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The iToS Weekly Round-up Thread

[The iToS Weekly Round-up]

What this thread is about:

Most veterans know of this, but for those who don’t, there exists a “Weekly Report” of sorts made by 여현구 (source: with weekly information such as GTW results, Boruta Rankings and Weekly Boss Raid results that serves as reference for all players to infer from, be it the state of the server’s guilds, competitive Boruta Raid timings and the shifts in meta especially after class updates. The iToS population does not have their own “Weekly Report” even after 35 weekly bosses, though it is understandable considering it is up to the iToS population’s own effortsto keep track on all four regions. Still, it feels weird and isolating that the four regions of iToS don’t really have any proper and public exchange of such information on forums. IMC used to put out these ToS Magazines every month with monthly happenings that could do this, but they started releasing it from monthly, to every big patch, and then none at all, which is a shame.

I’ve taken interest with how helpful they are and will be making a weekly report for the iToS player base called “The iToS Weekly Round-up” every Monday/Tuesday (I’m just one Monk, I’ll do this during AFK fishing or during maintenance or something) taking heavy inspiration from those kToS reports. This thread’s purpose is to inform the iToS player base of information and the happenings going on outside their respective servers as a basis for discussion (or for any ToS players outside iToS to read), so if I have made any errors in my information (I’m just a normal player like everyone else), feel free to call me out for me to correct the report.

Feel free to discuss about the report freely, though as I will be covering GTW results, discussions with competitive guild content usually turns muddy and toxic, which this thread is NOT for. At the very least, lets keep such discussions as civil and calm as possible. I will include links to kToS’s weekly report as well, but it is immoral to simply plagiarize the report and paste it here, so please grab your Google Translate and head over to read. If there are jpToS and twToS players who want to share their own “weekly reports”, feel free to post it or a link to it here.

With that said, I’ll be posting the weekly round-ups here every week, so stay tuned! :crazy_face:



[The iToS Weekly Round-up, December Week 1, 2020]

Welcome to your weekly dose of info round-up on Guild Territory Wars, Boruta Raids and Weekly Boss Raids on every server! This is the first of many weekly round-ups I will be doing on covering on all servers, Klaipeda, Fedimian, Telsiai and SIlute. I will throw in any interesting news for the week in this section in latter round-ups, though I’m wondering if I should add things like forum drama or whatever here. IMC just released plans for future updates to ToS, and everyone’s just waiting for more information at the moment too. Then again, it IS just the first week, best to start off light.

KToS also just had its first experience fighting the new Weekly Boss Raid, “Trinity Tini”. Find out more at KToS’s weekly report, 46th Weekly Boss: Link. Also for reference, here’s KToS’s 36th weekly report: Link

[GTW and Boruta Raid]

[Guild Territory Wars]

Guild wars in Klaipeda and Silute looks competitive with each guild only holding one territory, a sign of a vibrant and competitive server. Impetus, FullMoonCafe and Infinity holds the Klaipeda, Fedimian and Orsha territories respectively in Klaipeda, while Paradise, Skyline and LIMIT holds the Klaipeda, Fedimian and Orsha territories respectively in Silute, All seems well in these two servers so far.

Meanwhile, YN looks to be dominant in Telsiai, being the only guild this week to take two maps, one being from Champion’s League. YN, GrapeSoda and Megalomaniac currently holds the Klaipeda, Fedimian and Orsha territories respectively in Telsiai. On the other hand, Fedimian is the only map where a Champion’s League map (Aqueduct Bridge Area) is not occupied. Is there some sort of happening on Fedimian Server’s GTW, or does this mean some competition for the Fedimian territory, or is there a lack of players or a strong guild to take up the challenge for Fedimian territory? One can only tell with next week’s results. Maid Cafe and Eternity currently holds the Klaipeda and Orsha territories respectively on Fedimian.

