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Sorcerer Info Megathread

Updated with a fresh and minty scent.

**Basic info** Click<<
  1. The Summoning skill will let a sorcerer summon any boss card that is the devil type.

  2. Until sorcerer C2 summons will only auto attack and not use any abilities. The sorcerer has to use the Ride skill from sorcerer C2 to make them use abilities.

  3. Right now all summons have a short tether range so they will follow instead of attacking unless the sorcerer is in close to melee range. If you don’t think you can get used to circling bosses closely and avoiding their attacks then this class is not for you.

  4. The “Summoning” skill that uses boss cards stops all SP regen while the boss is out and the only way to unsummon is to right click the summoning buff under the character portrait or to let SP run out. SP will not regenerate even if sitting at a bonfire while the summon is out so make sure to unsummon when resting.

  5. Short range warps back to quest givers within the same map tend to leave the summon behind.

  6. Some summons with close range basic attacks can just sit there and not hit a mob while attacking if the mob is standing just slightly out of range for it.

  7. This is a potion reliant class. You will spend tons of silver buying potions unless you want to spend huge amounts of downtime at bonfires. This is only really an issue at lower levels of sorc when silver may be low. Lower SP is better for this class.

**Skill Overview** Click<<
  • Summoning - Summons any boss that has Devil-Type on the card. Stops SP regen while the summon is out. Only Int affects the summons damage. M Attack and extra damage from items like Arde dont add to summon damage. Most buffs wont affect summons but Chronomancers haste will.

  • Summon Familiar - Summons homing bats that will attack and explode on whatever you attack or if something attacks you.

  • Summon Salomion - Summons a temporary minion that lasts 60 seconds.

  • Summon Servant - Summons a cat that will put out up to five 4 minute long buffs depending on the skill level to the whole group. It can give up to the skill level +1 with a max of 5 buffs but the extra buff above skill level is not guaranteed.
    Servant’s buffs are in order of skill level
    Lv 1 - +SkillLv AoE Ratio
    Lv 2 - Sp Regen
    Lv 3 - Stamina Regen
    Lv 4 - 50 Magic Defense
    Lv 5 - 50 Dark Attack

  • Riding - Lets you manually control and ride a summon for an increased sp drain. The number of skills varies by summons 1 is always the basic attack and the last skill is always dismount.

  • Hold - The summon will go to that spot and attack anything that comes within range. Templeshooter can tank almost anything in the game with no issue so this skill is great for soloing bosses and any group where you don’t get a tank. The summon will no longer follow you until resummoned but can still be moved with Ride or reusing Hold.

  • Attack Ground - Makes the summon move and attack a target in an area unlike with Hold the summon will follow again after this is used.

  • Morph - Uses the card that is equipped in the main slots stats for the second card. So if you use a 10 Star Templeshooter in slot one and a Deathweaver in slot 2 when Morph is used it will turn the Templeshooter into Deathweaver with Templeshooters stats. This skill is broken as it doesn’t apply the Int bonuses properly when used but it also is the skill with some extremely high damage for sorcerers if used right. Get two 10 star Templeshooters and spam the second skill with Ride using morph to speed up the skill cooldown. This does excellent dps and is the combo you should use if planning to go Sorc 3.

Wizard C3 Quickcast interactions, Quickcast works with Summon Familiar, Desmondus, and Evocation.

**Summoning SP drain explained in Detail. Why high Spirit is bad** Click<<

With the summoning skill SP drains at a rate of 1% every 3 seconds. So if you only use your summon it will fully drain SP in 5 minutes. This goes off of your max SP so with a low max SP smaller pots can be used to keep up with the drain. For example with 100 max SP only 1 SP drains every 3 seconds but with 10000 SP it would be 100 SP every 3 seconds draining so you would need a larger SP potions to handle the increased drain. The trick with sorcerers is to get a SP pool big enough for your other classes skills without making it so large the SP drain becomes unmanageable.

**This section is for people only taking C1 of Sorcerer** Click<< **So I hear Sorcerer C1 is terrible but I still only want 1 circle for my build.**
  • Sadly summon AI is terrible and the control skills are on C2. However summon servant is an amazing buff skill that makes sorcerer C1 worth it for that reason alone. Summon Salamion has the same AI issues as the boss summons but doesn’t stop SP regeneration so it can be used as an extra minion if doing a pet build. The only sorcerer C1 skill that works with wizard C3 Quickcast’s damage attribute is Summon Familiars. If you are ok with bad summon AI and a few great buffs go for it but be aware of the issues Sorcerer C1 has before you take it.

**Sorcerer stats whats good?** Click<< Im going to preface this with I havent done any math into this if anyone has detailed info feel free to post.
  • Strength and Dexterity are entirely useless for a sorcerer.

