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Fedimian Server and Consolatory Notice [UPDATED]

Greetings, Saviors.

Thank you for your patience throughout our launch for the past few hours.

We are here to bring you news that our new Femidian server is ready to be opened within the next hour.

Please keep in mind that this is a temporary EU server meant to accommodate players who wish to be transferred to our upcoming server in Europe.

When we open the Femidian server, we will let you know through a new post announcing its release.

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Temporary EU Server in Preparation

In addition, we would like to make an important announcement regarding the number of players accessing our Exclusive Access servers.

Prior to the announcement, please accept our apologies for rather crowded servers with high traffics.

We had initially planned 2 servers based on our sales data. They were sufficient enough to support the player base without waiting queues.

However, there was an unexpected jump in sales a day prior to our scheduled launch date. There was an additional influx of sales, the amount exceeding well over a third of our most recent total sales, and the statistics were not observed in time due to the data refresh being queued.

As a result, our players experienced heavy lags and connection issues, which is what we previously stated that we would prevent.

In order to make up for the inconvenience we have caused you on the first day of our grand opening due to our inability to foresee this event, we would like to provide you with compensation. We will make a separate announcement later regarding the details.

A great number of mistakes have already been made, but we hope to learn from this and deliver you a stable service and an enjoyable game. We would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor. Thank you.

IMC Staff

[UPDATE - March 29th]
We would like to announce the consolatory items that will be provided via the in-game message box. Please refer to the list below for details.

  • Enchant Scroll x 5
  • EXP Tome x 5
  • Lv 15 Movement Speed Potion x 20

The items will expire on 11:59 p.m. (EDT) on the 4th of April, 2016 so make sure you claim the items before that time.


Thank you for updating us on the matter~ It really means a lot! :sparkling_heart:


I feel a bit better now…

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give me a instant transfer to the new server -.-


I’ve never seen a game publisher really apologise for mistakes before to be honest.

I’m happy with just the apology, and I think it’s really considerate of IMC for considering compensation.

Thanks :smiley:


Because u made a Poll for EU server . Of course they will come .
Now it’s time to make another poll for SEA/OCE server.


Fedimian - here we go! :smiley:

Give love to @Staff_Julie <3. Death for the last minute shoppers.:rage:


Thank you Guys and Girls. I’m happy sitting @ work and awaiting the EU-Servers tonight.

I did use my Teamname already but i have so many in my head… that i dont care to use another one.


Could you just reset packs?


I think SA server would make more sense and will take priority over SEA/OCE/PH/Aussies

[quote=“TomatoSkin, post:9, topic:157363”]
Death for the last minute shoppers.
[/quote]I’d say Glory to last minute shoppers! Because of them we’ll have EU server that will make NA servers a little bit less congested.

nope. they were planning to have EU server before even the initial launch. So, say it with me. Death for the last minute shoppers :rage:

so what about our tokens? we already opened it up cos you know “2 servers” then you guys announced the 3rd


please make sure “europe” is next to server name in login screen, just as latin america was on saule at icbt2, to avoid posible misunderstandings.

All can make mistakes, what separate good company from bad it is how they handle it.
Unexpected jump in sales and the statistics were not observed in time due to the data refresh being queued is justifiable reason.
After all your communication i am not stressed at all. Actually i am very happy you openning EU server.
Thank you for for fast communication and reaction to the problems

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I can appreciate the apology but I mean come on:

In this day and age not being able to spin up instances on demand is a bit sad.

Sorry to see you swamped in work over this, but your infrastructure team needs to get their butt kicked.

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Glad to read that :smiley:

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Who could have thought of that.
Except everyone that has played atleast one MMORPG the last 10 years :grin:

But whatever, atleast you have realized that you made mistakes and give out compensation.
Everyone makes mistakes.

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increase server capacity coz a lot of people are playing in klap server