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Dont block Indonesian server because we tusted Steam and we love to play here. Gemscool cant protect these game and make these game reputation down. Gemscool always dissapointed with their works that so bad. Allow cheaters anywhere. Indonesian player loves racism when they meet other player because we r from many different culture thats why Racism everywhere. We loved to play with international people because they more calm Just lplay theres no Childish habbit.

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SA server are Bug !!! We cant log ! Chars are stucked in the looby ! Pls do something

Hello, I wanted to know why you have not answered my tickets.The server transfer has not been completed, even with my ticket responded transfer, will have to do many days, and they are many days without up. It was for my characters go from Orsha to the new server [SA] Silute.

Please solve.

My characters have not been changed server, if you do not want to change at least the repayment of TPs.
I’ve already sent several tickets and you do not respond, many days up lost.
Please solve.

I have been facing problems with the third dungeon/mission entries since yesterday.
One of my character entered the dungeon loading screen and disconnected without being able to enter again - no re-enter party option*. For the mission, I got disconnected once the countdown time says “Start”. Again, no re-enter option and the daily entrance is counted.
My other character had successfully entered the dungeon but without anyone - solo - even though I waited and searched for party. I tried to re-enter to see if there was any connection problem with the other players but there is no re-enter party option.
I am not sure if there is any other players having the same problem.
[The problems occured in Varena server 29/06/2016 to my two characters]
[Please do note that these problems happened only in the third entries of dungeon and mission by using Token Thus, no problem with first and second entries.]

enchat fire skill not work properly when cast but skill debuff no effect nothing happen