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New lvl 380 weapons

Base stats for all new lvl 380 weapons here



New Skill: Emperor's Bane

655% at lvl 5
Cooldown 15s.
Debuff duration = 4s.
Target limit = 8.
Works like Impale (Cataphract), normal enemies get stuck on your head and you can use the skill again for another 3 times or until the enemy dies
Damage is increased if you’re wearing Cassis Crista

Murmillo soloing CM stage 5 here
Murmillo gameplay in one of the new maps here
Murmillo testing the new skill Emperor’s Bane here, here and here
Murmillo’s Scutum Hit: hitbox edge to get bonus damage here


New Skill: Gigante Marcha

Physical - Pierce
174% damage per hit at lvl 1
Deals up to 25 hits
Really long range
40s cooldown

Lancer doing CM in Barynwell Waters 85 with his friends here
Lancer gameplay in Crystal Mine here
Lancer gameplay in the DG300 here and here
Lancer testing the new skill Gigante Marcha here


New Skill: Corrida Finale

Physical - Pierce
925 damage per hit at lvl 1
Target limit: 15
30s cooldown
It has an attribute to make the Netherbovine attack a second time
Corrida Finale’s damage is boosted by Preparation (Fencer2), but only for the first bull’s attack

Matador soloing CM stage 5 in different maps here and here
Matador gameplay and Corrida Finale here
Matador testing Corrida Finale to group enemies before Faena here
Fencer5 (Fencer3 Matador2) soloing CM stage 5 in Barynwell Waters 85 here
Fencer5 soloing CM stage 5 in Astral Tower 1F here
Fencer5 soling CM stage 6 here and here


New Skill: Blandir Cadena

5 hits of 963% damage (level 5).
Physical - Pierce - Slash attack.
Dashes forward, deals 2 pierce-type hits then 3 slash-type hits and a knockdown
Damage is increased against debuffed, iron-hooked or knockdown enemies
Cooldown 25s
2 Overheats
Available weapons: 1 handed spear + (shield or dagger or pistol)
AoE attack ratio: AoE attack ratio + 10

Retiarius soloing CM stage 5 in different maps here, here, here and here
Retiarius against the DG330 boss here
Retiarius testing the new skill Blandir Cadena here and here
Retiarius gameplay in the DG300 here and here
Retiarius against random monsters here
Retiarius gameplay in one of the new maps here
Retiarius’ new Dagger Guard reflect attribute explanation here



New Skill: Zenith

627% per hit at lvl 1 (up to 10 hits in point-blank or with the help of Falconer)
35s cooldown

Mergen testing Downfall AoE attribute and Zenith here (skip to 0:18)
Tsai Tom presenting Mergen C3 new skill and attributes here
Mergen soloing CM5 in less than 8 min here
Falconer3 Mergen2 soloing CM5 here (Ranger3) and here (Hunter3)


New Skill: Infinite Assault

Physical - Strike
1209% x 2 (1789% x 2 at lvl 5)
Max targets: 12
Overheats: 2
25s cooldown

Hackapell testing Infinite Assault here
Falconer3 Hackapell2 soloing CM5 in different maps here and here
Falconer3 Hackapell2 and party defeating Velcoffer in 4 minutes here
Hackapell soloing CM stage 5 here

Bullet Marker

New Skills: Freeze Bullet and Outrage

New Skill: Freeze Bullet
Grants basic attacks 15% chance to freeze enemies for (15 + skill level) seconds
40s cooldown

New Skill: Outrage
270% per hit at lvl 5 (autoattack buff mode, damaging enemies around your target as well with increased attack speed)
10s duration
Can only be used under Dual Gun Stance
30s cooldown

Bullet Marker gameplay here
Bullet Marker gameplay in the DG300 here and here
Outrage ricochet effect here
Falconer3 BM2 soloing CM stage 5 here
Bullet Marker soloing CM stage 5 here
Bullet Marker and party defeating Velcoffer in 4 minutes here

Pied Piper

New Skills: World Tree Song and Stegreifspiel

New Skill: World Tree Song
Allies deal more damage and receive more damage (atk up, def down)
+(50 + 10 * skill level)% damage = +100% damage dealt at level 5
+(50 + 10 * skill level)% damage received = +100% damage taken at level 5
Duration = 10s (maxed duration attribute)
Cooldown = 60s.

