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Corsair's Jolly Roger damage increase doesn't work

Date and Time : Since iCBT2, I assume.

Game Control Mode : Keyboard.

Where it happened : Every single map.

Bug Description :

Well, time to create a topic about it.

Jolly Roger damage increase seems to not be working properly. It’s supposed to give +5% per stack (5%*14 stacks at skill lvl 5), but I see no difference in my damage even when I’m the party leader.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Create a party;
  2. Use Jolly Roger;
  3. Kill some mobs next to the flag;
  4. See no difference in your damage.

Someone noticed that? Is it working on kTOS?


Anyone else noticed that?

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I’ve read somewhere that it was actually static damage increase…

Like… 5… actual… damage…

Really hope that’s a bug and not really working as intended.