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[GUIDE] Archer Class Types

#Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Archer types
  3. Circles
  4. Hidden Mechanics
  5. Theory crafted builds


So there’s a lot of guides for other classes but I have not seen any archer guides.

Keep in mind that I have never played ToS before but I have done a lot of research and used my knowledge from games in general.

Here is my theory crafting considering Archer Class types.

[Update 4/12/16]
I’ve been playing lately and noticed a lot of things. I’ll change and update this guide from my experience.

Archer types

  • Skill type (from Ranger C3, Fletcher, Musketeer)
    Uses lots of skills but relies on cooldowns a lot, good for single target and AoE. Skill type also relies on high dex due to the fact their raw skill damage are very high when maxed out. This means that dex will scale nicely for the crits.

  • Spammer type (from Scout C3)
    Lets you spam skills without CD empowering your autoattacks. Spammer type stats are the same with Skill type, they rely on high damage due to high raw damage.

  • AoE type (from Ranger, Wugushi, Sapper, Fletcher, Schwarzer Reiter, Canoneer)
    Demolish groups of enemies with ez. This type stats depends on the classes, a hybrid stat allocation would be fine. But Wugushi for sure poison does not crit therefore going scaling your raw damage output with str is the way to go. However, with Sapper’s case, traps can crit therefore you can be hybrid, high str/low dex, or low str/high dex.

  • Machine Gun type (from Quarrel C3)
    Name says it all try to attack really fast like a machine gun. The stat allocation for this build is full str or high str/low dex. You will rely on your auto-attacks for damage therefore your goal is to scale your character’s raw damage from str as high as possible. This type also relies on items heavily such as Cafrisun Set, which gives you an extra auto-attack. You will also want an Arde dagger which increases your attack damage. Putting all these together with your fast auto-attacks, you will be doing insane single target damage. Consider that this build will be costly, such that Arde Dagger is 1 million silver in the market. You may also farm it in the lv 90 dungeon. Later at higher levels, I believe there are similiar equips that can replace those items. Just keep in mind although this type requires heavily on equips, they do not fall of in late game. Check out the video references further below for evidence. Furthermore this build can scale very good with other classes abilities such as Sacrament and Blessing from Priest (You can buy these from Pardoners), Fire Enchant from Pyromancer, Quicken from Chronomancer, etc. (You can see that auto-attack can be scaled a lot in different ways). Note that the 12 attack earth property from Cafrisun can scale differently depending on the monster, (monsters in ToS have element attributes and you can do more damage on them depending on their weakness. You can check for more info. In my experience that 12 earth property attack from Cafrisun Set can hit for 700 damage. Thus in KToS, people use Cafrisun Set until lv 170, upgrading it to +10.

  • Rogue type (from Rogue)
    High output single damage target, good for bossing. This type stat allocation will be full str or high str/low dex reason being because of this circle’s skill already gives critical chance therefore you can maximize the damage by scaling more raw damage in your character. Rogue type relies on cloaking and has a melee skill Backstab that does insane amount of damage.

  • Companion type (from Hunter and Falconer)
    Pets pets pets, Hunter is good for PvP? (I’m not too sure but the pets are mostly for CC and CC is good for PvP) and Falconer is good for AoE because of circling, making your skills attack AoE ratio higher.

** Some builds are a combinations of types **

Opinion Rating Legend

  • Extremly good
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Decent
  • Bad

Skill types

###Archer C1 -> Ranger C3 -> Fletcher C3
Fletcher 3 can be replaced by Musketeer, or Canoneer or your choice

Skill + Spammer + AoE type

Ranger C3 gives a lot of semi-AoE skills on top of Fletcher C3 Cross Fire will net you so much AoE. This build gives a good set of everything that you need. Magic Arrow for single target and has a 5 sec cd, Cross Fire has no cd and is spammable skill but watch out for your mana! Maybe getting some SPR won’t be a bad idea here


  • Very good single target
  • Very good AoE
  • Very good consistent damage


  • Uses a lot of Mana (can be conpensated by lv 10 mana pots from alchemists in the market, can be quite costly right now as alchemists are still few in iToS)
  • Relies on cooldowns (However the cooldowns are short, 5 sec for Magic Missle, and Ranger set skills cd are shorter compare to other classes’ AoE)