[Boruta Raid]

Boruta Raid timings of 10-20 minutes seem to be the timing for strong, well-geared and competitive guilds at the moment. YN of Telsiai shows a stand-out performance, being the only guild across all 4 servers to break through the 10 minute mark and achieving 8 minutes 24 seconds, a significant lead. Meanwhile, it seems not all territory-holding guilds in Fedimian and Silute are doing Boruta Raid, with only 2 out of 5 guilds in Fedimian and 3 out of 6 guilds in Silute are participating. One can only assume why this is the case. GrapeSoda of Telsiai, Melody of Klaipeda and Paradise of Silute seem to be the closest in hoping to dethrone YN’s record next week, so do keep a look-out for these guilds!

Currently, Melody of Klaipeda, Maid Cafe of Fedimian, YN of Telsiai and Paradise of Silute are the guilds with this week’s fastest Boruta Raid clears of their respective servers.

[36th Weekly Boss Raid Results]

dec 1 boss 36 mechanics

The 36th Weekly Boss’s traits seem advantageous for Physical DPS builds, especially those depending on Slash/Arrow/Pistol damage, and Physical DPS builds look to be dominating this week’s rankings while Magic DPS builds are lagging behind. In particular, Chalaaa of Silute holds the highest damage across the five class trees and four servers, achieving 23.7 B damage with a Mergen | Ranger | Appraiser build.

  • Top Swordsman Build: Kirarin [Telsiai], Fencer | Matador | Barbarian, 20.6 B
  • Top Wizard Build: Crevox [Klaipeda], Sorcerer | Necromancer | Featherfoot, 14.4 B
  • Top Archer Build: Chalaaa [Silute], Mergen | Ranger | Appraiser, 23.7 B
  • Top Cleric Build: Bluvoyei [Telsiai], Inquisitor | Zealot | Druid, 11.2 B
  • Top Scout Build: Tyhz [Telsiai], Schwarzer Reiter | Enchanter | Assassin, 13.1 B


Despite Slash Damage’s advantage seeming to benefit Blossom Bladers, Fencer | Matador | Barbarian still comes out ahead on all servers, with Kirarin of Telsiai achieving 20.6 B damage. The Fencer | Matador duo has been a bit too stellar in its DPS performance even now in kToS and in future, maybe a nerf is in sight in days to come. The top swordsmen of all 4 servers run the same build.


Summoner Wizards are expected to do better than Caster Wizards given the Boss in question this week, and Sorcerer | Necromancer | Featherfoot holds the top wizard spot for the week. Crevox of Klaipeda, in particular, holds a commanding lead against the top wizards from other servers, reaching 14.4 B damage. While Telsiai, Klaipeda and Silute used the same build to take top spot, Fedimian went with Shadowmancer | Featherfoot | Taoist, though it seems it does not hold up to Summoner Wizards for this week’s boss.


As expected, Archers benefit greatly from the traits of this week’s Boss, and Chalaaa of Silute has come out on top of the other archers and class trees with 23.7 B on Mergen | Ranger | Appraiser. There has been discussions on what 3rd class best suits Mergen | Ranger after the 2H Bow class changes, and Appraiser is showing a strong case for itself at the moment. The top archers of all 4 servers run the same build.


A boss whose traits benefit Physical and Slash damage, on top of being a Devil-Type, naturally brings the Inquisitor class up front-and-center, especially the Inquisitor | Zealot | Druid build to the top cleric spot over its Magic DPS Cleric counterpart. In particular, Bluevoyei of Telsiai holds the highest damage dealt for Clerics with 11.2 B damage. Also, Fedimian used a different build, Inquisitor | Zealot | Monk instead, to reach top spot. The top clerics of the other 2 servers run the same build as Telsiai.


No surprises, pistol Scouts hold the lead with the Pistol damage advantage on this week’s boss, and Tyhz of Telsiai holds the top scout spot dealing 13.1 B damage with a Schwarzer Reiter | Enchanter | Assassin build. While Klaipeda and Telsiai ran the same Schwarzer Reiter build, Silute and Fedimian went with a different approach, with Silute using a Bullet Marker | Sheriff | Assassin build while Fedimian going with Rangda | Linker | Assassin.

