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The Chapel [Cleric Build Discussion]

Welcome Saviors! This thread is for us to have our Cleric builds critiqued and discussed. I will list some of my favorites here to start:

Offensive Caster: Druid/Sadhu
A magical being who can spirit walk and summon nature to destroy or protect.

Physical Support: Chaplain/Kabbalist
A devout warrior who can smash faces and shines when supporting allies.

Physical DPS: Monk
A monk skilled in combat who can support friends when needed.

Magical Support: Diev/Oracle
A prophesying wanderer who carves wooden statues and uses arcane magic.

All-Purpose: Bokor/Plague Doctor
A zombie summoning doctor who cures allies and destroys enemies with curses.

Top Community Builds:

Nature-loving Caster: Diev/Druid
A woodland creature who carves wooden support statues, transforms, and uses nature’s magical powers.

Magical Support Hybrid: Paladin
A Paladin who uses magic to smite his enemies, especially the undead.

Physical Support: Paladin
A Paladin who Smites his enemies down with a weapon, while curing his allies’ ailments.

Stats are variable. No best mix of STR/INT/CON/SPR/DEX have been found yet. As long as you don’t pump INT on a physical attacker or STR on a magic attacker, you will be fine. At early levels, stats have a fairly small impact on the game. From there, you can decide what is best for you.

These builds can and should be modified to fit your desires. Remember, ToS is an RPG and I suggest making a build that is most interesting to you.


Uh… did you post this by accident before finishing it?
Or is it suposed to be ageneral Cleric discussion, I guess?

Edit: It was a mix of both actually, ha!
Edit2 to not multipost: Yo the Diev/Oracle one doesn’t have points assigned from R3 onwards.

I have my doubts on this one, I mean, your max HP increases with Ein Sof and all, but I think the point of this is survivavbility, not raising the threshold of Last Rites to 80% of your Natural Max HP, in this regard I think these skills are kindof the opposite of synergic, since your Max HP will be higher, you’d need more damage to get under the 40% HP threshold.

I mean, you’d live more, but you’d have the benefit from Last Rites less, and I find that as a negative synergy.

The thing with Ein Sof is that it rasises you Max HP, but your current HP doesn’t scale with it, so say you use Ein Sof to get 100% more HP and you have 4.7K of HP out of 6K you will have 12K Max HP but your HP will still be 4.7K, meaning you are in Last Rite’s range. You cast it with the bonus an then heal youself.

How is monk damage now? It was in the low side last time I check xD.
Do you guys think I can go Diev instead of pala for Monk? That 20% CD reduction is a decent support and rare find nowadays :smiley:

Dievdirby is not a class you pick only for one rank, the cooldown reduction doesn’t help that much if it barely lasts more than it’s duration.

With the last buffs to the statues on top of their shorter cast time makes it even more notable.
Laima’s statue slows down the enemies more than enough for everyone to run away or for the physucal to not be able to get close enough before they get killed on top of the cooldown reduction.
Zemyna not only reduces de SP consumed (reducing it even moer with each rank) but now it even shortens the time it takes for you to recover SP, making it’s duration even more of an asset.
And I don’t feel like going trough the rest, but those ARE the main statues.

About Laima: I feel like I am always on the move, grinding or in dungeon. Since the CD is not too long( 52s) and the cast time is quick, it can be a good skill to open the battle/pull before blowing all your CD xD Given monks themself cannot take advantage of it much since their CD is pretty short, in group it is might be fun. Is the cost of wood expensive that you can’t spam it off CD and need longer duration? Sry I never play Diev so not much knowledge here.
Ps: How is spamming DP work out at higher level. I watched some lv 200 + footage before and clear time seems to be lower than Druid/ Sadhu pocession, etc…

Nah wood costs aren’t an issue iirc, you could skip getting Carve even to be honest with all the money you save being a Cleric to begin with, if anything the problem is their weight, which can be easily fixed.
Diev shines mainly at bosses, namely World Bosses as these battles are packed and long, world bosses rarely get to move thanks to the density of players attacking it making it so the statues become far more notable.