  • Spirit is useless on a sorcerer. Summoning drains a percentage of max SP while it is active so the less SP you have the cheaper your summon is to keep out.

  • Int increases the summons damage and should be the primary stat focused on.

  • Con is actually useful due to how close you have to be to mobs to make the summons attack. Take enough con to keep from being one shot by bosses at your level. If PvP is a goal take more con. Due to SP not being a major concern for Sorcerers consider using plate armor instead of cloth for the HP bonus.

**Useful Gear** Click<<
  • Armor

Plate armor is the best for Sorcerers since we dont want the SP buff from cloth and the extra HP is always a good thing. Cafrisun is a great set to use while leveling until you get to sorcerer. Any gear that increases Int and/or Con are good for Sorcerers. As long as you focus on gear with those stats you cant go wrong.

  • Weapons
    Magic attack doesnt affect Summoning so sorcerers are pretty open too use any weapon we want to. Good ones are weapons that boost int or class skill levels for your other classes like the staff that boosts ice skills if your cryo sorc,

The best weapon for sorcerers in my opinion is the Maga Rod since it reduces max SP

Summoning uses a snapshot of a sorcerers int stat when used so switch to a high int weapon when using the skill for a stronger summon.

Audra is great for Cyro Sorcs with its bonus to ice skills.

Overall any weapon will work with sorcerers due to how summoning works so use whatever feels best and works with your other classes.

**Useful Monster Gems** Click<<

Terra imp gem - Summon familiar
Siaulav Mage gem - Summoning
Guardian spider gem - Summon salamion

Other Useful Gems
Dandel gem - Joint Penalty
Temple Slave mage gem - Magic missile

**Summons with Videos** Click<< **Summons and why Templeshooter is the best at C1**
  • Templeshooter This is what every sorcerer should get at C1 and keep forever it has a ranged basic attack that hits twice and the attack goes through multiple mobs in front of it. It hits more often and tends to target much better than all other summons right now. The card for it is dropped by the level 75 Templeshooter world boss at Royal Mausoleum Workers lodge.

  • Throneweaver Click to see in action, Throneweaver comes from the main quest chain in Nefritas Cliff the level 32 Klaipeda quest zone. It is also the card you want to keep around for “trading” cards as it wins card battles more often than other cards and that’s the only way to trade cards right now.

  • Chaparition This is a decent card until a sorcerer can get Templeshooter. Chapariton comes from the main quest chain.

  • Flammidus She has the worst attack of all the summons I have seen its extremely short range and useless. Flammidus drops from the level 115 dungeon boss.

  • Harpeia drops from the main quest line.

  • Mummyghast Drops from main quest line.

  • Necroventer Click to see in action, Drops from main quest line and the 90 Dungeon.

  • Specter Monarch Click to see in action, Drops from the main quest line.

  • Unknocker Click to see in action, Drops from the main quest line in Tenet Church B1 level 40 zone Klaipeda side. The end of the video also shows the bug where some summons keep attacking mobs outside their attack range and dont hit anything.

  • Cyclops Click to see in action, Drops from the main quest line.

  • Firelord I have no idea what Firelord’s second skill actually does. It doesn’t seem to do any damage to anything so it may be bugged.

  • Abomonation Drops from the world boss in Guards Graveyard. It spawns every 4 hours.

I dont have the cards below this my team name is Nornir “NORNIR” (the lower case rn looks like an m) and im on Klaipeda if anyone wants to help me out ill upload the videos otherwise these will wait until I find them or farm them in the case of dullahan and cerberus.

  • Cerberus

  • Dullahan

  • Elllaganos

  • Lithorex

  • Minotaur

  • Netherbovine

  • Prisoncutter

  • Sparnasman

This pdf has a list of every card and its basic stats
Thanks to DogeSummoner for bring it to my attention.

**Cards How to get them, level them and what the stars are** Click<<

This is copied form the pdf.
The stats of a summon are increased by the level of the card. Every extra star improves the summons abilities by 10% and can be upgraded by sacrificing other cards through the Card Enhancement screen. (Hit Insert then 4) The number of cards needed to level is the same as the star that you are trying to reach. It takes 9 cards to go from 8 to 9 stars. it takes a total of 54 cards to get one card to 10 stars.

The best way I have found to farm cards is to boss rush the level 90 dungeon. It only costs 30k to reroll the boss cube and it has a pretty good chance of dropping a card and a small chance of dropping Arde which can be sold or used.

**Builds** Click<< If anyone wants their build up here or or has any suggestions on my build let me know.
  • Click for my Cyro 3 Sorc 3 build.

