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Issue Misrus Card Bug

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Server Name:[S.E.Asia]Telsiai

Team Name:Getl3acker

Character Name:Kyorios

Bug Description : After install Misrus Card SP not increase same description
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Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Before install Misrus card SP = 8675
  2. And after install Misrus card SP = 9275 (+600 but card description 100*star)

Screenshots / Video :

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Mistranslation. Ktos always 600 sp at max level.

this tootip/desc eround been around for months now along with sadhu prana, paladin attribute, and probably many more. its not even fixed during big patches.
if i were you, i mean being clueless bout the truth, who expected 3k sp boost, this definitely feels like scam. especially if you bought overpriced card lol

The problem was there since day 1 of Oct 29 Update

And it’s not just this, there are still SO MANY mis-translation/outdated stuffs inside the language files which cause an issue to player. and not just English

^ topic was from 2018, but someone still have the same outdated dialog in 2020

But with translation project was abandon *again*.

Most of the updates from are people sending request to update and some just farming for GitHub’s event that give you free t-shirt, before they changed to rule

So… unless it got reported via forum/ticket. there’s no chance for those old lines to got a fix now?

i reported paladin tooltip error, and also how some of its skill tooltip is not updated even though the skills change its effect because of the attributes. nothing changes.

in imc perspective these errors like small insect bites, small bump, if players can live with it, just bear with it.

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