More reference videos

AoE Types

###Archer C2 -> Sapper C2 -> Wugushi C2 -> Musketeer C1

AoE + Skill type

This build has Broom Trap and Throw Gu Pot which are the two AoE DoT skill that Archer class only gets. Broom Trap has 40 sec cd and last 15 secs while Throw Gu Pot has 35 sec cd and last 6 seconds which makes this build kind of inconsistent cuz youll have to wait 15-25 secs to use them again but the damage youll be outputting will be insane. This build really shines against a whole lot of monsters like in this video. AoE types are really good in ToS because this game has a lot of mobs and mobbing essentially happens most of the time from grinding or party play.


  • Extremely good AoE


  • Decent single target
  • Relies on cooldowns (most AoE skills have high cooldowns)
  • Inconsistent damage

###Acher C2 -> Ranger C1 -> Scout C1 -> Rogue C1 -> Falconer C1 -> Musketeer C1

Uses Circling to decrease the AoE defense of enemies making them more vulnerable to AoE damage (not too sure if makes AoE bigger). Makes good use of feint and barrage shotgun combo.

A1 -> Ranger C3 -> Rogue C1 -> Falconer C1 -> Canoneer C1 seems more like a better AoE shotgun oriented style build imo.

Having the Bounce Shot and level 15 Barrage will really nuke everything on top of circling. You will miss out on A2 swift step crit attribute tho which can be detrimental but the Rogue sneak attack can make up for it.


  • Very good AoE thru shot gun style
  • Good single target thru shot gun style as well


  • Relies on cooldowns

Archer C2 -> Quarrel Shooter C3 -> Schwarzer Reiter C1

Warning: video is from test server. I’m not sure how good Schwarzer Reiter is now.

Main skill you will use is Retreat Shot. Seeing how good the AoE (almost reaching to the other end of the screen). Schwarzer Reiter is not a bad circle for AoE, though you need a wall (but this isnt bad since ToS has lots of terrains for you to be able to mob up and do this) or find a way to continue walking back.

AoE Ratio Mechanic: Circling from Falconer

With Circling, your AoE skills range and damage increase because Circling decreases the AoE ratio of enemies. In this game, they use AoE ratio as a stat, if you have more AoE ratio, your skills can hit more mobs. Also decreasing AoE ratio of monsters can also do that as well.

Spammer type

###Archer C3 -> Scout C3 -> Musketeer C1

Here we see the power of Split Arrow from Scout C3 (no cooldown [which means spammable]) and Twin Arrows with overheat (overheat lets you use skills multiple times b4 it goes on cd.

This lets you spam Split Arrow constantly. This will let you hit 3 monsters at once while increasing your normal damage. This is really nice but the drawback is that its from Scout C3 and scout doesn’t offer that much set of good skills.

  • Split Arrow is extremely good, spammable & no cd which basically replaces your autoattacks.
  • Flare Shot is good but the skill box is really small which is only semi-AoE.
  • Not really sure how Perspective Distortion works but I heard somewhere it increases damage?? (no clue how)
  • Twin Arrows from Archer C3 is really good as it makes two hits of an attack so this is used for the single target (replacing A3 with R2 is not really wise as Ranger isn’t strong unless its R3 because of the skills itll offer)

So going A3 route is better since A2 will also give you more crit chance from the Swift Step attribute. R2 is weak unless its R3 but we dont want to go A1 -> R3 -> S3 as that would be giving up Rank 7 (Cannoneer or Musketeer [which are more superior classes that you want to choice, the Rank 7 classes has higher scaling damage because of their rank over ranks below them]).

Rank 7 for this build can either go Musketeer for single target burst or Canooneer for more AoE.

A3 -> S3 -> (Musketeer/Canoneer/ ? your choice)


  • Very good semi-AoE
  • Very good consistent damage
  • Good single target from Multi Shot and Twin Arrows


  • Lacks big AoE

Machine Gun type

###Archer C2 -> Quarrel Shooter C3 -> Scout C1 -> ?
Optimal choice for ? is Musketeer. Choice replacement for Scout can be Archer C3 or Falconer. Archer C3 for more single target and Falconer for AoE (with Circling + Multi Shot + Scatter Caltrops combo).

