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Wasn't it suppose to be better now? (S.A server)

At the first 2hrs of the game was perfect. But then, suddenly, all that lag came back, people can’t use Statue teleport, can’t use Bonfire, Can’t use Market shop properly (my items disapeared), can’t repair items, and I can’t use some skills and others take me 30sec delay to be used.
And now, the worst part, I can’t connect to the world after connect the lodge.


Are those programmers that incompetent? They can’t fix a simple thing like when you knockback someone and they appear running to the edges?

Congrats IMC employees !!! GREAT JOB !!!


The same is happening to me

I’m not really defending anyone, but can you just calm down and report the issue like a normal person?

We get it, you are angry, get over it.
You won’t help futher to make things work properly by insulting the staff.

If the game was ‘perfect’ for you back then, it can easily become ‘perfect’ again after they fix this.

It’s common knowledge that the servers get issues when a LOT of users try to play at the same time. This game had a nice hype, just became F2P, and the servers are being overloaded. It was something obvious to think that the first day the servers wouldn’t be pretty stable, but hey, at least we are not doing queues for hours.

So yeah, please understand as i do. You are free to complain, but i don’t get why you should rage that much. Log back in tomorrow, it’ll sure be working better than today.
Hell, give it a week, imagine that the original F2P date was near August or June if i’m not mistaken, but users rushed the staff to do it sooner. So yeah, issues are bound to happen during the first few days at least.

I could play a few minutes, made it into level 5, and was kicked out of the servers, i was playing on SA too.
Get over it, they’ll fix it soon.


In fact, isn’t like he would have to do that. We did it almost one week ago. They said that was a DDO attack and get the server offline.

When the servers went back, few hours after that, the problem was back.

Now, the same thing.

I’m sorry to say that it ISN’T a DDOS attack. It’s just a crap care about us. It isn’t about F2P, it isn’t about beign salty or rage, it’s just serious bad communication with us.

So, YES, HE HAD TO DO IT HERE! Like I said, it isn’t because today. This shitty problem is ongoing for almost a week! And, hey… IMC isn’t answering tickets, so where he would do that?

Nice ticket support…

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i think that is not a issue with IMC … simple only LA server is with that enourmos problems, i have be kicked a few times, and now the server is down since i cant login in the LA server but others server are ok.

its most likely the company that is running the server … don’t forget that in Brazil the internet and servers is always with problems. … so don’t be angry with IMC even if they do go to another company we probably will have the same problems … so relax that most likely tonight or even tomorow morning will be all ok

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Yes, Brazil has a lot of problems with internet, but not like this.

I have been playing Path of Exile for a long time into the brazilian servers and never had a problem like this. IMC and GGG had their server in different hosts, but even so, it’s not like we can just be easy with this.

If it’s the company hired by IMC (Amazon in this case), it’s not like: “Ah, I see. It’s not their fault. Let’s move on”. If they choose that company, they need to look for a solution. Get a few minutes to find out that we have this problem since the server opened, that GM’s just keep quiet about this problem and ours ticket aren’t answered.

It’s not like it will be fixed tonight or tomorrow, since we had this problem for almost a week. ALMOST A WEEK. Isn’t the case to be a white knight like that.
Look at GM’s posts, they keep not giving a single word with the community almost the time. They’re really sloppy with the community.
This was the last GM post: F2P Release and New SEA Server Coming May 10, 2016

They just don’t give a ■■■■ for this community.

I want my money back, this is funny… GREAT GAME, WORST COMPANY EVER