[37th Weekly Boss Raid Information]

Weekly Boss Raid Thread v3.0, 37th week: Link
KToS’s 37th week: Link


Maid Café and CarpeDiev were fighting full force for Genar Field, which got a switch at the last minute. This means two of the most active guilds were focused on one map. Plus most guilds on the server are not interested in GTW or not populated enough to participate. Seeing how we captured a map when we have 2-3 active people in the guild tells it all…

When you see a guild with 80 active people, a large part doing 10+ billion damage every week on WBR, taking 20 minutes to clear Boruta, it doesn’t encourage you to do it. You would spend 30 minutes every day and not be sure at the end of the week to finish the raid. Plus I’m not sure half the guilds in Fedi have 30 active players for this. The veterans are either all in the same guilds or scattered around. We would have to merge guilds to get GTW going again. From what I see currently with the guild promotion board is that you get a lot of new players joining guilds and one week later there are nowhere to be see because they probably didn’t like the game and left. The “new server” effect already is starting to fade away…

Top score: 20 billion
My score: 200 million

And I use my main with decent equips… I should really ask how to do 100x more damage to those top players. :haha:


Wow nice one. May I ask how you check class of the top damage in WBR?
All I know is filter class and see if it match. but that seems like a lot of work.

Be a whale lol xD /20char

Yes … yes that was exactly what I did. Its rather easy to guess which classes will be top DPS of their respective trees based on the meta and the boss, and the guessing game becomes easier then. To be fair, Fedimian is a different beast, running a few different builds from the meta.

Considering that matador was reworked as a boss DD, providing both buffs and debuffs to deal with bosses, it’s not strange to see rapier classes excel in a boss damage contest. If anything, it’s exactly what they’re supposed to do. Until they get screwed up again by IMC’s warped logic, at least.

Nice thread but how many times are you gonna misspell Klaipeda? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re killin me here

Crap, I forgot to edit that out. Fixed along with fixing a few pictures. Does this MoonProject guy from Klaipeda belong in a guild? His guild symbol won’t load no matter how long I waited, feels bad.

No, he’s guildless…


[The iToS Weekly Round-up]

Welcome to your weekly dose of info round-up on Guild Territory Wars, Boruta Raids and Weekly Boss Raids on every server! In here, I will be doing on covering on all servers, Klaipeda, Fedimian, Telsiai, Silute and any new happenings in Tree of Savior every week on Monday/Tuesday!

[December Week 2, 2020]

Its been almost a month since the new updates with Tel Harsha and Luciferie Accessories are out, so players and guilds with enough resources to get Karaliene/Luciferie Accessories faster are expected to still be ahead of the rankings this early on. There won’t be any new class balance changes happening anytime soon, so there’s expected to be no change in the meta across the board.

The Fan Art Festival themed “Christmas of Class Master” has closed last week and votes are closing on December 17, 2020, so vote for your favorite Arts that you want to see in your loading screens now! IMC has also started taking action against players who were found abusing the “Severty Bug” that’s been making the rounds on forums for some time. Due to that, there may be changes in certain rankings if such players are involved in abusing the bug. Other than that, excitement currently fills the week for players across all servers due to a major content update IMC has dropped on the KTest and KToS servers. Along with the X64 BIT and DX11 updates IMC already implemented on KToS, many exciting things are to come in our future patches!

IMC has finally unveiled their latest major update, [EP 13: Scars of Fate], containing many new content updates, gears, level cap, and more along with 2 new classes, Arquebusier and Clown for the Archer and Scout trees respectively! While new things are exciting, it does bring into question that IMC released the new patch in KTest for only 1-2 day of testing before bringing it to KToS halfway through the week, and the KToS player base will have no choice but to adapt to a potentially bugged and unbalanced update quickly to stay up on top of their respective content and rankings.

With the new major update, KToS may be in for a rough week, with having to adjust with both a new major patch and a new Weekly Boss Raid, Lucia. Find out more at KToS’s weekly report, 47th Weekly Boss: Link.

(For reference, here’s KToS’s 37th weekly report: Link)

[GTW and Boruta Raid]

[Guild Territory Wars]

Guild Territory War remains boring in the lands of Telsiai with no change at all as YN of Telsiai maintains their hold over two territories, including Genar Field (Klaipeda). However, chaos ensues in the 3 other servers as guilds managed to take or lose their holds over the Champion’s League maps.

