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Boruta Seal Scout 3 - stuck on team storage

I sent 2 tickets and nothing was resolved. I find the only away IMC help a player are for posting on forum. So…

Server : [SA] Silute
Team Name : LxGyN
Character Name : Harlequin

Country : Brazil
When the error happened(Date, time, location) : 09/26/2020, 5:00 server time, Fedimian Ch 1, Brazil
Bug Description : I crafted a “+3 Boruta Seal - Scout” and i put on team storage, for some reason now i can’t withdraw with any character. It got stuck there somehow.

I don’t want the Boruta Seal to be Tradable, i just want it to be transfered by Team Storage, and i can’t because of this bug.

I already did everything the multiple tickets said i have to do

“Verify Files”
“Remove All addons”
“Restart Modem”
I even reinstalled the entire game from 0.
The “+3 Boruta Seal - Scout” that i crafted is still stucked in my Team Storage.

Please IMC, just please, fix this bug that i’m having and make it transferable by Team Storage.

Steps to reproduce the issue : I have no idea.

Screenshots / Video :


@gm_francis can you help ?


your other seal is fine cause its tradability state is healthy
but the stucked one tradability state is state of dead item that traded from/to non token user
that kind of item wont be able to put in storage in the first place so i dont know how you can put it in team storage to begin with
try to claim it to the character which it belong to cause it meant to be character locked item


I tried to withdraw with every character, no success. It’s stuck in my team storage. And yes, my token is up

the actual bug is actually letting you store dead item
well obviously the system getting confused with it so you cant retrieve it either


Had you traded it without token?? really!!!

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help him IMC :C !!!


I have the same problem…

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this is not a bug because it is not meant to be tradable.
the item tradability stated its not team storage-able.
how can you put it in storage anyway? thats where the bug happened

and why did you even craft +3 with a dead seal?thats a bad decision unless its just another fodder.
but i think it can be transfered to a tradable common seal.

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man i just want withdraw.

IMC, please help.
I can’t withdraw with any character.

@GM_Francis help?

morgana.aboud have the same problem.
Can IMC help ?

1 video for day.
@GM_Francis Help please!

IMC, you need to look at this… This is extremely unfair to a player who get this seal… It’s not a simple item, it’s a mainly core build item, and it’s expensive. Please, solve this problem fastest as possible.

We’re waiting for a resolution.

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omg… imc do u work ‘-’

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wow… imc do u work ‘-’

You lose players by simple thing… :confused:

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Another day … And still nothing…

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@GM_Francis Help us, please!

@Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin @STAFF_Bob

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Imc desgraçada, desbuga essa merda logo ai tio
Maluco vai quitar viado
LX que se foda né…

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Ok, can you fix this at Scheduled Maintenance for October 13, 2020 ?
@GM_Francis Help us, please!
@Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Brand @Staff_Jin @STAFF_Bob

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they should give u some answer. have u send the ticket to them already?

im so upset if they not fix this to u after maintenance.

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