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Fedimian Server and Consolatory Notice [UPDATED]

Sigh… I hope the compensation is to be able to play the game without lag and without queuing… :slight_smile:

Ty for the announcement that’s a relief.

Any chance that EU players can request moves before F2P launch?

It would help the NA players a lot if we were not blocking up their servers, and additional people will still have to join those servers to play with friends.

Myself for example. I have not yet chosen a server, however I will not be choosing this one as some EU friends are already playing on one of the others. I am not going to wait a month to game with friends, this will join an “NA” server.


herrr even with one more server the game will be full, just create the SA server along with the EU already, don´t wait for stuff to burn to start doing something.

I already started on Klaipeda but want to be on EU server, is there a chance of losing that name if I transfer?



I somehow feel betrayed, you knew that you had this server up your sleeve and didn’t say anything.
Now i redeemed my Early Access Pack for Klaipeda and cant even play because i have a queue of 1300+
Now i have the chance to play with other Europeans but that would mean i need to give up my whole EA-Pack?..
Thank you… really… i know that this is just an temporary EU server but still.

Can’t you give us a transfer to the new server or at least the possibilty to delete the family name for free? A lot of people wouldn’t have created a char on another server knowing that the eu server would ahve been on so fast

If Femidian is supposed to be EU server wich will be later on located to EU, why doesnt the server name mention this? Because it doesnt say for example “Femidian (EU)” on the Server List many americans will probably join there and later on they will start complaining when it gets moved to EU… Or will you make AGAIN a new EU server later on where we have to get transferred?

I got just a question. Is the Family name unique along servers? I mean wat if i got my Family in another server and i just want to re-create it? Will the game say “already exist” or will be free?

feels a lil better but still have to face a 932 queue…

yes it is, you could pretty much have “Deadpool” spread across servers, used by different players

if you are 100% sure it’s a relief ;D

As far as I know, it’s unique. So you can have it just in one server.

Family name is unique across servers. And no, you wont be able to re-create it if you join new server (because it already exists on another).

He asked about team name, not about character names.

thank you, finally some good news :slight_smile:
getting off work in 30 mins just in time for eu server launch
I think the team name is global so we can access it anywhere if not oh well I didn’t get the team name I wanted on Klai anyway

already opened my founder’s pack… so i cant move :frowning:

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sure me too waiting tranfert now

I want to leave work but I’m stuck here for more than 2 hours :confused: :’(

really well said, i like you IMC, your apologies is accepted, and the game is GREAT, having so much fun now.

How about sea server? PLEASE IMCGAMES!