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I cant connect to any servers i click on them it says connecting then nothing happens

Same here, happened as soon as they added the EU servers.

Same here. Play on Fedimian.

Same here. I can confirm that there is something wrong with login server.

Same here . What a pity. <_>

I was able to log in once, but there was no channel list at all.

Same, i creadet wizard and drop the game :frowning:

Well lets give it some time. Most games that are bound to succeed usually don’t have a smooth launching period.

1 day in the game experience and they already tempted me to refund a few times now

These kinds of problems are bound to happen when you got an additional 1/3 of your population over what was estimated. They made a post about that a bit ago. I’d give it a few hours. Launches don’t go smoothly most of the time.

It’s good to keep all stuff about this in one area, though there’s a lot of people making posts about this problem right now.

I personally am hoping they bring up a couple more servers. I’m not willing to move since I already got some cash shop stuff on my character, but I know some people would plus there’s all the people sleeping/working atm too.

while not an excuse for server issues at all, at this point I’ve given up on MMO launches learning from the mistakes of their predecessors. I say give it time…most of us are experiencing the same issues.

Haha… it’s EDT 11 AM. Cannot fight the EDT player… connecting queue…

“These kinds of problems are bound to happen when you got an additional 1/3 of your population over what was estimated”

They had metrics for each region showing the number of packages purchased…They knew full well what to expect for populations.

Having the same problem

I think this is a pretty clear statement about why this is happening.

fair enough, my mistake


And those metrics were outdated by an influx of purchases made a day before launch.

same problem here, cant connect to any server :frowning:

same probleme…

Same problem, cannot connect to any server … “connecting” message disappear without action or error.