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Telsiai is closed

Telsiai is closed. Fix it ASAP!

it was intended.

Server ■■■■ close!!! WWHHYY YOU DO THIS TO US???

oh wrong link.

This was already completed…

this doesnt make sense… that one was already done… please read it dude

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Think you got the wrong idea, server is closed to those who is eligible to access it D:

Verena has 52 channels while Telsiai has 15 and it says Closed. What have we done? After buying those DLCs, this is what we get?

i played an hour ago and yesterday and now this? i paid the full dlc pack but the service is awful… it is so annoying…

oh my apologies. so us Founders can’t even access it now? wtf

Apparently Telsiai is currently down.

Party? Verena server? Anyone?

Yes. Apparently all channels are closed, no announcement was given prior to this so i assume it is some sort of fix/crash, which is weird given that it is in the morning…

Silute too hahaha nice imc cant log in till 4 days

Fck this… im so lazy to create new character. Brawlhalla while waiting for those R3tards to fix the server, or think of adding server that can handle Telsiai addicts.

And its up. Lets go boys

Gonna be down after… wait for it…