  • Better Version of the build I play, No sorc C3
    These two builds are based around Frost Pillar and Snow rolling. The way i play them is to use Frost Pillar to pull in as many mobs as I can. By this time Templeshooter should be attacking whatever Frost Pillar grabbed. Then I use Ice Pike twice and use lower leveled Ice Bolts to keep mobs frozen. If anything survives the Frost pillar I use Snow Rolling to grab it and just stay in front of my Templeshooter very little will survive past that. The only thing to watch out for with this build is archer mobs if they are not frozen quick and you grab to many with Frost Pillar its a quick death.

  • Alternative Sorc build with Linker
    I haven’t used Linker with Sorc. This is just a theory build I made with the skill simulator. Any players who have a similar build want to lay out their play style?

  • A wiz 3 Kino Sorc build.
    This Build is used by a player over level 200 here is some info on how it works and what quickcast affects. Click for the indepth guide to this build

If you want to do your own build the thing to remember is CC is important to help mitigate the bad Pet AI. So at least one circle of linker or kino will immensely help. Also if you want Cryo either take Cryo C1 or Cryo C3 dont stop at Cryo C2 as C2 does not give any worthwhile skills. Sorc C3 is also easily left out due to its lackluster skills. Its better to go Warlock or something else for C7 right now over Sorc C3.

I’d like to thank DogeSummoner, avykos and everyone else who contributed and is contributing to this thread.

Discussions with bugs and problems with the Sorcerer class are in these 2 threads.
Videos of bugs, More bugs and other problems.


I’ll give you my support.

  1. It is better to avoid increasing you mana pool due to the fact that Summon drain % of your MAX mana pool. That’s why sometimes is better just to wear Plate Armor for more HP.

  2. You magic attack doesn’t affect your Summoner Physical or Magic Damage. Only INT, Sum. LVL and Card rank is what really matter.

When riding summon to use summon skills, U can use the summon skill and quickly dismount for higher mobility/your own dps. Don’t have to wait for summon to finish the skill animation

You should probably include ideal stats to take for a sorcerer.
Also I appreciate that you made a thread like this.

Does the different bosses still have equal stats?
Also, do you have some math on how much each card level improves their atack?

The bosses don’t have equal stats and i haven’t done any math to work out the ideal stats but spr is useless.

any info on how much each card level helps their atacks?

do you have any info on the current state of harpeia, how strong her stats are compared to temple shooter?

Stat wise there isnt much difference in the basic attacks damage what seems to be the main factor in how good a card is it basic attack pattern and its ride skill which i need to get to sorc c2 to get info on. Ill be c2 sometime later tonight and ill do some updating with the videos and info then.


If you have the harpeia card, I would appreciate ur opinion on it!
I just love her model and want to take the best of it. It does not need to be the best build (as it’s an alt) but really want it to be decent, viable.

last icbt I played with her for less than a day, couldn’t do much. And even more, I didn’t have TS card to compare.

I just uploaded the Harpeia basic attack video. Its an ok card I have heard that the skill it gets with ride is good but im not there yet ill update you when I hit sorc c2. Edit keep in mind that my Templeshooter is rank 3 in the video and my Harpeia is only rank 2.

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whats the best path to go:
wizzard > cryo 3 > Sorcerer 3
wizzard > cryo 3 > sorcerer 2 > warlock
wizzard > pyro 3 > Summoner 3
wizzard > pyro 3 > summoner 2 > warlock


Im going Wizard Cryo3 Sorc3. Currently Cryo3 Sorc1 but i love the cryo cc with the summons it helps make the mobs more manageable. Any Pyro Sorc care to weigh in?

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It’s useless to use summon while grind EXP.

Use your DPS skill is much more faster and can stay longer before sit at bonfire.

In dungeon run, MP manage is much more important. The more spam SP will cost party stop and sit at bonfire which no one like that.

Actually… nope, it’s very useful to grind with it. But you’re going to use SP pots. A lot of them, but it’s worth it.

Being a Sorc1 is quite tedious, because you don’t have “Hold” yet. After you get Hold, it’s a lot easier to level up…

Its fun to use summons with the ice tree that the cryo 3 has, it makes things soo much easier.

Summon Salamion is not good, but has useful attributes.

Summon Servant has very good bonuses, 50 os most of the atts it gives.

Summon Templeshooter scales very well with level.

Summon Familiar is auto-tracking missile for PvP, huge thing actually, Cryo 3 > Sorc might be a good setup for PvP

Very cool topic

I’m confused.

So did you mean only the “Summoning” skill stops SP regen or all the summons except for “Summon Salamion”?

As in, would “Summon Familiar” and “Summon Servant” also stop SP regen?

Thanks for pointing that out ill fix that. The “summoning” skill that uses boss cards stops sp regen. Summon salamion doesnt stop sp regen but it is also a temp summon that only last 60 seconds a cast.

And the Summon Salamion damage is not very good… And it scales with Int only, no matk.

I also thought of this too back when I made a build for cryo3x sorcerer3, you’ll prob have 3 layers of def, reflect shield-Subzero-bats, too good to pass.