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[PROTEST] New Legend Gear Patch Will Ruin The Game, Playerbase Will Shrink Greately

19 -June KTEST SERVER has introduced a patch with NEW Legend gear, there are many voices said that if it got installed they will quit the game.

Why players doesn’t like the patch?

in my opinion, the generation of higher level of gear is not an issue itself. But the destruction to the current gears in game and to the current content makes the investiment and effort of players in vain.

From The Data on TosDataBase we can see:

+21 TRAN10 Varna Staff Basic attack value = +4 TRAN10 New 440Legend Staff value (not to mention that new gears will be able to use new set skills)

White Crow Raid will be like Earth Tower/Velcoffer in the near future, which becomes a raid that you will not even bother to run 5 times a week.

IMC has obviously been too mad by just giving such big difference in values between Skia varna and near gears,in my opinion the gap between Varna and Velcoffer(+21Velcoffer=+16Varna) is making more sense.


The new level 440 legend gear has 5 different versions, each set of these have their own Bonuses Effect ,for example, if you wanna perform well in certain content, you need the set that gives 40% bonus damage, and you need different sets for different content:

One set for PVP

One set for DCP/Uphill

One set for Weekly boss/Field Boss

One set for normal fields /Challenge Mode

One set for TBL/GemFeud

One set for Raid

All of these with a very high invetiment each, after that you’ll still need to do anviling, enhancement, transcendence, sockets & gems, awakening, and enchant set skills with pamoka.

CM can be started from 5 stage with 10 Stage max, Raids with Hard mode, weekly boss with insanely cute costumes, of course to make these sets useful IMC will give new cap Dcp 12-15 and same for other content later, pushing and forcing players to clear it with new gears.

Think about it, even if you made full 5 sets for all these contents, for different content you’ll need to switch your ichors for best play, you need to switch enchant stats , and maybe awakening stats, change set skill of weapon for PVP or PVE every time…

things mentioned above can cause inconvenience for players and make them feel stressed, and stops us (both new and veteran players) from playing.
I hope IMC can cancel these different sets, I want only one set of gears.


Dec 2019,
Cap character lv increased to 450 , New lv430 ramdom stats gear/ichor, Vaivora weapons, New item slot Ark, New item slot Trinket.

Mar 2020, Moringponia advanced set, Art level increased to 20 from 10.

April, Field Boss Unique set for World/Weekly boss, Assister system, New Vaivora.

May, Lv440 Glacier Unique gears

Jun, Again New Vaivora ,Preview of 5 sets Legend 440 gears, Ark Cap lv increased to 10 and New Ark/ New Unique set

Going through all the updates of last half year, IMC has been giving new gears too frequently, and new system/ enhancement on contents too. It has made it even harder for new players to join the game, and also made the veterans too stressed to keep on playing.

I miss the old TOS when there’s no such things like Transcendence system, it is pure and… tho there’s balance issue between classes before but player base was huge. Back then, ignition was the best mage weapon.

Now, there’s transcendence, upgrading, gems, awakening, Enchant stat,Set Effects/Skills, Doule ichors, Ark, Seal, Headgears ,Monster Card, Legend Card, Collections, Titles, Assister stats ,Pet stat, Skill Attributes, Art…

Once most of players have achieved them, there’ll be new ones arriving. In the future surely there will be better ramdom ichor and Art Cap gradually increased to 30/40/50 ,Ark Cap lv15/20, New legend lv5 Seal (stage3/5 Godness strength for lv480/500 Legend gear set skill), even more new systems and you might be wearing 4 rings instead of 2.

And, even if you finished all of those, then when you went for a match in TBL, only to find that there are only few players who still plays TBL. Most of player can only afford to make one set for PVE. If you happen to be in a match with new players, the gear gap makes it no fun when you know which side would win after first 3 seconds of the battle.

My Suggestions
i think the constant and regular introduction of new generation of gears is wrong, and players must be stressed always.
ideal situation is, when promoting new gears, they should be of the similar values of old ones, or say same values for the best. Instead of killing old gears with new ones, these can provide players more choices. It’s like the heathstone game I’ve been playing, they give players new cards from time to time, but the new cards won’t kill the old ones, they make things balanced, extending and making the game playstyle various.

