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[Paladin] PvP Builds - What is your opinion?

Hi there,

I am new to this forum and haven’t played Tree of Savior yet, but I did find my interest in the Cleric class. Previously I have played RO for years and always prevered playing the Crusader class. Either an Int/Vit/Dex paladin, which was basically a mobile tank type due to high Matk (offensive & defensive) and crowd control (from now on ‘Matk Pally’) or an Str/Agi/Vit/Int paladin, which was close range with high dmg output but easier to kill (from now on ‘Battle Pally’).

I play MMORPG’s for PvP, period. By this I’m indicating that I see no problem in leveling forever, as long as it ends up in a good PvP build. Also, I’d prever a class which would be a good asset in both 1v1, 5v5 and GvG. This being said, I think a sustainable class is always a good choice. A class which can take hits but keeps standing, so a healer type with shield seems perfect. From here on I hesitated between either a Chaplain or Paladin as C7. So here are my thoughts on how to make a healing pvp class, by either a ‘Battle Pally’ or a ‘Matk Pally’. Please advise and correct me if I’m wrong.

Battle Pally
The Chaplain, which is a melee oriented in my opinion, requires Priest C3 and its buffs to increase the Chaplain’s damage output. Most of the Chaplain’s damage output increases with auto attack’s due to aspersium, sacrament, last rites and aspergillum. Nonetheless, these skills increase both Atk and Holy Atk, which means they should stack with Smite and Conviction for spike damage in PvP. Also melee team members can be buffed, but could be overlapped by other supportive priest members in team. The downside of such a build is that it would look like the following:

Skill build
• Cleric C1, Priest C3, Paladin C2, Chaplain C1:

This leaves out the possibility to maximize burstdamage. This because Paladin C2 is only able to get Lv 10/15 Smite and Lv 0/5 Conviction. Also Barrier is not achievable which increases a fixed area with Mdef by 130 for 60 sec (does this also protect enemy players from entering the zone in pvp?).

• Cleric C1, Priest C3, Paladin C3:

This build gives the ability to maximize priest buffs and get Smite & Conviction for burst damage. Also Barrier would be available, but as a close range type it is not very valuable. Last rites and Aspergillum would miss out, but the burst damage would make up for it imo. However, Smite’s knockdown ability should be turned off because knocking down (few squares) would cancel the possibility to burst damage in combination with Conviction. Every PvP player knows that a knock down ability can turn the tide on group PvP so less quick burst would be optional.

Stat build
If any of you knows how to improve such a ‘Battle Pally’ build please inform me. I was aiming to use about 3:Str/2:Dex/1.5:Con for these builds. Str for damage output, Dex for hitting classes with high evasion and to improve hitrate (does dex also decrease the motion time for a melee skill?) and Con for survivability (Hp and defence).

Matk Pally
The paladin isn’t thoroughbred Matk class, however it has great defensive potential and Smite’s knockback can be used in its advantage in PvP. Also Conviction can be used to decrease the opponents Mdef, which increases Magic damage for both me and team members.

Skill build
• Cleric C1, Krivis C3, Paladin C3:

The main strategy in PvP would be to use Conviction to lower Mdef (fire, ice, lightning, and poison) by 100, use Smite to immobilize the opponent and cast Zaibas upon him. This combo can be repeated once more as both Conviction, Smite, and Zaibas can be used two times before the cooldown sets in. This makes this type very mobile while using Resist elements and Barrier to keep off opponents (only if Barrier keeps enemies from entering the zone).

Example Smite & Zaibas combo:

Stat build
The stat build of the ‘Matk Pally’ would look similar like 3:Con/2:Int/2:Str in order to have a lot HP while putting decent damage trough the skill routine.

The ‘Matk Pally’ has my preference for now, but please show me your opinion on both PvP oriented builds. Thank you.

Cute, but this all can be summarized as: ~Not gonna work.~

It’s better you just read up on existing paladin/advice threads, there’s far to much you got wrong or there’s better alternatives for.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I did read existing paladin threads but didn’t become much smarter out of it. Could you specifically link me paladin threads that would overrule my concept builds?

Hmm, i keep forgetting most of our existing threads aren’t so useful when it comes to paladins. My bad.

Either way do check out:

As for the paladin threads please be cautious with most advice, a lot of the claims are unsubstantiated and based more on what they want to it to do.

And @iago_l offers the best paladin advice imo. So check his posts as well.

Thread wise:

I heard that:

  • Barrier currently doesn’t work in pvp.

  • Smite itself is very hard to land in pvp due to the charge time.

  • That barrier does deal magic dmg whenever a enemy touches it with the attribute, this is most important for a possible int variation but also entirely unproven.

  • Restoration is rumored to have a double healing bonus or the nr is simply augmented by the innate int multipliers. It’s higher then the value listed anyway.

But i do know that:

  • The increased dmg from priest and paladins do not make up for the lack of skills to deal dmg with. It’s arguably more often a net loss in dps.

  • Proper use of barrier in pve is far better then stone skin, you can neatly block almost all enemies from getting close enough to attack. Does not work on bosses and maybe a few odd mobs.

  • Stone skin is far better in pvp then barrier, esp since it has no direct counter.

  • Most of the priest/chaplain dmg buffs only work for auto attacks, meaning they aren’t of much use for paladins who deal most of their dmg with skills.

  • Conviction has a small niche in pvp, but seems to do nothing for pvp.

  • Restorations exact bonus for heal tiles is still unknown, but it is higher then the number stated.

  • Healing without cleric2 might get difficult, priest3 helps a bit at least.

But basically, paladin is a pve class atm.
Nor should you pass up on the r7 classes, they are to good.


The best advice I can give you for PvPing in a Paladin c3 build is to either get Priet c3/Plague Doctor/Oracle in your build and try to make the best out of these classes. Cause you won’t get much out of Paladin for PvP :c

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This is great information!

Too bad that there is a lack of information on most skills, at least thats what I make up out of your arguments. I will look into the threads which you proposed and if a Paladin build would be feasible for PvP I will probably return for more questions. It seems that you have done your research quite well.

My second choice would be to go into a full support pvp type, a healer with major hp and defensive spells. My brother is going to make a swordsman class, so my buffs would then lean towards to physical abilities. Some offensive skills is always nice for the extra pressure.

This is a PvP video of a tanky cleric class. I do notice that the whole team exists out of clerics. Nonetheless, it seems like a sustaining build. I am not sure on which skills to take for a melee supportive pvp type. What do you think?



That’s a cleric/priest3/chaplain/krivis/plague doctor build with a focus on con i think.

But yeah that’s one of the tankier pvp cleric builds, though you could replace krivis with cleric2 for even better healing and safety zone.

And keep in mind for pvp melee clerics have a hard time hitting enemies, so it’s more supportive then offensive.

And statwise there’s a ton of options.

  • Con helps you survive much better, but does little for your allies.
  • Spr improves your aspergillum dmg and block rate for the party via stone skin.
  • Int improves your magic dmg the most and improves healing.

For pve con is less important, but there’s still plenty of stat variations you can pick from.