New Skill: Stegreifspiel
Plays one of Pied Piper’s flute skills randomly
Cooldown = 70s (60s with the attribute maxed)

Pied Piper solo gameplay in the DG300 here
Tsai Tom presenting Pied Piper C3 new skills and attributes here
Pied Piper and party defeating Velcoffer in less than 4 minutes here



New Skill: Hole of Darkness

Enemies caught by the black hole disappears for a few seconds, then take damage when the black hole explodes.

Sage gameplay in the new HG370 here
Sage gameplay in the new DG330 here
Sage testing the new skill Hole of Darkness here
Sage and party defeating Velcoffer in less than 4 minutes here


New Skill (Over-Reinforce) and Enchant Rounds

New Skill: Over-Reinforce
Increases the enhancement level of allies’ main weapon by 1 per skill level (+5 at lvl 5)
Lasts for 45s (+3s per duration attribute level, 60s duration with the attribute maxed)
60s cooldown
Consumes 2 Enchant Rounds

New sit function: Craft Enchant Round - Fire/Ice
New Enchant Rounds work like dispellers/omamoris
Fire Enchant Rounds are consumed when you attack, increasing the critical chance of physical attacks
Ice Enchant Rounds are consumed when your character takes damage, reducing it
The two new Enchant Rounds can be sold to other players via Market
They require 15 Magic Powders (sold by the Enchanter and Thaumaturge Masters) to craft 1 Enchant Round (one by one)

@Hmmmm testing the new Enchant rounds and Agility with bonus movement speed here


New Skill: Infernal Shadow

Pulls the shadow of an enemy (including bosses), the shadow can’t move and transfers damage to the body
Duration: 5 + (2 * skill level) seconds (15s at lvl 5)
Redirected damage: 5% * skill level (25% at lvl 5)
The shadow is affected by debuffs such as Shrink Body and Joint Penalty

Shadowmancer (Linker) testing Infernal Shadow+Joint Penalty here
Shadowmancer and party defeating Velcoffer here


New Skill: Yin Yang Consonance

227% + 27% per skill level every .1s
Max 4s Cast Time
Max Target Count 15
Uses up 3 Paper Dolls
Uninterruptible (unless knocked down)
Able to hit flying enemies

It has an attribute to grant a buff when using the skill, increasing holy and dark damage by 20% for (attribute level) seconds (max level: 50 = 50s duration)

Onmyoji testing the new skill Yin Yang Consonance here and here
Onmyoji gameplay in the DG300 here
Onmyoji fighting the DG330 boss here
Onmyoji soloing CM stage 5 in Astral Tower 1F here (Thaumaturge3) and here (Elementalist3)



New Skill: Breast Ripper

Physical - Slash
760% + 91% per skill level (mash the button faster for additional hits)
Deals bonus damage against Demon-type enemies (synergy with Judgment)
60 seconds CD time
Consumes 2 torture tools

Inquisitor testing Breast Ripper here
Inquisitor gameplay in Crystal Mine here
Chaplain Inquisitor soloing CM5 in Barynwell Waters 85 here


New Skill: Phantom Eradication

Damage: 634% x 8 at lvl 5
Max Targets: 15
5 paper cost.
Magic Neutral skill.
30s cooldown.