For example, next generation of higher level of gears than 400Vaivora/440Glacier needs to be stopped, instead, giving new and different vaivora gears for all classes and make them functional, as consequence, there’ll be more metas too even just for one class. Same as new legend set skills, they cannot just make huge gap between old and new set skills. Personally i would be glad to see skia varna gears been used by players together with velcoffer, solmiki and savinose at same time. Both velcoffer and skiaclipse were challenging raids when they come out, but they gradually become a 5mins runs/1mins run with patches and all. It’s a pity to see these content become something like this. Might as well try to adjust the difficulty upon entering the raid based on the level of the player.

TOS has been running for 4 years for now, from 200 cap level to now 450. The dev team should focus on making and extending these content that shines, and delete some content that ain’t useful anymore.

TOS has hundreds of maps, most of them have become somewhere you’ll never visited again once you finished quests. GTW can be optimized as the winner can select the gtw map for next week, it’s interesting to see that happens and more tactics will be involved.

Guild war back then was 15 vs 15 and it was very interesting, it’s sad that mode like this has gone now. it can be introduced again in form of event and with automatch etc, allows you to party up and try pvp 2-4 groups like smaller scale of teamfight, but without the lag and delay in gtw. It can be just like TBL that happens everyday or like something that comes every 2 months. It can be also like Leticia and goddess cubes to be in rotation with other events. As for rewards, it can be decided based on kills and number of matches. There’s rank and special title to motivate players.

Week boss raid is the interesting content that comes this year too, with great reward, but the part that it is non stop weekly competition makes player tired. Bunch of titles, but only few players can get them, also the most important part, it is extremely unfriendly to pvp players and support main players. It can be optimized and changed into event of every 1-2 months, added in to the rotation together with other events mentioned above.

The previous “Gem feud”. The Halloween event of 2017” is with much fun, no gears involved, just casual, while IMC made a mistake and gave out insane rewards, which brought it negative comments in the end. But if make it a small event that come once after a while then it’s going to be very promising. But ofc IMC need to handle the bugs that happened before and they need to be more careful with rewards.

Ever since challenge mode, there’re no players that party up and grind in field, it is slow, and maybe tiring, but it is fun and we made friends along the way. CM and DCP makes things convenient, but also made it boring. Few portals, few stages, no talking, just hitting same monsters. I would say assemble CM with Earth Tower and make it great again, along with the impressive experience of climbing towers one floor by another. Isn’t it better?

All the stuff above are just my suggestions with a heart that hopes game to become better, it makes me feel interested, and will be more interesting than what we are playing now.

For IMC team… please Improve your game with fun, not with endless grinding.
@STAFF_William @Staff_Alex

    1. I dislike new content very much , it makes me wanna quit.
    1. it doesn’t matter, and not as bad as you said.
    1. I like the new contents and patch it is very challenging.

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The game need to evolve some day, it’s a KR MMO, they don’t care what you think. They just adjust things because they listen about KR community. And it’s on Ktest, you have to wait untul the official announcement.
This patch have some good things, some bad things. (At least they reduce the difference between all players with new weapon). But the infinite ressource needed make me stop the game already ahah. Deadimian is tiny server, the impact of this patch will be the same result as mapple story 2.


Nobody disagrees with new gear being introduced, rather people are concerned with the power scaling and frequency this year. Dysnai blows everything out of the water- sub 430 unidentified gear is worthless and they just introduced Vaivoras that did the same thin to basically every fixed ichor. Following this was the introduction of the Thunder Ark which even among its peers is so far ahead it’s ridiculous. As if the new Arks being crafted with an incredibly rare drop wasn’t enough, that rare drop is in no way farmable and also required for the new BIS accessories which are at least twice as good as the previous BIS and require a Boruta Stage 5 Seal to unlock full potential. To add insult to injury every player needs 6 Arch Stones and a large majority of players are yet to equip their first vaivora ichor (especially with some builds just now having received a vaivora). It is unlikely that a quarter of Klai’s population will acquire a vaivora and new ark before White Witch arrives and of that small population that do, there will only be a handful with the new accessories.

The scaling is insane, the investment required is absurd, and this is only our introduction. The outrage is a plea to IMC to slow down before they lose their casual crowd who are still working on Varna and proceed to alienate even the hardcore types who are:

  • Burnt out from 2 years+ of CM spam (even more so in the last 4 months)
  • Already dissatisfied with vaivoras attempting to act as class fixes
  • Lepi (hard) functioning only as content for a handful of parties (the top 1%)
  • New arks/accessories being locked behind RNG weekly rewards and billions of silver

IMC has to wake up or watch those steam charts crumble to 3rd Quarter 2019 numbers

Introduce content more gradually. Stop this huge patch bull****. Arch Stones could’ve been introduced as weekly content rewards 4-6 weeks before the new Arks to soften the price tag and gap between player types.

