.

@c2gaming.seetoo that might happen to the additional line or some hidden interaction, unfortunately i don’t have a char with that setting to test it

The way I read it, it seems like a combination of Bullet marker’s silver-bullet (elemental property added to main-attack, but physical-def still applies) + enchant fire (extra line effect, and bonus elemental damage on all attacks and skills). Let’s wait for ktest patch to arrive, to look at the skill on patchnote (or ktest-tosneet), and effect in-game.

Finished druid wolf text on request for cross-reference, but likely will not finish remaining clerics, I think existing translation is already sufficient.

Lycan transform
New werewolf mode changes:
3 seconds invulnerability during the transformation into a wolf
all skills except wolf skills are disabled during wolf-mode
all wolf-skills damage buffed by more than 2 times, and cooldowns decreased by 20-50%.
critical rate increased by 40 per skill level
+10% lycan skill damage increase per skill level
+3 movespeed
+100% HP
Physical def and magical def +50%
2% HP recovery every 8 seconds
dashing enabled
duration 100s, cooldown 120s

(NEW) Lycan attribute: hybrid wolf (demi wolf)
Wolf-mode skills are disabled (able to use all other class skills) (original text abbreviates with PC skills, edit: PC should mean player-circles, so all skills usable during this mode :wink:)
Basic-attack is changed to a scratching attack with a 5% chance to inflict bleed.
dash enabled
2% HP recovery every 8 seconds
physical skill attack damage increased by 4% per skill level
magical skill attack damage increased by 6% per skill level
critical rate increased by 40 per skill level
duration 60 seconds

Seems demi wolf is popular on ktos forum too

by user: jimreyno


well, damm. should they make it a permanent transform and i would gladly go druidplain :tired:


2018, and no demon morphing for ToS’s warlocks.


Does anybody have the patch that they increased animation speed for some skills? Couldn’t find it.

I posted it somewhere long ago, never made a pastebin.
Here you go:

After-Delay reduction for animations of skills

Click for list <<<

barrage: 22%
High anchoring: 40%
Critical shot: 30%
Bomb arrow: 20%

Stone shot: 42%

Stake Stockades: 15%
Broom Trap: 38%

Flare shot: 77%
Cloaking: 70%
Scan: 62%

Backstab: 33%

Broadhead 43%
Bodkin Point 25%
Barbed arrow 42%
Crossfire 18%
Magic arrow 65%
Divine Machine arrow 50%

Schwarzer reiter
Caracole 75%
Limacon 61%

Cannon shot 20%
Shootdown 20%
Bazooka 50%

Skarp slashing 22%
Leg shot 30%
Storm bolt 33%

Homing arrow 36%

Zalciai 17%
Divine stigma 33%

aspersion 26%
monstrance 31%
sacrament 35%
exorcism 10%

zombify 40%
mackangdal 33%

Out of body 10%
Astral body explosion 17%

Smite 38%
Resist elements 20%

gevurah 40%

judgement 53%

Stormcalling 46%
Trinity disaster charm 46%
elevate magic circle charm 30%

clap 30%

invulnerable 58%
immolation 40%
fanaticism 40%
fanatic illusion 40%
blind faith 40%

Some after-patch delay vids
Hackapel after-patch here
Cannoneer after-patch here
Reiter after-patch here


Well you could make it permanent but it would cost too many ranks to still fit paladin in it. Planting a laima statue and transforming then immediately using melstis would give you 60 + 20 = 80 sec duration and another melstis after 48 sec would put you at a 100 sec of transformation time. The new transform cd would be at 96 sec making it 100% uptime.

With the required skills you would have to go cl1-kr3-deiv1-dru3-x. What’s interesting to me is daino turning your AA magical would mean you would AA with 30% (assuming 5 lvs of the skill) instead of 20% making a hybrid AA/caster workable. That makes the last rank an easy choice of inqui for inquisitor: burn

It would depend how strong the bleed is, but you could still achieve 5 (4 if you don’t want to cafrisun) lines of atk + a bleed chance per AA.