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Gameplay Bug Report

Connection / Game Crash Bugs reports regarding connectivity or game crash belong to this sub-category.(ex. unable to connect to server, unable to enter certain area, unable to load game, etc) Unresolved Issues This will serve as an avenue for users to post any bugs or feedback that still persist after the most recent service maintenance. Localization Reports regarding localization and text issues belong to this sub-category.Please let us know any problems in a civilized manner.Spamming and using capital letters etc will not mean that it gets more attention. Graphics Bug reports regarding game graphics belong to this sub-category. As much as possible, please include your graphic settings and screenshots when posting bugs related to game graphics. Game Lag Bugs reports regarding Game Lag belong to this sub-category.(ex. too slow while playing, unable to attack the monsters, unable to move your character, etc.) Game Content Bugs that do not belong to the other sub-categories such as bugs on game contents, features, and/or functions should be posted here.
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