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F2P Release and New SEA Server Coming May 10, 2016

wtf…where is server for F2P player??? other lie tnk

they said will make new TP bundles… just wait?

Im planning to make a team in the new channel varena… i play in Telsiai i have 4 characters there… so now, I made a character in Varena… wiill i be able to merge my teams and migrate one team to the other server?

all F2P can play in all servers except telsiai due to temporary restrict access. T_T please give them access, more players on sea have waited for this F2P.

RIP can’t even play on both SEA server both are full LOLOLOLOL :joy:

What is the IP address of Varena. I need it for ping check on CMD

Keep reporting BOTS and Ban them all from Telsiai since they can’t make a new account for telsiai RIGHT now, IMC.

Grab yer popcorns. SEA server is full!

Release Philippines exclusive server with our own rates then transfer all Filipinos to PH server. Just a thought. They’d love to get rid of peenoise.

I dont like this at all. Was waiting for f2p so my bf and friends can play with me. Now we cant, only choice they have is Varena server and if I want to play with them Id have to abandon my Telsiai and everything I spent on it (bought 2 founders pack) Maybe if you refund my founder’s pack Id be fine with starting over Varena with my friends.

so did IMC consider merge both SEA server in future?

I would rather better and bigger servers than more small unreliable ones :confused:

will they combine 2 SEA server? I want to play with my friend but it seem like impossible

Will there be a transfer from Telsiai to Varena? Thanks.

Also those who just tell people to “just make a new id” and stuff, it’s not that easy to throw away 400+ hours spent in playing the game. It’s not to brag but to help them. We’re just merely asking if it’s possible to play with those F2P friends via transfer or another way considering the situations of the servers and its restrictions.

@STAFF_Ines Pls fix the in game clock. The EU server still shows the old NA time.

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Is there any server transfer on Klaipeda and Orsha to the new server? please we need it to happen

can players make varena account then transfer to telsia later on when bots have been clean or population decreases? cause one of my cousins are late in making account because he didnt know about the game and was only inform when we gathered on grandma’s bday.

They might allow you to transfer your team at some point, but if they do, it’ll probably be like every other server transfer they’ve done so far. Namely, if you have a team already on the destination server, then it will be deleted to make room for the new team you’re transferring.

I could be mistaken, but I believe that the clock on Fedimian (the EU server) is probably still reading the old NA time because that server is actually still physically located in NA for the time being. They’ve said that they are going to physically relocate it to EU at some point, but I haven’t heard them say that they have yet, so I’m left to assume that it’s still in NA… for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally we were told we’d be getting 3 replacement TP bundles for the DLC, out today, and now we’re being told it’s TBA? I’m very disappointed :frowning: