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Transfers Fedimian -> SA (?)

say goodbye to your enchant scrolls T_T

Well transfering to SA F2P servers seems to be your only solution that I can think of.

It’s not fair that we can’t transfer to SA server, since they announced 1 free team server transfer for everyone and we can’t use it because we are not allowed.

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Transfers are allowed, but only from Klaipeda/Orsha to SA. Everyone in Fedimian or Telsiai willing to transfer to SA is pretty much done for, i suggest you to start over in Klaipeda or Orsha and then apply for the so restricted transfer to SA along this week. Cheers.

So who will give us back the Token Days we already used? Or the scrolls, experience tomes?
Where is the announcement from IMC when the server was opened that the transference from Fedimian to another server wasn’t allowed?
Where are our rights?

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It literally says here that it’s for EU.

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We know it says EU. What we didn’t know is that “1 time free transfer” didn’t consider Fedimian -> anywhere. It was impossible to anticipate these restrictions because we really didn’t know -and still dont for the most part- the specific difference between “regional servers” and “non-regional servers”. No warnings regarding these differences were made in-game, so we basically supposed every server was transferable (which is common sense).

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“EU” does not mean it is not allowed to transfer to a “FUTURE” server. In the annoucement they created the server “to accommodate players who wish to be transferred to our upcoming server in Europe” and it not says “Keep in mind you will not be allowed to transfer to any future servers.”
What is the explanation for FEDIMIAN being allowed to transfer to Teslai in the last week’s server transfer.?


Oh well you can always pray that they will let you transfer to the SA F2P servers when it comes.


I really don’t know. Our accounts will look like f2p accounts. We paid for nothing. This is total BS.

We don’t need to pray, we need it done. It’s our rights.

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Fedimian was because people from SEA had to play there because thats the closest server they had. They did it for the ping.

we could argue exactly the same for us, considering non-regional servers weren’t an option because of overpopulation.

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And I play because I got a little to no lag issues on Fedimian compared to ORSHA/KLAI when the servers got online.



No one is answering this question.
But this is the very first step into our plea, knowing what makes it impossible to happen. When someone answers this in an accurate and reasonable manner, then I will ask them: how the ■■■■ were we supposed to know about that?

I invoke (lol) you @STAFF_Ines, please, help us with this situation. There is a little chance of our “free transfer” happen, from Fedimian to Orsha, Klai or SA server at all?
Seems like the Staff is closing their eyes to this.


All people take a look at this announcement:

“That being said, we will consider creating regional servers later down the line if we see enough support from those regions. Most importantly, we will be offering a 1-time Team transfer to regional servers if and when they are created. Only 1 Team transfer will be offered to each Steam account.” IMC ANNOUNCEMENT.

So where is my 1-time Team transfer From FEDIMIAN to the SA regional server @Staff_Julie?


"Lol, ■■■■ you, your money, your time, your dedication, your ‘rights’, we aren’t allowing transfer from Fedimian because FUK YOU.

IMC Staff"

This seems like IMC position on this matter.


“Hey IMC, im about to jump from this side of the screen to appear from your side of the screen and punch a few faces”

that is my position.

Calm down, raging won’t help get it done faster. It only makes it more likely for people to turn against you.

As for the main topic at hand, they should quickly add it in as an option before the deadline.

The general rule has always been ‘earlier server’ can transfer to ‘later server’. That’s why Klaip to Fed and Fed to Tels was allowed, but Klaip to Orsh wasn’t.

Since SA is latest in the chronology, all the servers should be able to transfer to it.