In Klaipeda, Impetus shows dominance, taking 2 territories including Genar Field (Klaipeda) and FullMoonCafe maintains their hold over Aqueduct Bridge Area (Fedimian), while Yoruzuya has managed to take Infinity’s place as the winner of Baron Allerno (Orsha). Melody no longer holds a map as Alpha takes over their spot in Nuoridin Falls, and Impetus has conquered the Sventimas Exile territory previously held by Yorozuya.

In Fedimian, CarpeDiev came out of left field taking two territories including taking Genar Field (Klaipeda) from Maid Cafe, from not having a territory last week. The previously unsiezed Aqueduct Bridge Area (Fedimian) has also been taken by EriLayne, and the last Champion’s League map, Baron Allerno (Orsha), was taken by Eternity. Nuoridin Falls has been taken over by CarpeDiev, previously held by EriLayne as they moved up to a Champion’s League map.

In Silute, Paradise and Skyline, who holds Genar Field (Klaipeda) and Aqueduct Bridge Area (Fedimian) respectively, has switched hold over their territories, perhaps a sign of an ongoing war between the two guilds. In the midst of the chaos, Australe has kicked LIMIT out to take their territory, Baron Allerno (Orsha), and LIMIT scrambles to take over Sventimas Exile, previously held by FireEmblem. Aqua has also stepped up their game, taking 2 Challenger maps, one previously held by Australe.


  • Baron Allerno (Orsha): Yorozuya (Infinity previously)
  • Nuoridin Falls: Alpha (Melody previously)
  • Sventimas Exile: Impetus (Yorozuya previously)


  • Genar Field (Klaipeda): CarpeDiev (Maid Cafe previously)
  • Aqueduct Bridge Area: EriLayne (None previously)
  • Baron Allerno (Orsha): Maid Cafe (Eternity previously)
  • Nuoridin Falls: CarpeDiev (EriLayne previously)


  • No Change


  • Genar Field (Klaipeda): Skyline (Paradise previously)
  • Aqueduct Bridge Area (Fedimian): Paradise (Skyline previously)
  • Baron Allerno (Orsha): Australe (LIMIT previously)
  • Nuoridin Falls: Aqua (Australe previously)
  • Sventimas Exile: LIMIT (FireEmblem previously)

[Boruta Raid]

2 more guilds, Impetus of Klaipeda and Skyline of Silute have joined in the fray of guilds to break through the 10 minute mark, while many upsets have occurred in various servers, perhaps due to the usual IMC servers, or perhaps a showing of the competitiveness in their various servers.

No change is happening in Telsiai and Fedimian with YN of Telsiai and Maid Cafe of Fedimian having the fastest Boruta Raid clear times of their respective servers. With that said, YN of Telsiai has once again cleared Boruta Raid with the fastest time this week at 8 minutes 59 seconds. Meanwhile, Impetus and FullMoonCafe of Klaipeda has managed to overtake Melody of Klaipeda and Infinity of Klaipeda seems absent this week. In Silute, many changes are happening as Paradise of Silute slides down the rankings below Skyline, Australe and LIMIT of Silute, Skyline of Silute taking first place, and the addition of 3 more guilds, LIMIT, Aqua and FireEmblem in the Boruta Raid rankings, show an intense competition in the works.

[37th Weekly Boss Raid Results]

The 37th Weekly Boss’s traits benefit DPS builds with Magic/Lightning/Fire/Poison/Pierce/Arrow/Pistol damage, traits that many meta class builds can shine and take advantageous of. In the midst of all these meta builds, MiyukiSAMA of Telsiai has managed to come out on top dealing the highest damage across all class trees and servers, dealing 15.8 B damage with a Shadowmancer | Featherfoot | Taoist! It should also be of note that all 5 top WBR rankers of the respective class trees all come from the same guild, YN of Telsiai, a show of strength by YN and the server, Telsiai.

