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[EXPLOIT] Rainbow Trek Event, staff please take a look

There is no secret that this event is being exploited since the beginning.
You can see some posts here in the forum about it:

Since I am not that active lately in the game (only doing Velcoffer) and not reading much in the forums (only doing bot report threads) I had no idea of how the event was being exploitable.
Besides the obvious, of course:

  1. Everyone creating Lv.1 characters to do the event and deleting them after and keep doing this to get more rewards till you die of boredom. (This has been reported since day 1 and I don’t know why IMC didn’t fixed yet)
  2. People skiping parts of the event with bugged teleportation devices

So I thought that was fine, at least people was doing the event and jumping that plataforms from hell that annoyed the s*** of me when I tried and gave up after 30mins when I got stuck in a bugged spot on Orsha. My thought was even if they are doing with lv.1 characters it was their effort.

So today I read some report threads about people using hack in the event and saw several people shouting this in the game, acusing someone to be using in the moment, then I decided to take a close look on what was happening.

I went to Klaipeda and observed the spot that people enter/leave the event (near the Event Board).
What I saw was a lot of people doing the event with lv.1 characters, nothing new. But then I decided to see how much time was taking for them to finish the jumping event, most of them was doing an OK time, 2mins or more (considering you are very good at jumping the plataforms or are skiping the atribute pts vaults), but there were people doing in less than 1 minute, I can’t believe that someone are skilled enough to do this or if this is even possible.

This particular player called EOQFONSL was doing super fast so opened the chronometer and the time that took him to enter,finish and leave was 22s.
I think he is doing this all day long because it has been several hours that I first saw him and he is still there as I am creating this thread. No doubt that he is hacking.

Other than that I don’t think that many players are able to finish in good times like 2mins (I know I don’t), so I rememberd that I saw this comment:

And also a post on facebook of someone making fun of how to take advantage of the freeze issue we were having at the time on Silute server by skipping the bolts when the lag spike (freeze) occur.

Then I realised that we could exploit the event by reproducing the “freeze effect” and knew exactly what to do because the day before I was uploading a GvG video and I couldn’t play properly because of it (my internet do not have a good upload rate), I was getting insane lag spikes similar to the freeze issue.
So I recorded a video of how I think people are exploiting the event:

Oddly enough I didn’t even finished the thread and someone already disliked the report video


Only 2 people from Silute was banned, I think they are only banning people that got reported and not investigating the actual problem to ban abusers.

I found who disliked the report video haha
Stop spamming my threads with off-topic content, if you want to flame me, start your own thread.

I saw you giving a good Samaritan, I wonder if you even reported when you used exploit

I don’t need to report myself you already did it, my account is still available for investigation if necessary, report me again if you wish, but stop posting off-topic here.

E para de usar google tradutor que esse inglês tá me dando câncer.

Hypocrisy is the brand to enter paradise Arkantos exploiter?

Eu poderia falar cm você em português, mas quero que a IMC leia o que vocês fizeram e agr fica aqui dando de bom samaritano, patéticos.

Vai ler e não vai entender nada porque esse teu inglês não faz o menor sentido.

Fica aí falando sozinho então, um marmanjo desse com uma atitude de criança, tem nem vergonha.

Um marmanjo desses?
Você não se enxerga não?
Hoje estou de folga
Quem é o marmanjo que esta em plena segunda feira jogando joguinho e reportando os bot?
Hoje estou de folga, dai vim aqui e vejo hipocrisia descarada.


@Staff Well, next time, put the chests UP in the Platforms, not in the Ground


envy is sad :disappointed_relieved:

IMC look at what you have done with your inconsistent punishment for players.
This is horrible.

I have never been a fan of cheating and have been a big time role player in catching cheats in game. Using underhand methods to pursue their personal interest at the expense of other players is often frowned upon
by the player base alike.

Cheats have been used on a big scale throughout the game’s history.

Here are few famous examples:

  • Mystical Cube Exploit


Written: 7 days to permanent ban
Actual: 29 days ban for players who reopened mystical cube when channel crashed

  • Credit Card Fraud for TP


IP ban for IP addresses linked to fraud

  • Hunting Ground DPK Exploit


Dropped items rollback and removed from game.

4-7 day temporary ban for exploit

Here are some cases of exploits down by players and their mini squabbles

Non of these players got perma ban, 30 days ban minimum after investigation with
solid evidence.

Reason: Use of 3rd party applications


Halloween Event with many threads showing video of blinking and immune characters. Event couldnt show name so staff had no way to pinpoint who exploited and who didnt. Had Solid evidence from community but casually ignored.

Many people were unhappy with event and the way it was handled

Outcome: Culprits Walked Free

24/7 Botting and using 3rd party
Outcome: walk free

30 Day temporary ban for use of third party program. No perma ban

Most Famous Culprit to walk free:

i dont want to start on this individual, too many… threads.
Solid evidence with videos and threads but no action taken. Use of 3rd party programs is also observed
but no action taken.

Even fanart is plagued…

Culprits walk free, like nothing happened. Withdrawing an entry after attempting to cheat
Not into art but this shows how cheating is seen as OK by the community…

And now the latest incident to catch my attention:

I dont support cheating and i heard the staff have stepped up efforts to Permanently ban
players exploiting certain functions in game or with the use of 3rd party applications.
I appreciate IMC efforts to step up anti-cheating measures but…

why arent previous exploiters getting the same punishment

or rather why

are first time exploiters handed a permanent ban immediately.

I hope IMC is consistent in treating all players alike. Its a very poisonous and toxic process that
takes a toll on the community.


old cases no perma ban,current cases perma ban.
Either give all 30 days or all perma ban.

Nothing about guild affiliation whatsoever. Lets just talk about IMC’s inconsistency


My problem with IMC is that they aren’t actively looking for ways to punish infractors, they only do when everyone’s pushing them to investigate and ban, otherwhise they seem to not care.
Look at that list that they posted of people banned, these people only got banned because someone (or many people) reported them, thats not even 1% of people that are abusing this system till the beggining, you can see that by standing in the Klaipeda spot that everyones left the event map.
They don’t want to have to work, I mean, even my bot reports sometimes I have to beg for the GM ban someone that I reported several times for more than 10days. I am already doing their job of chasing these bots, they only need to investigate and ban.


yes i agree with you.

the funny thing is … most cases are pots calling the kettle black.

I really hope IMC is more consistent in their treatment of players. This isnt the first time…

There was an old thread where a Staff helped another player to shift his untradable costume due to the player’s mistake and not buying a token. There were previous cases similar to that , yet they were ignored.

See … before your eyes. Inconsistency

and poor cookie666 got rejected so hard

Remembering that in this case here absolutely nothing happened with Arkantos and Slash.

This is a shame!!

I’m glad you got banned. ha ha

huh i didnt get ban. What talking you

since everyone is mad let reroll the game… say 1 month (4weeks)