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Disappointed on IMC's announcements. Pls be professional

Yes, they temporarily closed it because of the potential server overload that might happen. But then, why did they do that? Of course, it’s to appreciate those who have paid them money. If you think they should open the server right now at the current state of Varena, then go tell them to open it and don’t complain if CommanderLoadFail happens or you can’t do anything in the game because of lag

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Exactly, they are temporarily closing it because they don’t want two servers going down at the same time.

Also, it seems they are not going to add another SEA server so they are pretty much waiting for the hype to die down.

If they feel that the people have migrated in Varena with only a few people settling in, they will open the server.

Errr, if you read my earlier post I’m not in favor of them reopening up Telsiai either until they fix the server instabilities.

And there is no potential, it is already overloaded hence the closing not because they appreciate those who paid (they appreciate our money regardless :smirk:)

pls allow character server transfer cause if f2p wont come in telsiai in maybe 1-2 weeks our friends in varena will gain lvl and they wont come to telsiai anymore then our early access will be useless :frowning: we bought it to get a jump start so pls allow server transfer

Okay, then i’d like Silute to be closed as well, the server is also overloaded. I paid for the early access and still got to wait in a queue with 800 players trying to login .-.

If i played at your server i’d like the same thing, but that would hurt IMC more than benefts us.

The point is, if they do this to your server, others will want it too, IMC will lose players trust more than it already has. All the servers are overloaded like this. We have to ask them for answers about the server fixing, not fight among ourselves

Haha yeah I’ve read some of the Silute issues and I agree it’s really bad. :frowning:

I can’t really comment on Silute cuz I’ve only played in Klap, Telsiai & Varena b4. But the player population in SEA servers are way more than the other servers. hence why they had to open another server in the first place.

If other servers are as overpopulate as you mentioned then by all means ask for a temporary close and new server. They even mentioned they will open a new server if number of player justifies it.

Though like I mentioned in my earlier posts, some people feel if they have sh-ty server issues, you should have them too! we have to be fair after all. :smirk:

I don’t see what you’re complaining about. Telsiai was closed closed off at f2p launched because the server capacity was too low to accomodate new players. It would have been unfair to let a low amount of players in since they would have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of high level players already present.

With this in mind, IMC opened Varena so that new players could go there. Now a week later, after ensuring server capacity and stability, IMC reopens Telsiai so that people with friends in that server can actually join. That makes perfect sense and that decision was obviously not influenced in ANY way by EA players. It was a logical set of steps that we foresaw coming when they announced telsiai was not going to be open for launch TEMPORARILY.

I understand people wanting to whine around to make things better, and believe me i’m always the first to do it, but you people are being way out of line and plain stupid.

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LOL at server capacity & stability :joy:

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Now that i read it myself it does sound pretty ■■■■■■■ funny :joy:

What’s with all that 9/11 imagery. I mean sure go ahead and give your opinion but was it really necessary to use those imagery to illustrate your points?

Telsiai does not need casual plebians to infest our servers. You are like a plague that we wish to avoid. Please stick to varena and wait in queue like the pleb you are. If you did not pay for exclusive access to founder servers you should stay out. Telsiai will settle for a niche and small group of players who are actually interested in this game despite its many flaws. Build a wall and keep the plebs out #maketelsiaigreatagain.

Thou shall not take the bait

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So which part did they lie about? or being unprofessional?

Not trying to defend, but the OP’s message is too butt hurt or angry when posting, im angry too my friends can’t play in Telsiai. but from the announcement that they make a mistake and already say they still haven’t have any solid announcement on the Telsiai f2p, and sincere apologies, you just being a jerk here instead. Where ever did you make up your mind that they making Telsiai exclusive for founders server.

Is still under temporary, i just dont get your rage, yes they make mistake, and the APOLOGIES.

damn jerks in the internets


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Keep the trash off the streets to make it clean. The disgusting plebs need to be barred from Telsiai. The day TOS went live was the day most bots got flushed out of Telsiai. Now botting is a minor and more manageable issue. Opening the floodgates would see bots and plebs rushing in and destroying our pristine server. VOTE YES FOR EXCLUSIVITY #MakeTelsiaiGreatAgain.

They are being professional by not letting a HUGE crownd of player to join a server noone is going to be able to log cuz is already full.

Wow this is straight out discrimination right here. Get your facts straight, you don’t have the right to complain since you’ve already got the benefits in which you paid for which is the EARLY access.