Archer C3? But i’m not sure if Twin Arrows can work with Running Shot… will it still attack as fast and hit two times? That would be insane. It was confirmed that Twin Arrows can work on Running shot.

[Update 4/12/16]
Twin Arrows can work on Running shot only for the movement speed but the animation of Twin Arrows is really slow which makes it not worth it, you would rather use your auto-attacks for single target damage. Getting kneeling shot and maximizing your auto-attack speed is a better choice

A3 -> QS3 -> Musketeer, would just be single target demolisher.

Also keep in mind that even though he is fighting low level monster, I believe he’s in a dungeon and dungeons make mobs have 10x more hp but 10x more exp

Here we see the power of Running Shot which increases your attack speed tremendously and able you to run while shooting. I believe this is the only buff that Archers get that increases attack speed besides Kneeling Shot (which is not rly a buff but a stance which won’t let you use any other skills). Also I believe you can attack even faster than the one in the video.

In here she uses Running Shot + Kneeling Shot which makes her autoattacks shoot extremely fast.


  • Fast attacks and mobility (for kiting)
  • Extremly good single target damage


  • Lacks AoE
  • Costly (relies on equips/buffs)

###Archer C1 -> Quarrel Shooter C3 -> Archer C2 -> Falconer C1 -> ?

To compensate the lack of AoE on this build you can go Falconer C1 for the Circling. This way you can combo your Multi Shot and Scatter Caltrops with Circling. Although Circling has 35 second cooldown, its actually not that bad since most heavy AoE skills are 30+ cooldowns.


  • Fast attacks and mobility
  • Extremly good single target damage
  • Good AoE


  • Costly

** Note read the Archer types section for more info

Rogue type

###A3 -> S1 -> Rogue C3

Okay so this rogue is full STR build from what I can tell (rogues can get a lot of crit mainly cuz of Sneak Hit). We can also see the power of burrow… which is broken as you can see. He’s main skill seems to be Twin Arrows which just shows how good Twin Arrows is cuz of the 7 sec cd and 4 overheats, thats atleast 8 hits in a span of 4 animation hits. Which makes STR build viable here.

** Note that her damage is kind of fake due to the attribute that Archers get, 100% damage against flying skill types. She’s actually doing half her damage in regular mobs.


  • Very good single target damage
  • Extremely good for bossing


  • Lacks AoE

This build may lack evasion because of low dex. Rogues do have a skill called Evasion which gives them a boost of evasion for a short period of time. So this isn’t really an issue but its good to keep in mind.

###A1 -> Ranger C3 -> Rogue C2 -> Canoneer C1

Rogue + Skill type build

This one is interesting because instead of Twin Arrows she’s using Spiral Arrows which does 5 hits on the target but with a cd of 36 seconds (which is really long, not sure how many overheats, it looks like 2 from the video [so 10 hits in 2 animation hits but every 36 secs? Twin Arrows looks more superior]) but Ranger gives a lot of skills which counters that.

Barrage is also a good skill to look at, I hear somewhere that you can use feint and barrage together which basically doubles the dmg of your barrage. I think we can confirm that from the video at 0:51 timestamp, the player uses barrage without feint and it only did 2k non crit damage vs 0:33 timestamp where she uses barrage and did 4k non crit damage.

[Update 4/12/16]
I’m still not too sure if Feint + Barrage is intentionally or a bug. (can someone really confirm this for iToS). I want to refrain for giving false information and be blamed on.


  • Very good single target damage
  • Good semi-AoE


  • Relies on cooldowns

Companion Type

###Archer C2 -> Hunter C3 -> Falconer C2

I actually did not expect for the hunter’s pet to hit that much but that is insane. Not sure how consistent the damage can be but this video should show how Hunters can be viable as well. This guy didn’t have much video content so I can’t judge how good this is.

Pros ?
Cons ?


Keep in mind most of the left over skill points I mention can be used to the next circle so it would be wise to save them if you’re going to the next circle.