Taoist testing its skills against DG330 monsters here
Taoist testing the range of its skills here
@Nekorin testing Divine Punishment’s changes here
Taoist soloing CM stage 5 in Astral Tower 1F here


New Skill: Emphatic Trust

Applies a debuff on enemies around you; they take bonus Holy damage upon taking damage (works like Featherfoot’s Enervation)
559% damage at lvl 1 (based on your patk, can crit and can be evaded)
The bonus damage is added to the main dmg line of your attacks, thus it doesn’t trigger Blind Faith
Maximum targets: 10
Hit count: 10
Duration: 15 + (2 * skill level) seconds (25s at lvl 5)
30s cooldown

Zealot testing the new skill Emphatic Trust here
Zealot (Dievdirbys) showing Owl Statues dealing bonus damage with Emphatic Trust here
Zealot (Dievdirbys) gameplay in Fragments of Bernice solo dungeon here
Zealot soling CM stage 5 here and here


New Skill: Katadikadzo

986% + 118.4% per skill level, per hit
hits 3 times (deals 6 hits against devil-type enemies)
Maximum targets: 15
2 overheat
25 seconds cooldown

Exorcist gameplay in Fragments of Bernice here and here
Exorcist testing the new skill Katadikadzo here and here
Exorcist gameplay in the new R10 maps here
Exorcist and party (feat. Lancer) defeating Velcoffer here

New content

Info on the 14 new maps, new Hunting Grounds and new Instanced Dungeon here

Player’s first encounter with Demon King Kartas here (skip to 1:40:11)
One of the new R10 quest bosses here
Poor DG330 boss getting instakilled by a Musketeer here
Heavily geared party doing Challenge Mode up to stage 6 here
Bong TOS party in the new lvl 370 Hunting Grounds here
Bong TOS showing the new DG330 here
New quest giving 2 Practonium here
Starry Town Quest here

Other balance changes

kTest July 31 patch notes with skill changes translated by @greyhiem here
Retiarius, Corsair and Swordsman hitbox/range changes here
Peltasta, Rodelero and Murmillo hitbox/range changes here
Corsair and Fencer hitbox/range changes here
Doppelsoedner hitbox/range changes here
Falconer 3’s Aiming tweaks explained here
Maximum damage per hit increased to 999,999 here


Thank you for this Pokart!

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Emperor’s bane damage doesn’t look so bad but the animation delay seems horrible.

emperor’s bane also has the problem that if the grabbed target dies it will stop hitting nearby enemies :frowning: 15 sec cooldown is quite nice tho

How long until they nerf this and turn this skill into trash?

A few days or maybe next week.

Some additions:

I forgot a description for blandir cadena, it is 2 overheat skill.

And Murmillo scutum hit hitbox edge to get bonus damage link<<

Outrage level 5:
270% per hit
Duration 10s
Only for dual gun stance
30s cooldown.
Auto-targets and some bullets seem to bounce.

Breast Ripper deals more hits if you press the button more, similar to hoplite stabbing skill.
Uninterruptible(unless knocked) Channeled skill, with bonus damage to demons (so please use Judgement skill).
Physical, and Slash type skill.
Target limit is listed as 5. Consume 2 torture tools.

Yin Yang consonance is a 4s channel, uninterruptible (unless knocked). Do not release the skill button. Hits flying, despite the ground-based visual.


Shadowmancer infernal shadow. I saw 15 in description. Is it hit count or 15 sec?

15s duration, damage ratio redirected: 100% (level 5).
Level 6 shows 17s duration and 120% damage redirected.

I wish I had all tooltips/descriptions to read. Don’t have all characters ready at r10/ not always online.


And any of party member can attack the shadow? Seems strong for double damage with aoe skill. Except SM doesn’t have much aoe.

Hopefully. Seems like a mob. I will leave that test to other testers, they aren’t alone. Shadow seems to work on boss, and shrink body & joint penalty work on shadow.

The first image is super cute :3 also saving thread for when I return :smiley:

Thanks, @greyhiem!
Updated the first post with tooltip info and new vids for Retiarius and Shadowmancer. By the way, the maximum damage per hit was raised to 999,999.


