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Known Issues - June 15th

it’s fun and relaxing…

try smiling when ■■■■ happens, it does miracles…

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I already sent a ticket no reply

I wonder if this list is going to infuriate people. After all, this is probably not even one tenth of what’s has been reported but yet to be solved.

Still, glad they started to become more transparent and open about their work.

still no love for hunter then ?

that snatching is so buggy, make the skill useleess !

#Issue Missing PvP ! Since release

Im sure for Q&A session will more to come guys. At least there is some sense of humor for these few current bugs

Thank you for this! Wish this was done more often,because it helps the community and calms us down.

I would like to point out one I’m currently experiencing myself via another thread:

A system needs to be implemented that limits mini-game messages and participation to the map it’s actually on.I can’t for the life of me remember where I did anything involving number combinations…but now it’s on every map I go to and won’t go away.

@STAFF_John Could this possibly be tagged for current or future inclusion of things to be fixed?

My list:

(It’s fixed now for new players, but we never received our Part 4)

I like that you putted humor in your post, it help to brighten problems. :innocent:

Anyway they should really address on silver drop from mob. Hopefully it will be on Q&A. After all KTOS silver drops are much higher than in ITOS. Maybe this could somewhat solve RMT

How about doing something about customer support? I understand some topics an automated reply works out fine, but for many they do not, and I’ve never seen a company not allow you to reply to a ticket. For anything that actually needs conversation it’s almost impossible.

I waited over a month for this reply, that in no way answered my question or even seemed to address it. Very shoddy.


Funny I was thinking about making a thicket…

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A lot of guilds have problem with members not seeing arrows for Guinea Pig event.

Is there any solution or can be that be recognized as a known issue?


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what about

u says that it fixed. and what next? wanna our diaries.

broken this TWICE. godlike.

and dozens of other.

most of my and others bugrepots don’t dixed yet, furthermore they don’t known.
i still can’t play with all problems what i have in this game. and probably they never would be solved.

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HI I have been trying to put in a support ticket but the page never stops loading for me. anyway my problem is that I’ve been banned but I’m not on any of the lists. my team name is hagasay and the characters where nodar heartz and norda heartz. I had only been playing for two days that was a while ago it was as soon as the game became playable for non-paying players and I had really been looking forward to it but no I’m banned and have no idea what to do.

We are 2 Members in a Party. The Quests

  • Mission to Retake the Monastery
  • Pull out the metal plate

have the follow problem.
One Character start the quest and the other character cant move and all special attacks and auto attack dosent work.

We abort the quest and try it again. Now the other Character tried it and the same problem occured.

Please can you fix it?



Same thing happened on every quest (instanced quest, those where a cinematic is played) I did with my friend today.
The one who starts the quest can move but the others can’t. Maps where it occurred:
Verkti Square, Roxona Market, Stogas Plateau, Mesafasla and Vedas Plateau.

In order to move again, it is necessary to change the channel.
I’m absolutely sure it was working just fine on Monday, so it probably has something to do with the patch applied on Tuesday.


Thank you for releasing new cosmetic content each patch!! It makes patch day something to actually look forward to haha! I love the costumes and hair styles you release!
I will definitely be getting this new hairstyle too!! Its just adorable!

Thank you again ,

Biggest Fan,

I need to say it’s not fair IMC the fact that you didn’t tell us (at the
begining) about dependence between “character name” and “team name” IMO I’m a person who bind with character etc. And when I see ENTER
"character name" it’s mean only one for me. I’m asking who came up with
this stupid idea, this is the stupidest idea I’ve ever seen in mmorpg.
This is the biggest “minus” of the game.

I just leave this here @STAFF_John