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So... When you guys gonna fix Severty bug?

Almost a month has passed and you guys keep ignoring this matter.
ToS endgame consists on competitive contents, all of them affects directly on guild/server economy but you just cant compete if you play fair, no chance against people with +150% damage every time…
On my server (SA-SILUTE) theres people abusing it on Boruta, Joint Strike, people lowering record times on raids etc, and the more time passes, harder it gets to normal players reach these times without bug. So this literally taking away all the fun from the game.

Please, one more time, FIX SEVERTY BUG ASAP!


meanwhile IMC ignoring the problem

@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis @STAFF_William

Fix the issue PLZ

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its not bug. its feature

same as RMT. its player choice to abuse or not
play game like enjoy with process or use real money and abuse bug for ez life

imc make game be like this :haha:


It’s player choice to get banned or not… :haha:

i nvr seen who got banned from that

Even if they ban all the abusers, the damage that is done to both the economy and community cannot be repaired.

In most mmos, even Gatcha games, something this serious calls for immidiate server rollbacks along with mass bans. If IMC isn’t willing to do the aforementioned on day one, it’s a green flag to abuse it while you can like any other bug. Take multiacount botting for example, at the latter end before the field silver removal they just outright stopped pretending like they were banning bots, so if you were botting, your just walked away with 5bill silver cap.


In the latest Ktos patch blog they state “The development direction is to keep the value of use of in-game content reward goods, especially those in active content, for a longer time” then you see a bug like this and I cant help but laugh at the levels or irony.

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@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis @STAFF_William

Heyyyyyyy fix this bug…

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@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis

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well stop being hypocritical Apocryphoz all games including blizzard games that have money to invest can be abused what matters here and the will of the IMC to solve the problem and when you say “no one is ever banned” speak for yourself, i already I saw people being punished for much less than that, well good luck I’m with you Mathz.

> Hellcome to TOS
> Bug Happens
> IMC dont care
> The month passes
> Nothing Happens
> Feijoada

@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_William @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin @Staff_Alex @STAFF_Bob @GM_Francis

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What about we organize something to send multiple support tickets to them, so we get at least a response about this issue being fixed and not automated messages. IMC is really good at ignoring issues until it is hurting them in some way.

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i didnt talk abt ppl who buy item with tp and sell for silver bro. i mean to unreasonable trash item price
everything u alrdy see by urself. all of us here also

speak whatever u want

I bet you all if the bug affected the TP shop it will be raining useless exp tomes again coz of emergency maintenance

no doubt dude, when it comes to IMC pockets, gets resolved in secs :smiley:

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I think/assume the problem is that noone actually handles ingame bugs here… It’s something like we send in a ticket… The staff looks at it. They maybe can’t even decide themselves how serious it is. Then sometime it is sent to the korean devs who hell knows when look at it. Then they send back the fix…and it maybe gets fixed…

I mean sometimes there are just so simple bugs like most likely a 0 is missing from somewhere or something like that but we wait for it for months.

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That is a ■■■■ bug and imc may nothing. This bug is already exist perhaps since the launch of glacia/savinose disnay set and nothing is change.

Have you tried sending a video on how to replicate the bug? Because I suspect they might have a hard time understanding it because English. There was this one bug that made all skills deal double damage and it was dealt with swiftly when a video was posted. :tired:

i just made this thread after enormous amount of info (including videos) sent via ticket. you know how useless it is, since they dont even read your ticket before a robot answer? that is bs

Every bug tos had - and im speaking with property, since im a player from beta -, only get its attention and solution after someone throw into forums, for people see/try to replicate, unfortunately. That WASNT my intention, so i wont put a vid replicating this or image or w/e, but everyone here knows that it exists already and theres people right now waiting on the 12h Joint Strike to use it for ranks and silver.

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You know something is wrong when you see top spot in Joint Strike taken by a party of 2 while a party of 5 whales doesn’t come even close…

Lmao let’s all be real here. Whether they fix the bug or they continue to ignore it, nothing will change. People here salty that the big guilds getting stronger or the whales getting stornger but the simple fact is that before severity they were already outperforming everyone else by a giant margin, so fixing severity changes nothing. Your gears will never overtake theirs, your party won’t ever beat their rankings, and what, you want IMC to ban all those whales? Sorry, but those whales are IMC’s biggest spenders, they would rather ban you first than ban them.

So trash players with trash gears that will give up in a few months should just suck it up and move on. If the bug is here to stay its no longer a ‘bug’ more like a feature.

Seriously, what do you need for this bug - 6 pieces of glacia legenda equipment with severity set effect? If you think making an extra set is something IMPOSSIBLE/UNATTAINABLE thing to achieve, then you chose the wrong game lmao. If getting severity effect is too much then you have literally 0 reason/right to complain. No offense but really, whales are so loaded that they won’t bat an eye at getting a couple of sets for each of their characters, in other words - any piece of their equipment is worth more than your entire account, severity makes 0 difference. Only people that should care about severity is other whales competing with each other, normal players just go back to the grind and ignore this, your rankings will remain ■■■■ so it doesnt matter.

IMC fixing a bug does not equal to you getting good or you getting endgame gears LMAO, the whales will still steamroll you over and over just like before severity and after severity. You can patch the trashbin all you want but trash remains trash.

EDIT: I just realised something, why would undergeared people want this bug to be fixed??? You literally have a permanent damage boost for you to complete legend raids with, if your dps sucks(it probably does) then now you have an extra boost to help you complete raids --> gear up faster.