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i meant chaplain haha not pally

yeah, and chap would be even more cost heavy, to the point of chap-drui3 only have the last spot open… unless they reveal sheppa4rd and he have a 50%cdr skill or double buff uptime i guess my dream build is gone :haha:

as to your sugestion i don’t think it is really worth. i mean, too much investment for aa, and it is worse than the meta AA we have right now.

I would say it’s an AA build but rather a caster that can AA (that isn’t shiet) when everything else is on cd. I believe a full con meta AA in cafrisun can clear cm st6, right? I’m hoping this new build could. I would so love to go back to my original druid3 in a red dress RP toon and have it actually decent in cm.


Enchant Fire doesn’t convert basic attack into Fire Element. The extra line it offers is Fire Elemental though.

wtf is that?


New Wugu is looking good
I might consider creating an archer

Check the last info about korean dev blog of this week. This is the new Lycanthropy form, when you learn the new attribute it gonna receives, that changes the effects of Wolf Form (and also appearance)


well well wellimage

can rogue get double dagger build ?


Why no attack animation reduction for Hamaya? Its one of, if not the slowest attack in the game. You can count the seconds it takes for arrow to reach the targeted area.


So, the update should hit ktest tomorrow? On a scale from 0 to 10, what you guys think are the chances to imc make changes to other classes other than those mentioned in the dev blog? Take sword/wiz rework into account, i don’t remember if they changed things off the blog.

Also, you guys remember how much time elapsed between sword/Wiz rework and announcement of reit/omny?

Swordie rework was divided in two parts, one for spear classes and the second part for Pelt, Shinobi, Corsair, etc. Let’s hope it’ll be the same with Archer. Hunter, Scout and Rogue needs love too.

Oh, I corrected my mistake in my following post. Or are you talking about Wizard rod projectile not having fire property with Enchant Fire?

Oh, I didn’t notice about that.

I guess ranger3 fletcher3 is coming back to meta? lol

Revamped Uphill is still 40 seconds/stage, 30 stages.

Gem Abrasives now drop more, and appear on more stages.
I am unsure about rewards, but stage 30 clear nets 90 points, along with an Ancient Golden Coin.
Uphill related coins give 10 Uphill Points, though. I hope this would help.


5/11 KTest Maintenance has been canceled :sad:

You can view the details here.


I misunderstood,

Reward shop was changed to give 6* Gem Abrasive, shown below.
Timed Silver Anvil and Torn Legendary Enhancement Cards are also available.

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hopefully they will ship some more changes along with it next week.

New rank 8 classes for cleric and archer, pied piper and exorcist


This is very quick!

Added to OP for visibility :distinguished:

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Huh, wonder if it has any synergy with the Priest and Chaplain’s existing exorcism spells.