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I am extremely disappointed. Hear me out

I also think that selling tokens is a good thing, mainly because of f2p players that will come and can’t pay for these tokens… Selling tokens is definitely something IMC thought about…

Oh this is clarifying, thank you :slight_smile: I don’t think that creating these servers will vanish with the problem when f2p comes, but it will definitely help. I know all we have to do as clients is to wait, but as a player that (already) loves the game, these things concerns me…

Massive p2w?

The fact that tokens are a MUST to really play the game, because you can’t even trade without them, basic mmorpg function is restricted in a f2p mmorpg, it’s unheard of. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in some kind of delusion.

f2p player literally needs to play to buy a token, which takes away most of the silver that he earned and once he gets it, he then needs to start farming all over again, just to buy another token. It’s endless bullshit, there’s no joy in that kind of gameplay.

and they are overkilling it with restrictions, no f2p game needs to be this greedy to be successful.

My favorite f2p publisher, Grinding Gear Games is thriving on cosmetics alone in a game where cosmetics don’t even matter, it’s not a social game, it’s an arpg, Path of Exile.


Sounds like you will be fun to argue with. Why even bother responding when you automatically think anyone who disagrees with you is delusional?

That being said:

You can play the game without a token. It is definitely playable. Not being able to trade is a major inconvenience, but it is not prohibiting you from the game.

PoE is a major exception to the rule. It has a huge following of players that are hooked on the old-school D2 playstyle that Blizzard ruined with D3.

Comparing ToS to PoE is the worst kind of Apples and Oranges.

Humm… I belive Staff_Julie explained what happened in this announcement:

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Oh, that’s a point… I agree with you that buy tokens is a p2w aspect of the game, and I don’t like it. I love games like some MOBAs that you have to pay just for cosmetic itens and, as you, I think this is a nice way to solve monetization.

I see this as a strategy from IMC to attract as much players as they can to break the first and major barrier for the player - Pay to play, and after that, if you really enjoy the game, you can pay to play it - With VIP tokens.

So in my oppinion Tree of Savior was not intended to be a free to play game from the beginning, but they had to mask it as a Free to Play game to attract players.

I don’t like it, but I really like the game, guess we’ll have to stick with it. :confused:

ToS has a decent following, there is no need for p2w. If they polished the game more and changed some things that need changing, it can get even bigger.

How are they going to expand with this kind of model? No sane competitive f2p player will join this p2w shitfest.

I love the game, I’ve been following it since they first showed it off, it’s been years now. After testing in iCBT and iCBT2, I just love it. So that’s why I’m playing and will probably just bend over and take it from the IMC and farm like a moron for tokens.

But any new f2p player who tries the game will just run away from it. Someone not as passionate about it as I am.

If the price was at least reasonable, but 20 bucks? that’s almost double of any p2p mmorpg sub. What the hell is that? Why is a VIP for f2p game more expensive than full access sub of other mmorpgs?

Tokens started at 300k, day later they’re 500k silver. I’m sure we’ll be at 2 millions per token by the time f2p starts.


Oh! That’s clarifying, so they couldn’t foresee this amount of players after all

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of people bought their Founder Packs in the last day. So they couldn’t foresee the big amount of players.

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I feel like this announcement was a bit disingenuous given the data they’d have collected during the closed betas. iCBT2 started off with two servers also, and while there weren’t any queues, the game was unbearably laggy day and night. It should’ve been clear from the start that they’d need to spread the playerbase across three or four servers (which they’re trying to do now–but without transfers, most everyone’s still clogging up Klaipedia and Orsha).

The thing is - It’s really difficult to measure the amount of players when there’s a paying barrier. CBT data only shows that a lot of people would be interested in a free to play game, but to play the Early Access you have to pay, probably IMC thought that would be a lot less players than it actually have.

storage and trade are basic features that should never be taken out of mmorpgs to be scamming money off players. No point to a mmorpg if you cant trade and store items between own characters, might as well just make it a single player rpg like Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning and then file for bankruptcy since the game won’t be making the devs any money…you have to remember this game will consist entirely of f2p ppl if they can trade or store items within own account they won’t play. Why play a f2p game when you cant trade or store items between characters on ones account. There’s plenty of other mmorpgs that you can play that won’t take basic features away from you. To not be able to trade is prohibiting you from playing the game, how will you give a bow that you find on your cleric or mage to your archer?


I agree that $20 is way too much, and we will hopefully see some discounts in the near-future.

Locking basic functions after a really high monthly paywall will indeed kill this game. I would have no problem paying 10$ a month for ToS but double that? No way. Since (if I remember correctly) the 10$/€ founder package was the most popular on Steam, it should give pretty good idea to IMC what amount people are comfortable paying for a month.

I’m just scared that one day private servers will appear like they did with RO and everyone will go there, because it’ll be certain all those basic functions will be available for free. Not to mention way more customization choices considering character appearances.


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Since upgrading is expensive… and items are not soulbound, game with tradeable tokens is by definition pay2win.
To further promote that token trade, they disabled a core feature such as player to player trade.
They might as well start selling godlike wings with +50 to all stats. At least you’ll know what you’re buying into.Instead of doing it the messy way.

They fully intend to make this game a cash grabby shady type of game , mark my words.


Real talk, I’m not scared of that at all. Some of my best times spent in MMOs were on private servers run by people who decided locking down basic features of the game behind high paywalls was a really dumb idea. It’s not the nicest thing to say, but I go where I can have the best experience. MMOs are big time investments, after all, so I’d rather have that time be as enjoyable as possible.


I used to play RO also on a private server because the rates were too low on legit servers when it was p2p, I just dont have that much time to spend in a game and still advancing on it. But I’m the type of person who likes to buy game and support the creators, so if possible I’d rather not play on a private server… But there is a limit to how much money I am willing to spend in just one game. I guess only the future will show how this game will fare if they really are planning to use the high prices and will not unlock basic functionalities.

The monthly payment system should unlock luxury options for paying customers that will make playing easier, not basic ones. Luxuries could be free teleport from anywhere to anywhere, more exp from hunting, more dungeon runs etc.

ragnarok private server are bad compare to the official. The Woe experience was great on official, 2,000 characters or more, big Ally betwen guilds and a very deep system of friendly nap for holding a castle for months. On private server I rarely enjoy the woe that are the core of the game, roughly 300 characters and only 3/4 big guilds that holds all the castles. Economy was a joke.