Rating are just my opinion on how good a circle is, out of 10.

good for single target (Taking up C2 is mostly for the 25% crit rate, max attribute level of Swift step is 5)

C1 (6/10)

  • Maxing Swift step and Multi Shot is no brainer. Having 1 point on Oblique Shot is better than 5 because of the mana cost. This way you can spam it. If you want to play a Oblique Shot style archer I recommend looking at Spammer Type with Scout C3 Split Arrow.

C2 (9/10)

  • Swift step crit chance attribute will be given on C2 and its really good. Maxing Swift step and Multi Shot again and if your build uses Kneeling Shot then max that as well. Otherwise use it on heavy shot, heavy shot can be useful for kiting. Or you can use it anywhere you want.

C3 (9/10)

  • You went for C3 because of Twin Arrows, obviously max this out and same as usual Swift step and Multi Shot, the higher the Multi Shot skill the more arrows you’ll shoot. Rest of the points are up to you.

Quarrel Shooter
good for mobility (you should only take this circle if you plan on going to C3 imo)

C1 (5/10)

  • Not much good skills to look in here. I suggest getting one on Stone Picking (imo this should be replaced by a better skill), max Scatter Caltrops I guess. Save 5 points so you can use it on Rapid Fire next circle

C2 (7/10)

  • Max Rapid Fire, save 10 points for Running Shot and Rapid Fire next circle. Everything else is up to you, I guess you can max Scatter Caltrops.

C3 (10/10)

  • Max Rapid Fire and Running shot, everything else is up to you. Might as well max Scatter Caltrops lol

good for AoE, taking C1 is fine for just barrage. But if you take C2, you should might as well take C3.

C1 (8/10)

  • Barrage and Steady aim is the new no brainer to get here. The rest is up to you.

C2 (7/10)

  • Same as above Barrage and Steady aim, not too sure how good Time Arrow Bomb, but the rest of the skills are up to you. (I suggest you save them to put it on C3 skills)

C3 (10/10)

  • Okay you went C3 cuz of Spiral Arrow and Bouncing Shot. Max those as well as Barrage and Steady aim. Rest of points are up to you

mostly used for PvP from what I can tell. For PvE, coursing is still a really good skill, reduces physical defense of target and and increase critical chance by 30% thats a lot. Possible to consider getting Hunter 1 for a single target debuff, not sure if it’ll work on bosses tho. Also Rush Dog has a decent amount of flat damage with 5 sec cd. And apparently in the video he was using Snatching on the flying monster, so you may consider using Snatching but you’ll be limited only on flying.

C1 (?)

  • Coursing (-32 phyiscal defense @ max), Praise and Rush Dog/Snatching are your four get go skills. Max these, I guess you can put 1 on each skill for PvP, and leave Praise to 3.

C2 (?)

  • Stronger Coursing, Praise, and Rush Dog/Snatching. -52 phyiscal defense @ max.

C3 (?)

  • Coursing, Praise, and Rush Dog/Snatching. -72 physical defense @ max.

The trapper circle of archers. What we really want in this circle is Broom Trap. So if you plan on taking Sapper, I suggest taking C2.

C1 (7/10)

  • Save 5 points for Broom Trap. Theres a Hidden Mechanic on Punji Strike where you the more mob there is the more damage it does but it does have 3 sec cast time.

C2 (9/10)

  • Max Broom Trap, you may stop in this circle or continue on if you plan on making Broom Trap really strong. Collar bomb is good from what I heard so you might want to max that out. Rest of points are up to you, I suggest putting points on Claymore, or Punji Strike. Otherwise save the points if you plan on going next circle.

C3 (?)

  • Not sure how good Spike Shooter is. But maxing Broom Trap for sure.

The poison DoT circle, more AoE with Throw Gu Pot. Circle 2 is where you want to be because of Throw Gu Pot. Not entirely sure how strong this circle with its other abilities.

C1 (8/10)

  • Save 5 points for Throw Gu Pot. One point in all skills, you can max Needle Blow. Otherwise rest of the points are up to you.