It also gives you more options on the role of support, Dievs generally take ClericC2 and under the statues they can spam Cure and Divine Might borderline free not to mention constantly making the overall support make up for their lack of notable aditions to damage.
Monk should’ve gotten a bit of an animation reduction iirc, but honestly the DP spam is not that great, having a good rotation with you other skills is more useful, Palm Strike, Hand Knife and 1 Inch Punch are far more useful thanks to their debuff atributes on the long run while DP is just an improved auto-attack and the spam is sorta okay, but as I said not as good as a solid rotation.

I thought the bonus damage appeared at the moment you dropped under 40% HP and vanished at the moment your HP got healed over 40% of your Max HP, if you’re right, then it’s synergic to an extent, I’ll give it some thought.

Well, rotation is good on boss and stuff but on grinding( which is 90% of the game) I imagine you will just DP stuff to death.
So if the wood cost is not the problem, we can just refresh the statute as they expire right? The cast time is negligence now :D. Is it ok to skip smite and get Diev C1 then ??? :smiley:

Edit: One question about Hexing if anyone know. I notice I can hit more target at higher lv. At lv 5 I can hit up to 4 targets, How about lv 10? Does it scale at all?

Well I don’t remember the exact price of each piece of wood so I could be wrong considering all the wood you would end up needing with only C1, but the Dievdirby master is in the starting zone of the Klaipeda side so checking that should’t be an issue the moment you begin to play.

I guess that with the current statues if you are willing to keep making the statues over and over again I guess that yes, you could replace PaladinC1 with DievdirbyC1 for party utility.

Ah the ammount of builds, so many to see so many to try. I’m fond of a silly ClericC2-DievdirbyC3-DruidC2 I made a while ago, I’ll write it up again and put a link here. (Ha, I had a bookmark, it was before Chortamasta coming back to C1 so I had to slap that back again)

Wish I can fit C1 of Diev in more of my Int Cleric build. But honestly cleric has too many good options…C2 Cleric is like a must have now, it is so amazing: 10-tile heal, amazingly fast cure, fade for sadhu, divine might, ect…C 1-2 Krivis is so good too with Diano and Zaibas, C1 bokor is great with Hex + Effigy and its synergy with PD later on, C1 Sadhu is alright since OoB can be good for boss but C2 Sadhu is amazing with Possession ( I used to underestimate it but then I realize how spam-able it is)xD ,… Where can I fit it C1 Diev :((

Physical Support: Chaplain/Kabbalist -
i prefer Krivis (at r4 or 5) instead of Cleric-C2 (Zalciai too strong with SPR build + Daino scrolls expensive)
full time up Stone Skin is great. With Kabbalist C3 (if 15lvl) your team has full time 4X HP like a small boss :slightly_smiling:
Down side is havent anti status ailment skills like Oracle and Plague Doctor.

Ein Sof with attribute = instant full mana for whole party?

It’s % based, so if you have Ein Sof Lv5 with the atribute they would recover 50% SP, so if they have exactly that or more SP they would get a bunch of Mana.
So yeah Ein Sof Lv10 OP.

You dont need lvl10 since your HP is 3x more than your SP

10k hp lvl5 ein sof with attribute will give you 5k hp and 5k sp

I’d assume that the % it recovers is absed off your SP and not your HP.

From a footage I saw, the amount of Sp recover is proportion to your maximum HP. If Ein Sof gives you 100% max HP, with the attribute, it gives you 50% max Hp and 50% max Hp equivalent in SP recovery. I literally saw 5k sp recovered in the video.

PS: If monk Double Punch is striking, does it get buffed by wiz’s lethargy???

That’s crazy.

Yeah it should get a boost off Lethargy.

That is so insane…oh , one more reason to take Diev over Paladin, Carve is Piercing which is stronger against leather. Smite is similar with everything monk has which is striking, 50% less to leather :smiley: But Smite is strong against ghost thou. hmm.

Smite is 200% bonus to Demons and Mutants, it jsut so happens that Ghosts are ALSO Demons, because yes.