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I'm sorry but this server transfer thing is unfair

You made a mistake because you were impatient, face it no one forced you to join Orsha. Though I do agree that South America deserves their own server (same as EU and SEA) and with that a big problem called language barrier would be avoided because everyone would know what kind of crowd they’re joining when picking a server.


the argument though

Because it was already announced SEA and EU will be transferred to Germany and, I don’t know singapore or something, both of which will cause latency issues to my friends and I. The third time I told you this information.

It doesn’t matter if i want to be with my friends now. The servers will change and it’ll be worse than it is now.

I also didn’t reroll because like most others, I retrieved my DLC things I had received. Which would be lost.

I am not going to be switching to a server with latency issues, or switch to a server without the things I payed for. This also isn’t “rocket science” to understand :stuck_out_tongue: , if you will.

Following other MMOs principle and Ragnarok, they’ll make transfers available once it is free to play anyways.

Thread can be locked now

People need to stop making assumptions.I get what you’re saying OP,and I would feel the same way if I was unable to talk to a large portion of the server I was on.The game had just launched,and I’m sure you all wanted to play together as soon as you got in anywhere and think about the details later.It was a messy launch,but then again they all were.

I do think they should honor server transfers to any preferred server,because they said we would get as much as founders,and they wouldn’t need to in the first place if they had just thought ahead.I’m sure you’re not the only one in this situation.

Ignore what some others here are saying.They look for trigger words and ignore the rest sometimes.

People making excuses for not speaking ENGLISH in English base server, that is why it called NA( North America).

The reason why BRs players are toxic because of their behavior toward the community ( I don’t want to mention anything ). I play countless of games where I had to encounter with toxic, cancerous players regardless of race,countries but most of the time they are BRs, SA, Peruvian, Philippines, Viet. They refuse to speak the common language which happens to be English. I’m not American, English isn’t my 1st language. But I always try to speak English because that the respect I feel people deserve; online gaming with no communication is DEATH and WRONGFUL. You should be able to talk to your teammates.

Not spamming your language when no one in your team understand; insulting people with your language when all they telling you to speak English ( I play video long enough to know multiple bad words in different languages ). English speaking players are sometimes cancerous too, they made fun of other people grammar and race… but for most of the time they are friendly people.

Dont give me B.S reason English is not your 1st language. Most countries academic program have to learn English as 2nd or 3rd language. I dont see any reason why you cant speak English? Obviously you can install the game, read your items, skills, do quests in English ! Why can’t you speak it?

except it totally is your fault. IMC can’t be held responsible for your failure to read the FULL topic clearly, instead of just picking out the points you liked best.

the first post that DETAILS server transfers discusses them in the context of transferring to NEW servers that open AFTER the f2p release, 3 weeks after that server has been running, as a complementary one-time service to any founder. it’s literally under the heading “Transition to F2P and Additional Worlds”

when fedimian was opened, another post was made saying “if you started on the original servers, you can use your one-time transfer to move to this server.”

when telsiai was opened, another post was made saying you can transfer your team from any one of the older servers to this server.
[very small post, and the update to the fedimian post covers it.]

because ToS is still all of 2 1/2 weeks into its release. WoW didn’t offer server transfers this early either, and it -still- has some restrictions on which servers you can move to, if any particular server is especially heavily loaded.

based on existing downloads, ToS expects to receive at least a 20-fold increase in player base when f2p opens up. they don’t have time to deal with “i was too impatient, and chose to start on the ‘wrong’ server instead.” in the middle of preparing for a massive flood of new players.

there are 2 reasons, and 2 reasons ONLY why these server transfers are being offered now:
1: these servers were not available on day 1
2: these servers will offer better technical performance to players in those regions.

notice how “but my frandz boohoo” and “but i just HAD to start playing immediately” aren’t on the list?

you made the CHOICE, like all kinds of other people that are now crying about your choices having consequences. no one FORCED you to start playing before the server issued were resolved. no one FORCED you to make a team on the “wrong” server.

final thought for you: any statement you make that you need to start with “i am not a racist, but…” is probably gonna be pretty racist. (you chose a racist way to say it, instead of re-wording it into a better way of saying it.)


