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Critical Rate Formula Discussion

Base on the data gathered by players from iCBT1 and kCBT3, im able to plot the Critical Rate vs Actual Critical Rate graph, and it appears to be a linear graph. (X-Critical Rate, Y-Actual Critical Rate)

2 of the formula are as below:
y = 95(X/175 - 1)
Character Level: 184 (Monk), Monster Level: 185 (Rambear), Crit Resist: 30, Crit Rate: 317, Actual Crit Rate: 85% (Info provided by the tester are limited and incomplete, the formula is questionable.

y = 12(X/26 -1)
Character Level: 119 (Quarrel Shooter), Monster Level: 117 (Chronodog), Crit Resist: 26, Crit Rate: 196, Actual Crit Rate: 72% (according to the tester, the monster named Chronodog with 26 Crit Resist, located at MageTower 3F, monster record not found from, but found a monster named Arma with Monster Level 119 and Crit Resistance 26 instead

This Section had proved to be wrong
By factoring in Monster Critical Resistance, im guessing the formula is very close to this:
Actual Crit Rate = (Monster Level / 2) * ((Crit Rate / Crit Resist) - 1)
Assumption of Crit Resist proved to be wrong and does not scale with Monster Level

From the formula above:
Y = 95(X/175 - 1) = (19 / 35) * (X - 175)
Y = 12(X/26 -1) = (3 / 7) * (X - 26) = 0.4286 * (X - 26)

Hence, we can conclude the Critical Rate Formula:
Actual Crit Rate = Variable1 * (Crit Rate - Variable2)
*Variable1 believes to be a constant and different for each of the class
*Variable2 believes to be Monster’s Crit Resist

Actual Crit Rate = N * (Crit Rate - Crit Resist)
For Quarrel Shooter, N is around 0.4286

For example:
A Quarrel Shooter having 200 crit rate and the monster having 50 crit resist
Actual Crit Chance = 0.4286 * (200 - 50) = 64.29%
Crit rate to actual crit chance ratio = 1/0.4286 = 2.33
After deduction of crit resist, every 2.33 crit rate will improve the actual crit chance by 1%

Buff that affect Crit Resist - Zalciai (Krivis)
Lv5 -(12+SPR0.8) Crit Resist, +(37+SPR) Crit Attack, 38s, 20s cd
Lv10 -(20+SPR
0.8) Crit Resist, +(69+SPR) Crit Attack, 58s, 20s cd
Lv15 -(28+SPR*0.8) Crit Resist, +(100+SPR) Crit Attack, 78s, 20s cd
(Attributes +9sec, +48 magic amplification)

Buff that affect Crit Rate - Monstrance (Priest)
+((DEX/10)*3+10)DEX, 20s, 23s cd for every levels
(Attributes +5sec)

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20160406 Update:
Actual Critical Rate = (Critical Rate - Critical Resist) * (42 / Character Level)
Source: Confirm by recent kOBT patch note on March 24
Other Source: Critical rate formula (iCBT2 updated)


Seems like a good basis
Though I think we should add it in here how much critical rate is added per dex and also the math for a base critical rate for any character that does not saturate dex with any points so as to be able to use that to measure effectivity :+1:

so the crit resist is based on the monster level?

No, im generalizing the crit resist in my assumption. Low level mobs might have lower crit resist (compared to their level), higher level mobs and bosses will have higher crit resist.

1 dex is equals to 1 critical rate. Based on my observation, critical rate have to be double of our character level to have a decent actual critical rate.

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Does attribute weakness play a role in the equation? or is that only for the damage?

Attribute weakness doesn’t involved in critical rate formula. Yeah i think it’s only for the damage.

Thank you for this contribution. This will help me in building my character for the upcoming CBT.

Welcome =)
Hopefully the formula didnt get away too much from the correct formula.

There’s a stat point that gives crit resist.

It might work for some monsters, but wont for others.
Which was it again?
Con? Spr?

I don’t really care because as archer i will have a rater high crit rate.

It’s CON that give crit resist. Not if you’re into PvP xD

Oh kewl that’s something good for me to start with
I’ll try to keep up that decent critical rate target and see if it works well :+1:

All Crit_resisit of mobs and bosses can be found here:

For example:

So: crit_resist NOT scale with mob/boss level at all.

also there are another formula for crit %:

Bosses(on ~200 levels) have average 50 crit_resist.

N=0.3 (for ex.)
on 200 level Hoplite_C3 with Finestra level 15 (DEX=128), CritChance = [(128+150)-50] * 0.3 = 68.4%


Thanks for pointing this out!


That’s nice info.

And more like what i imagined crit rate to be.

so its good to assume that its ok full dex “or just achieve 233 crit rate” than to go full str

Where did you get the constant N = 0.4268 for the quarrel shooter?

Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if the devs made it clear from the stats window what is your flat % chance of criticals before applying enemy´s resistance? I dont see the point of just giving you some random number that then has to be feed into a formula deduced by trial and error by players themselves…

Thought I guess they would then have to rethink the way the resistance of the enemy is going to be subtracted from your crit chance, probably too much work to modify how it is at this point of development, but still…

Greetings to everyone. I redid statistics gathering during first days of iCBT2 and soon post here - or maybe create another topic if there is too much text - updated results on critical chance modifier.

Just wanted to tell in advance that newer modifier is almost certainly proved to be higher than that of iCBT1. Was it my mistake then or it got changed I can’t say however. Anyway we got more crits than we expected earlier, wee.

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So given this formula, let’s say critical rate is 200 and the critical resist of the chronodog is 26, then it would be

(200 - 26) * (42 / 119) = 0.35 = 35% critical rate only?