Combine all the sets into 2 types; PVP/PVE with each boosting all content for the respective type. This would be in line with how many players already gear- a PVP set for GVG/TBL and a PVE set for the majority of content.

Release legend raids rewards by equipment type. White Witch stings more than Lepidoptera for two reasons:

  • Lepi Normal released a lateral step in gear progression aimed at PVP and under-represented accessory types for certain groups (Triukas being a Drak Pasi for Wizards)
  • Lepi Hard only covering accessory slots (not all armor/weapon like White Witch)

Finally I think you need to make stuff farmable even if it is slow. Golden anvils drop at a rather low rate in Hunting Grounds. Why not introduce fragments for Arch Stones at gem drop rate in Hunting Grounds, Field Maps, CM, and other content and require so many to craft them (and no adding them as a possible reward from weekly content like DC is not farmable and does not do enough to fix the issue. Time gating is hell and has been for this game forever. Some time gating is fine but calm down with it already).



I’m thinking. after raising population via server merge, now they are doing the purge to reduce the population.

Yes, IMC. You are god… and a terrible one.


They made a bad decision again.

If they want this legend items better lower the required materials or make the materials at least 25% high to obtain in terms of drops.

At first the developer blogs stated all this good news and I my self was excited in the development. However, the moment they released the patch notes from Ktest it was a huge disappointment.


1.) The variety of armor/weapon became more singular in terms of content.

  • Even a PVE set will take so much time to complete what more the other set?
  • Absurd Materials that are unknown drop rates.
    *The amount of of drops that can only be acquired.
  • Ichors

2.) The unecessary increase of level for Arks

  • Do we really need to make it to level 10?

3.) Fixing class by weapon

  • Vaivora top up.

4.) The left over legend sets.

  • Varna, we know we need new gears for progression but the scale?
  • Left over enchants, transcend, Gems, etc.

If this content will pursue better IMC sir try to make it achievable.


I feel the only set it’s done “well” is the pvp set which is cheap to enhance (still weird you can’t use it in gvg), mayb if you do that which each set you want us to get it wouldn’t feel so bad, i feel the rewards from new cm10 are a pure waste of time, i think we should have just one set with new ichor stats that increase in each content so that way we just farm one legendary gear and swap ichors. eg: CHALLENGE MODE DAMAGE INCREASE red line or something similar. mayb make our current varna gear a way of payment for some of the enhancements to it like if i have a +16 t10 varna wep i can trade for +11 t7 glacier wep or something, a way to salvage our skill gems would be really nice too.

there are many many ways you can fix this lazy content (basically a remake of the current one).

I miss the old TOS when there’s no such things like Transcendence system, it is pure and… tho there’s balance issue between classes before but player base was huge. Back then, ignition was the best mage weapon.

yeah, I miss when a single item would be the best for every type of content and all characters would be a copy of each other.
so much fun /s

I mostly agree with what you said, but you used some pretty bad examples and didnt take a decision on the gear variety topic. You start praising, then complains, then praises it again… for an example you ask for more vaivora items which is good. More choices for different styles. However you complain about having to work on different gear for each character… like what? you want different gear but want to upgrade only one for everything?

I fully agree with the jump in power being too big this time. I also think they are going too fast and could focus on more vaivora options to fit the bunch of classes/playstyles that are still lacking. I’m with you on this part.

The problem right now is that they are diversifying equipment based on contents rather than playstyle. You are grinding days or months for a set of armor that you will only use at most 2 hour per week. ==. The only good split is the currently the PVP gear armor.