C2 (9/10)

  • Max Throw Gu Pot. If you plan on going C3 save points for maxing out the new skills.

C3 ?

  • Not sure how strong Jincan Gu is. Max Throw Gu Pot.

Scout is the only circle that gives us stealth therefore this is good for PvP. But C3 gives Split Arrow does fairly good in PvE as a spammer type.

C1 (8/10) [PvP rating]

  • Grab Cloaking, Flare Shot, Flu Flu is fairly good for CC. You can pick up camouflage for PvP.

C2 ?

  • Perspective distortion and Scan. I have not touch any of this so I can’t say anything about it. But if you went C2 you’re planning to go C3 then. Save 5 points for Split Arrow

C3 (10/10)

  • Grab Split Arrow. And the rest of the points are up to you.

Rogue is the only class that gives Crit Rate as a skill with Sneak Hit. This class also has back stab which does insane amount of damage. Also with Feint has a hidden mechanic that makes barrage hit 10 times and does 2x the damage.

C1 (8/10)

  • Maxing Sneak Hit and Feint. Rest of points are up to you. If you plan taking C2, then save points for Back Stab. You can consider Vendetta but it needs bleeding for it to be really good and I believe it’s a single target. The buff is pretty good though. Also consider Capture, you can capture enemies’ and allies’ magic circles.

C2 (10/10)

  • Maxing Sneak Hit and Back Stab. Rest of the points are up to you. Keep Lachrymator at level 1.

C3 (8/10)

  • The only reason to go C3 is for the Burrow, or if you plan to make Back Stab hit really hard. Grab Burrow, and the usual Back Stab, Sneak Hit. Rest of the points are up to you.

Fletcher’s good skill is from Magic Arrow C2. If you plan taking Fletcher circle consider taking C2 for the Magic Arrow. Thoughts on Cross Fire, it has no cd which is good but the AoE is in a + (cross) therefore you’ll need to have good positioning to hit enemies that are packed. You’ll only hit monsters that are on the +. Barbed Arrow is only good for cloth armor which makes it situational.

C1 (7/10)

  • Max Broadhead and Cross Fire, save 5 points for Magic Arrow. Rest are up to you.

C2 (10/10)

  • Max Magic Arrow, Broadhead, and Cross Fire. Rest are up to you.

C3 ?

  • Not sure how good Divine Machine Arrow.



Schwarzer Reiter






Archer class main stats will be STR and DEX, some CON for survivability. You may consider SPR for some builds that eats a lot of mana for sustainability.

STR - increases physical attack of skills and auto attacks and increase critical attack (not critical rate).

When a point is allocated to STR

  • Minimum/Maximum physical attack is increased by 1.
  • Critical attack is increased by 1.
  • Weight limit is increased by 5.

DEX - increases accuracy, critical rate, and evasion.

When a point is allocated to DEX

  • Accuracy is increased by 1.
  • Critical rate is increased by 1.
  • Evasion is increased by 1.

CON - increases max hp, hp recovery, critical hit resistance, weight limit, and shield block.

When a point is allocated to CON

  • Max HP is increased by 85.
  • HP recovery increased by 1.
  • Increase Critical Hit resistance by 1.
  • Increase Weight Limit by 5.
  • Increase Shield Block by 1.

SPR - increase max SP, SP recovery, block penetration, and magic defense increased.

  • Increase Max SP by 13.
  • Increase SP recovery by 1.
  • Increase block penetration by 1.
  • Increase magic defense by 0.2.

**Straight from the ToS Book Manual, credits to the author.


STR - are for Rogue classes or classes that doesn’t need much critical rating because they can get it from somewhere else. Wugushi skills also doesn’t crit.

DEX - are essential for all builds that needs crit. Evasion is also good for physical attacks but it doesnt do anything for magic attacks.

CON - basically for everyone who are dying too fast. Consider putting some here to survive longer

SPR - very rare but this can be useful for some builds that require a lot of mana. (Mostly for Spammer types like Scout C3 or Fletcher). This can be conpensated by buying high level mana pots created by Alchemits in the market. (might be costly right now (4/12/16) depending on server)

###Full STR
Does the most min-max damage.

