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Gameplay Bug Report

Unresolved Issues This will serve as an avenue for users to post any bugs or feedback that still persist after the most recent service maintenance. Localization Reports regarding localization and text issues belong to this sub-category.Please let us know any problems in a civilized manner.Spamming and using capital letters etc will not mean that it gets more attention. Game Lag Bugs reports regarding Game Lag belong to this sub-category.(ex. too slow while playing, unable to attack the monsters, unable to move your character, etc.) Connection / Game Crash Bugs reports regarding connectivity or game crash belong to this sub-category.(ex. unable to connect to server, unable to enter certain area, unable to load game, etc) Graphics Bug reports regarding game graphics belong to this sub-category. As much as possible, please include your graphic settings and screenshots when posting bugs related to game graphics. Game Content Bugs that do not belong to the other sub-categories such as bugs on game contents, features, and/or functions should be posted here.
Topic Replies Activity
About the Gameplay Bug Report Category 19 October 11, 2016
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Plz imc resolv that bug channel in Saalus 3 May 26, 2019
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Dark Theurge description missing 4 May 22, 2019
Access Restricted 14 May 22, 2019
Gemstone Feud - All channels are full. Unable to enter 4 May 21, 2019
Tiger Hunter's Rapid Shot doesn't crit 2 May 20, 2019
The game is currently restricted due to a server maintenance or other reasons 2 May 20, 2019
Access Restriction 2 May 20, 2019
Items missing its icons 2 May 20, 2019
Mysterious salte in Crystal Cave 3F bug 13 May 20, 2019
Deleted Gem (Bite Gem) in collection 10 May 19, 2019
Can we FIX the "I Can't Talk to NPC bug" already? 24 May 19, 2019
Quest "A Gap Between King and Time" 3 May 19, 2019
Did not receive Adventurer Sprouts 2 May 18, 2019
Uphill defense Event doesnt give double rewards 1 May 17, 2019
Crash at 100% installation (can't play) 4 May 17, 2019
Problems trying to complete the zealot costume quest 3 May 17, 2019
Shout, Party, Guild and Whisper chat not working 3 May 17, 2019
Some bugs&questions about ep 11 2 May 17, 2019
Sprinkle hp/mp potion don't heal the caster (when summoner pets are close) 13 May 17, 2019
About PVP Shadow Mancer 8 May 16, 2019
Episode 11 auto fallback to episode 10 features with bugs 4 May 16, 2019
Pardoner's 'Discerning Evil' is not working as intended 3 May 16, 2019