Okay, so that’s not nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be. Thought there would be a damage penalty on the shadow at level 5, but this is fine. It’s like a single target Link (that also stacks with actual link).

The skill scaling is wrong, I corrected it for you to what seems to be the right scaling (986% base, 1459% at level 5 gives a total scaling of + 118,4% per skilllevel [skillevel 6 with Divine Might has +119% scaling {i.e. 1578%} so it must be at least 0,4% per skilllevel]).

By the way, as it’s shown in the video, the skill deals a doubled amount of hits against dark property enemies (both Neuk and Hohen Mage take six hits each) and against devil race targets, as it’s stated in the skill description (note the 암속성 [dark property] and 악마혱 [devil race] in the last part of the description)

Also, please change the transcription to Katadikadzo, as it’s written with the Greek letter “dzeta”.

The skill name can be translated as “I convict” or “I condemn”

Given that information, the skill is pretty potent [ always tripled damage against dark property enemies].
It’s ± as strong as level 10 Rubric when it comes to damaging dark property monsters, dealing ~40000% at level 6 with level 80 enhancement attribute.

The Shadowmancer skill looks interesting.

Do you know if it’s dark property? Would be really good for Exorcist if it was, because I doubt it has the original property of the monster (maybe not even the original stats? that would be OP, imagine using it on Velcoffer, effectively scrambling his defence).
120% with Divine Might, + the ability to use Shrink Body is pretty brutal to be honest[in total +140% additional damage].

If you have a Diev in the party, the skill only has 24 seconds CD and 17 seconds duration (70% uptime), maybe even Clap works on it?(this would be hilarious to be honest)

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is there any more info about the weapons?

That’s pretty good. Since Katadikadzo works this way and Exorcists already have Koinonia (that deals increased damage if you have many clerics in the party), Exorcist and Inquisitor will make a good pair on R10. Inquisitor seems to be great with the new skill and attributes, despite Breast Ripper having a horrible delay, so I guess it’ll become more popular and Exorcist players will be able to enjoy Judgment + Katadikadzo. Even better if they have a Warlock in the party to double Holy damage with Mastema’s debuff.

Edit: post updated with new Onmyoji vid and vids showing the new instanced dungeon and an easy quest that gives 2 Practonium. Also added another video showing Katadikadzo.

I guess Inquisitor might work when built like Cleric2>Diev1>Paladin3>x>Inquisitor3.

For the skills, it’s pretty hard to adjust the point allocation, I would propose God Smash 15, Breaking Wheel 15, Iron Maiden 1, Judgement 8, Breast Ripper 5, Pear of Anguish 1.

Edit: After watching the Breast Ripper video, it seems that every kill reduces the CD time by 1 second via Torture Mastery.

This is pretty useful and quite strong when combined with some skills that can mob monsters.

By the way, Shadowmancer will be a good friend for Inquisitor for bossing.
The shadow skill should allow you to put Iron Maiden onto the boss monsters shadow, combined with Judgement, you deal 230% damage with God Smash against the shadow.

You’ll also be able to hit the shadow for doubled damage with Breast Ripper thanks to Judgement, and possibly, thanks to how Iron Maiden works, you could be able to deal 999999 damage every 0,3 seconds to the stronger boss monsters that have more than 100 million HP[afaik demon monsters will recieve 1% HP as damage every 0,3 seconds].

Maybe Iron Maiden 10 could be a thing instead of Breaking Wheel 15 if this really works.

A little off topic but…
Someone has the full print from these npcs in the game plz? I cant find the art anywhere, Ty ^^

some news about enchanter ? why this round give critical rate to the enchanter ? now has become an hybrid dps ?
NEW! [C3 Attribute] Enchant Round: Fire

Craft an Enchant Round that increases the critical chance of your attacks.

how much damage gives this ? lvl 5/6 enhace + X^atribute level ?

NEW! [C3 Attribute] Over-Reinforce: Enhance

Increases the damage of Over-Reinforce in proportion to attribute level.

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