###High STR
Does very good min-max damage with lesser crit chance but higher crit damage.

###Hybrid STR/DEX
Does good min-max damage w/ consistent crit damage & rate.

###High DEX
Does decent min-max damage w/ very good crit rate but weaker crit damage. High dex builds are good for builds that has high raw output scaling damage from their skills since you don’t really need min-max (such as Split Arrow, Magic Missle, etc).

###Full DEX
Has insane critical rates but not very good min-max damage neither critical damage. Same applies for full dex, need high output raw damage skill .

**Consider no more than 100 CON for survivability, 30-80 CON seems reasonable or no CON at all for glass-cannon builds.
**Also only consider no more than 60 SPR if you plan on taking a bit of SPR as I believe that is enough.

#Hidden Mechanics

  • Multishot is a hidden AoE skill. With extra AoE ratio through equip you will hit multiple enemies per shot. With circling = unlimited then.
  • Punji stake (semi hidden) can wipe out a group of mobs. As the 50% flung dps, scales with amount of enemies. Circling helps here too. Linking even more.
  • Feint + Barrage shot = 10~ hits (hidden mechanic, not a bug)
  • Capture can capture broomtrap and lots of other skills. If you have two rouges… you can tandem these and up the count to max 15 traps. But CD is high.
  • Decay = missle bonus damage
  • Claymore hits twice (thought it was 1 hit and 3 line hits … but tested that with oracle. It’s two cone hits. Could be changed)
  • Backstab + Karcha set = 3 times damage from behind (semi hidden)
  • Damage of traps is calculated when they explode/hit. Kneeling will apply to them and other things too.

–Creds to greenfoxy21

#Theory Crafted builds

Idea is to stack as much phyiscal defense reduction to target using Coarsing and Bodkin Point. I think maxing Bodkin would be over kill as -50% is alot already vs -70% physical defense. Coarsing gives a flat of -32 Physical defense with Bodkin that would be (-32 total physical defense + the total physical defense of target * 0.50 = ?). Not sure how it actually calculates but lets say a monster has a total defense of 100.

  • -32 from Coarsing + -50 from target = -82 physical defense, leaving the target with only 18 physical defense.
  • But lets say its -70% physical defense, (-32 from Coarsing + -70 from target = -102 physical defense, leaving the target with only -2 physical defense. (If it can even go negative lol [need some feedback on this]).

Also I wonder how much more damage we can make with this? Would it be worth it?
Not really sure how this really works but hopefully someone can give feedback on this.

###The Beretta v2 [updated]

Archer C1 -> Ranger C3 -> Rogue C1 -> Falconer C1 -> Canoneer/Musketeer C1

[Update 4/12/16]
(I still need confirmation if Feint + Barrage is intended to suppose to work [WARNING] might be a bug)

[Update 4/13/16]
Feint + Barrage is not a bug and it is a hidden mechanic causing Barrage hit 10 times instead of 5.

This build will focus around Barrage skill and tons of AoE with Circling and Cannoneer.

allocation can be full str or high str/low dex.

Heres a small gameplay but she has scout instead of A3 maybe for more the PvP/PvE build.

###Lock and Load v1
[Update 4/14/16]
Beratta V1 -> Lock and Load V1 (Side-armed Beretta)

The first baretta build was deleted because it doesnt really focus on shot gun style as barrage is not rly maxed out when i think about it. I’ve been busy with school thus I haven’t had a chance to update this build, I was planning to but here it is.

The Multi Shot 16x hits is a real killer for single target and bossing, making it that build more like lock and load, with a mix of side-arm shotty.

It’s more geared towards single target. However, Falconer Circling will able you switch to AoE mode to increase your AoE power making this build both efficient in both ends (situationally).

Heres an update on it, ill call it Lock and Load as its a lot more skill based using the power of

  • Multi Shot 16x hits, lock and load bread and butter low cooldown single target skill.

  • Weaker version of Beretta’s Feint + Barrage 10x hits, making this a side-arm shotty.

  • All your skills with Circling can effectively make your AoE stronger situational every 35 secs (which are most AoE skills cd are, which means that you won’t be giving up your single-target power for AoE).

