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Popo boost special equipment box only gave out 2 reservoir weapons

Was I supposed to get 2 sets of reservoir weapons (4 in total)? I only got a sword and a dagger (1 set) but the package says that the popo equipment (scout) box is supposed to give out 2 swords and a dagger plus a pistol (2 sets).

I need help with this problem because I cannot reach a gear score, and I cannot receive a full set bonus of the lv480+ equips because i have my second weapon slot empty (or rather filled with some junk I found in the quest reward, vasilisa or whatever its called).

Please help. The game gets too difficult without the set equip bonus which I don’t have right now. I tried upgrading the vasilisa but its taking ages and too much resources when its supposed to be free and an intact part of the boost!

Update: I crafted the reservoir weapons from the quest rewarded vasilisa weapons. I wasted about 500k+ lada coins (converting them to gabiya then buying scales and reinforcing them to +20 - to upgrade them to reservoir) and hours of play time. I still can’t reach a gear score because although my character stat says that i achieved a gear score of 15000+, the second weapon slot is equipped with crafted ones that are non-event. So the global average comes to around 14500ish that I am stuck in.

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : korea

Server Name: W

Team Name: replay

Character Name: hash

Bug Description : described as above. Popo event box not giving out full contents.
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