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Enchant Scroll is not working (4)
Let's role play angry kid here! (4)
Item discard while equipping gems 15 Jan and NOW 11 Feb 2019 and AFTER Maintenance Didn't get mine item BACK ( 2 3 4 ) (71)
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UI frozen during Instances (5)
Map Explore Bug (1)
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3 year old untracked quest bug with spam message still not fixed (3)
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Installed Game Yesterday, Got Plenty Issues (1)
Character inventory is bugged (4)
Lemprasa Pond - Zemyna Statue - Re-entry bug (4)
Missing Sister Aiste's Gift (5)
Telsial server DG and saus bug (11)
Dungeon reset Issue bug in telsial (1)
Unable to reroll Velcoffer's Cube (1)
Facing Windows Error 0xc0000142 on PC (6)
Unable to type at the ingame chat and also create a new character (3)
It has been years so far (4)
Skill Scroll bug (6)
Weapon Auto swap lagg (again) 2018 Edition (5)
Seed/Sprout killers (6)
Please fix the Zeraha elevator bug! (2)
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Quest system is broken (2)
Guild event tickets are not reloading (4)