OP ur screwed coz server transfer to most populated server = wowowooww too many people in Klaipeda gg crash

Don’t forget many of the f2p have been advised to go to Klaipeda too so even more people there

Your options are reroll or suck it up. U fked up. Unfair it is not.

What no more room? Klaipeda has no more room for new players? You’re seriously making this up. I’m sure you’re talking about the login queue, not room for making more team/characters there.

What’s clear to me is it’s your fault for starting on Orsha instead of dealing with the login queue.

It’s not unfair because IMC never said that Orsha to Klaipeda or vice versa transfers is possible in the first place.

Lol I am dumb dumb

Server transfer from. Orsha to klai is probably least of their worries rn

So…Orsha players can’t move to Klai and Klai can’t move to Orsha? Is this for real?

Whats worse abourt this thing is that if they think they can’t handle a lot of people switching between orsha and klai now, they damn sure can’t later on once f2p hits

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says on the right side English in which interface and subtitles are checked but note that audio isn’t checked.

What does this mean Sherlock?

It means the audio is in Korean and subtitles and interface are in English hence the “English version” and what they mean by English Version not because everyone has to speak English. It’s that simple.
Sorry Hitler, there will not be sign that says “English only” under a water foundation. Segregation is over.

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are -you- for real?

it’s just a population issue thing.

i mentioned before, either here or another thread, despite the dozens of servers wow has, they still restrict paid server migration to certain servers that are already heavily populated.
IF paid server transfers ever become a thing here (and i’m pretty sure they will eventually)…
AFTER the population levels stabilize for a while, after f2p launches)…
then EVENTUALLY, when the active population drops down/ individual server capacity rises up…
THEN, Klai and Orsha will become open to paid transfers.

meanwhile, i don’t understand why people expect special consideration just because -they- didn’t give any consideration to the consequences of their actions…
and further… how hard is it to figure out that after F2p opens, and they have to open new servers… after a server is live for 3 weeks, ALL founders get a free one-shot transfer option.

so all the whiners, and all the friends they can’t play with can all transfer to the same server for free.

…unless in the meanwhile, all those “friends” realize how much nicer the general atmosphere is without having to listen to that person complain all day long. -cough-

I’d like a solid answer than degrading my post. I’m asking this as a question since the homepage has a grid of the server transfers availabilities on the news tab so I’m a bit confused on the rabble here.

well …

OP started by complaining that he can’t make exactly the transfer you asked about.
dozens of posts on the details of WHY those transfers aren’t available, and links explaining it.

if you can’t be bothered to read any of the thread here, why should anyone bother to take your post seriously?
your server down the left side, read across to the column of the server you want. X is blocked, O is allowed. (blank is the same server; you can’t -transfer- there, but you’re totally allowed to choose to remain there if you want :stuck_out_tongue: )

That’s all I wanted to confirm, thx.

Purely satire in case people start freaking out.

So dear xiahou_dun007, my friend from IMC told me that all players from orsha want to transfer to klaipeda AND all players from klaipeda want to transfer to orsha.

I guess you will agree it is only fair to transfer everyone according to their wish right? :smiley:


end caps


sorry i couldn’t help myself
nothing against you you just fked up with that post

No, it’s common sense, I perfectly understand what you wrote because despite English NOT being my native language I have excellent comprehension. What you seem to lack, besides a clever choice of idioms, is a rebuttal to most of the arguments thrown at you. You just keep repeating what was already contested. But then, let’s not waste time, you want this thread closed anyway. And this topic is going nowhere–just as you and your friends until new servers opened or IMC grants your wish for a transfer to Klaipeda.

Enjoy your wait.

They can also upgrade the server by adding hardware and raise the server capacity that way. The future isn’t a problem, it’s just the current situation.