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Everyone is mad about farming and getting more than 1 set of items for all his 20 characters. I want to remember u guys this is a MMORPG based on the fact that u can build many different type of characters also each type of class and character build will have a enviroment to shine. I understand the update from 1 set 1 weapon for 20 characters dying is hard for the users that didnt used to see further also yes the gap beteween varna and new legend 440 is really huge and basically dump all the work we did from beta till now is really annoying i will not discuss that. Is obviously they want to extend the most posible time the end game for us cuz from this point there are no more upgrades just updates on new weapons and skill fixing so meta didnt stay static on same classes forever. So the idea of making 1 set for each type of content is to make u think about making more than 1 type of character and enjoy the variety the game have for the player in terms of building. If u have 4 years playing the same game u must know that having many characters is a pretty common thing in any mmorpg this is just the move from the old farming for 1 enviroment to farm for a team to enjoy all the classes in game. Also about the seal +5 there was no use before so i understand why to make the most broken items in game work with that. BUT Boruta card is broken if there are not cards to enhance damage on legend slot for each type of creature. That make a big gap beteween p2w players and 1% of population with the rest of the users that want to get into the fight of the top. U can see this gap of the 1% of population with the rest of the users everyweek on weekly boss how the dmg got a break of 60 % or 50% from rank 6 to 7 just because the rank 6 is the last guy with boruta card. From 3m dmg to 1.8m the most normal thing to see how the difference of boruta users and 99% of population. Make a card that enhance dmg for every type of creature on legend slot to make the game fun to try to aim for the top of the ranks The only way to have a chance to get into a rank is when bosses are insect or beast other way just 1% of the server have the chance to fight for the top 5 to get a reward wich makes a big trash cuz 1% of the game on itos is around 5 players per class

Powercreep is the norm in MMO that I agree, but it’s BS that everything require the same Mystic Pages + Blessed Gem. Like the Savinose era until before Moring hard, I could farm HG for misrus recipe, then go to some 380-410 map farming for those Ignas/Skia ichor, then do WB for Moringponia Ichor. For accessory you can either go with Drakonas set or the Uphill set or the Moring set. You have more option to go. But the upcoming several batches of equipment is 20 Pages, 50 BG, more Practonium, so it doesn’t matter which option I choose, I’m forced to craft with limited resources that also use for other thing like art, ark, transcend, switch arch stone, etc…

R.I.P Global server of TOS since we’re the only ones that can read this topic but not ktos and IMC itself unless IMC staff here push and considered some topic to deliver it in korea server. If a huge player data base drops in this patch with bad results, all i can say those who will left are the hardcore players but not all because we get tired too (speaking of vaivora) it takes luck to get it and so tiring for real what more these new “content legend set gears” to farm will make our whole life a waste.

I consider those comments above that they should make mats lower and increase drop rate for less stress farming. Continue to grow TOS!! hope you soon be a better game in future, because there are so many good, awesome MMO that will be release this year and so on. Listen to community ! let the players have fun / have a reason to stay and enjoy :))

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We also have World Bosses that only gives 25 cubes for 25 players, so much for a World Boss.

Also IMC:

Keep going
I like see people protest about this game hahaha grab popcorn


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It’s good that people are giving feedback on the future content of the game. It meant that the player base still care. The TOS has been heading in generally the right direction until this big update. If you want to watch go ahead but don’t condescend the thread. Complain and feedback like this are necessary and I know for certain people are complaining about the same thing in Ktos forums as well.

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Here is a summary of what I believe are the true underlying factors to the communities reaction towards this patch. Here comes the great Quote’ning!

Alright, I’ll stop here. I could quote more but it will just start getting repetitive.

T.D.L.R.: Too much grind, RNG, and time vs reward desparity.

One quote that sums it:

(Excuse me for quoting people, I just don’t have the energy to type this aggravating post)


Hello! I hope you can noticed this and let ktos dev team know our feedback before it’s too late.

@STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @Staff_Jin @STAFF_William @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy @GM_Francis

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How I feel about this patch… I’m like the fresh player that starts and gets 1 coin each time he kills one mob then check shops and see that everything costs 1 million coins. Now after thousands of hours of playing, he finally gets what he wants and discovers that he can change his coins to gold bars at the rate of 1 bar per 1 million coins. Suddenly a new update comes, and now everything costs 1 million gold bars…


It’s kind of like this, only where the gold bars are also locked behind a lottery event or drop at like a .01% chance from doing weekly content.


doesnt matter if we have to grind , the problem here its EVERITHING its locked behind Suspicius RNG

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I always have pointed out this, how they made so many nice content (equipment) that ends up being useless over time, and it happens since the lv315 gear sets i guess (emengard stuff and even this was kinda “balanced”)
I remember when equipment of lower level didn’t have such high impact and people equiped it just because of the secondary effects but sadly it will keep happening, that’s why i stopped playing ToS, they don’t value the time u spend in game anymore