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My Message was disappeared

My Message was disappeared. Need EXP tombs in The Message Back.

Server: Orsha
Team Name: Meppo
Name: Melody

message said exp tomes would be reclaimed until 16/04. today i log on and all of them disappeared.

The message said 16/04/04.

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Even i feel disappointment too.
i admit that i not noticed the expire notice. but i never expected a duration for a compensation items. with all the lags, gold spammers, bots (saw some on first day) and especially not being familiar with the classes system (yes there are ppl that didn’t know of the game during the last beta) i wanted to test the classes a little bit more before deciding what char i wanted to use them on.
even now i don’t know if exp-tomes are tradeable between my own chars…
nevertheless a week or less is way to short in the first month.

That was the idea i had too, 16 of april, but NOOOOooooo its year-month-day… who the hell puts year first anyway

that was kinda confusing, because that was like REALLY little time, specially considering that most people were trying out new chars and we cant really trade these items between them. i had 5 exp books on another char and i cant delete it cause i need to transfer it.

im my country, the date format is DD/MM/YYYY, so 16/04 is the 16th of april.