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Corsair's Jolly Roger Bug!


I’ve been using Jolly Roger for quite a bit and I realized it has been bugged to a certain extent.

  1. Jolly Roger’s fever time buff never goes away even after reaching 0s. May just be an UI bug, so I’m unsure of it. What happens after a ton of grinding with Fever Time happening is… well, you get so many Fever Times that you can’t see other buffs anymore.

  2. Placing multiple Jolly Roger flags causes some really weird behaviors. Walking out of one jolly roger’s area and even though still remaining in another’s would cause Jolly Roger’s buff to be gone. This is probably the most annoying one of between the two them, because it just means that flag placements must NEVER intersect each other. The only way to get the buff back is to walk 'into" another circle of Jolly Roger.

When you have multiple corsairs in the team and a ton of jolly roger flags everywhere… meh.

Not sure how to link properly, but here:


Please have a look @STAFF_J, @STAFF_Shawn

Same here, mages can’t resummon their pet thanks to 7 0’s buffs :frowning:

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