  • Grab Musketeer for more single target power

Allocation can be high str/low dex or hybrid 1:1.

Conclusion Beretta is geared for a more AoE style.

###Damage over Time

Full dex or high dex/low str
Info: TBA (idea is to stack as much DoT)

// going to make a wugushi one as well TBA


Some classes require to have low ping to have its full potential such as the Machine Gun types need 200 ping or less. This is because of animations, you won’t do as much animations if you have high ping.

Check your ping (US - East (Virginia) is your ToS ping)

Or you can check your ping in game using ‘//ping’ in chat

[Update 4/12/16] Tested Machine gun type with ~0.2 < 0.23 ping is okay. Well only with Running Shot, not too sure with Quicken / Kneeling Shot.

– To be continue/update –

Also some feedback would be nice :smile:
Anything to add on or mistakes that should be corrected. Thanks!
Also vids doesn’t belong to me, credits to the makers.


Archer C1 -> Ranger C3 -> Fletcher C3

whats the best stat ratio or you recommended ?

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LoL dude, nice topic, things missing but thanks, was about time for a archer class tutorial :smiley:

Im not too sure as i have never played the game but from what I can tell if you want flat damage through your skills go for STR but if you want crit damage then go DEX.

I would recommend a mix of both but,
For Fletcher, I think more dex would be better because your skills are mostly ticks and you want them to crit as much. And Fletcher skills seems to have good flat damage scaling already.

Be warned in taking my advice tho, im just answering from what I can get online.

yeah i was thinking mabye 3 :1 Dex-Str, not 100% sure yet though, just for 100% Pve

but thanks fo the guide, nice job :slight_smile:

Max lvl of Swift Step Atribute is 5… 25% critical rate

Is this not accounting from C2? Each time you get a Circle, the skills increases by 5, thus making a Swift Step max lvl 10? Does the additional 5 don’t count?

Str - Crit Damage
Dex - Crit Rate

Crit Rate of Swift Step is 25% when maxed. Attribute level is different from skill level.

Ahh okay I see got it, thanks for clearing that up!

No prob. I played iCBT2 but not that much. I am also finalizing my build for the OBT. I’ll help my fellow archers as much as I can.

Another good AoE type Viald, is Archer - Ranger c2, Sapper c3, Cannoneer.

Max Broom trap does wonders, and Cannoneer of course packs a punch in the AoE department. Ranger also has consistent low CD AoE with Barrage.

Hmm wouldn’t A1 -> Ranger C1 -> Sapper C3 -> Falconer C1 -> Canoneer be better? You can benefit from the Circling?

i personally don’t understand why people choose falconeer with cannoner and ranger c3 which are already good at AOE. if just because of circling skill to give you a wider AOE?

i would do this:
for PvE reason, then i will replace falconeer by archer c3.
for PvP reason, then i will replace falconeer by scout.

it makes not a very good valid point to get falconeer at r6 just because to hit very wide AOE if end with cannoner. if it is musketeer, then i might consider tot have r6 with falconeer.

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Excuse me but how do you see this? Swift step description says it only give moving shot bonus and evasion

archer C2 gives you another attributes for swift step that increase crit

question on the companion video

why that pet can skill ground monster using SNATCHING
i know that snatching skill work on flying monster…
pls reply…

I’m pretty sure the pet is using Coursing

Sapper c3 isn’t worth right now. There are only a few classes that needs rank 3 to be really useful, quarrel shooter is one.

And is advisable to have around 100 pts in DEX to have a decent crit rate and acc, maybe more if you want to go pvp I think.

QS, sapper and wugushi gets more from STR than DEX, but I think it isn’t good to go full STR.

For pvp, around 50 CON should do.

Assassin archer build:

one-shot mechanic with Steady aim + Cloaking + Snipe/Headshot
shotgun(Barrage) for CQC
and plenty of other skills for DPS/fillers

And some less known but fun archer builds:

Flying Barrel build:

Flying cavalry build:


I know the assassin build are more towards PvP but does Bounce shot and Spiral arrow falls off hard at level 200+ for PvE? I heard bounce shot does pretty low aoe damage while Spiral arrow has high cd