  • Top Swordsman Build:
    • -Asuna [Telsiai], Fencer | Matador | Barbarian, 14.9 B
  • Top Wizard Build:
    • MiyukiSAMA [Telsiai], Shadowmancer | Featherfoot | Taoist, 15.8 B
  • Top Archer Build:
    • DestinedWing [Telsiai], Mergen | Ranger | Appraiser, 13.7 B
  • Top Cleric Build:
    • ArchKnight [Telsiai], Plague Doctor | Miko | Druid, 10.6 B
  • Top Scout Build:
    • Tyhz [Telsiai], Schwarzer Reiter | Enchanter | Assassin, 7.7 B


It is no surprise that a boss weak to Pierce top meta build specializing in Pierce damage would result in some impressive numbers favoring such a build, as -Asuna of Telsiai holds the top WBR rank for swordsmen on all servers, dealing 14.9 B with a Fencer | Matador | Barbarian. The build has shown consistently stellar DPS with top swordsmen rankers from all servers using it, and will likely continue doing so, though there are plans by IMC to tweak those down in future, casting the build into a little doubt down the line.


With a boss weaker to Magic and Lightning damage, a build specializing in bossing like Shadowmancer | Featherfoot | Taoist is bound to do well as MiyukiSAMA of Telsiai has not only managed to take top spot for wizards, but also top spot for damage on all class trees and servers with 15.8 B damage. Every top wizard ranker on all servers also run the same build, though the new EP13 content patch currently in KToS servers made a major rework on Wizards including Taoist, so Taoist might have to be replaced from the build in future.


The Mergen | Ranger | Appraiser that topped the archer ranks also shows its power in this Arrow-weak boss, as DestinedWing of Telsiai takes the top archer spot on all 4 servers with 13.7 B dealt. A top meta DPS build with party DPS support via Appraiser, this build proves its usefulness in both party play and solo play. All top archer rankers on all 4 servers run the same build.


This week sees the rising popularity of Plague Doctor builds as a Magic DPS option with various utilities and an excellent Vaivora weapon, and ArchKnight of Telsiai has come out on top with a Plague Doctor | Miko | Druid build to deal 10.6 B damage on this Magic-weak boss. There have been doubts if Plague Doctor’s Vaivora can make its bossing ability viable, and I believe this is a strong case for Plague Doctor. Every top cleric ranker on each server ran different builds, with Klaipeda running a Plague Doctor | Krivis | Druid build, Fedimian with a Crusader | Druid | Miko build and Silute with a Exorcist | Miko | Druid build.


Pistol Scouts hold the lead once again with the Pistol damage advantage on this week’s boss as Tyhz of Telsiai once again holds the top scout spot dealing 7.7 B damage with a Schwarzer Reiter | Enchanter | Assassin build. While Klaipeda, Telsiai and Silute ran the same Schwarzer Reiter build, Fedimian is still running the Rangda | Linker | Assassin build.

[38th Weekly Boss Raid Information]

Weekly Boss Raid Thread v3.0, 38th week: Link
KToS’s 38th week: Link

[The Billboard]

I’m interested in leaving this section out for anything ToS for content creators, be it videos, guides, speedruns, memes and more of that week to help out such creators with our current player base. If anyone is interested in getting some free publicity of sorts as long as it ToS-related or just interested in sharing anything fun, feel free to PM me with such things on forums and I’ll try to put it down in this section.

For now, I’ll get things started with …





Glad you decided to keep these all in one thread, easy to keep track of.


good luck to keep update this thread @4lkruzeth
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This is pure dedication on all server news nice work.

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Excellent job!
I want to add that Earth property is weak against Fire and Poison.

About the Swordsman’s rank, there will be no nerfs on iTOS until, at the very least, February. But episode 13 brought several buffs to shield and spear classes, so maybe there will be a more competitive environment when that comes around.

The Weekly Boos of this week is weak just against Holy damage, so maybe some Magic DPS Clerics come up on top? And that heavy Crit Resistance hurts a lot for those without high minimum Critical Chance.

I go as a dark wizard on weekly boss, so I just cry reading this.

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Great thread, keep up the good work.