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Since IMC is not selling TP

People are going to buy with goldsellers.

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Uh, you can’t buy TP from gold sellers.
Plus that is a VIP ticket to Banhammer City.

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I know, but players can buy silver from them.

I just dont want see more goldsellers comming. More goldsellers= more bots=more lag

Please let us buy TP from the store.

Afaik IMC have not banned anyone who bought gold yet. Only gold sellers and bots.

IMC is greedy, wth wouldnt we buy from bots and RMTers.



imc bans “gold_seller” and “bot”

how do you know that gold buyers don’t just get sorted into the gold_seller category? where have they ever discussed their policies and said “no we only ban gold sellers and bots” ? or defined what exactly falls into those categories in the ban-lists?

meanwhile, dat link… “goldsellers aren’t as greedy as IMC” as the opening line. yea, clearly someone with a really solid grasp on the situation. x.x

Not defending it - but if someone was actually banned for gold buying, we surely would have been a huge “WAHHHHH” post here by now, talking about how unfair the ban was and that they didn’t know they were buying silver etc etc.

unless they were simply blocked from the website entirely.

besides, we’ve seen several “wahhh” posts already.

WTS TP Scrolls? :smiley:

Just because they aren’t selling it right now doesn’t mean they wont be selling it. They even had an announcement that they would be selling TP bundles on a to be announced date.

this is the problem: most of the people here have zero chill, and just cannot stand the thought of having to wait.

personally, i think it’s probably a great idea, and a sign that IMC -isn’t- the greedy basterds everyone likes to call them…

if they -were-, they’d be more than happy to let a bunch of day1’s buy a ton of TP, then realize they aren’t going to play the game ever again.

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Maybe imc wants to drive token prices up?

why would IMC care what the price of tokens is? it means nothing to them.

they actually get nothing from sales of tokens (either on the market, OR in the TP shop), because the player only pays for the TP they want. what they spend that TP on is irrelevant to IMC, beyond making sure that players have things that they -want- to spend TP on.

Prices go up for tokens means less people tempted to buy silver from the rmt sites

It also means more tokens will be bought as they have more value.

You can’t buy silver with TP also.

lmao you ■■■■

but nobody can buy tokens to sell.

Well you cant buy silver with TP, so I don’t see what the point in your thread is…not being able to buy tradable TP items doesn’t even in the slightest logical sense result in someone wanting to buy silver from sellers…how you came to that conclusion is beyond me.

People want to buy tokens with TP and resell them for silver, gold sellers can provide silver for RL money.