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Petiton: do not make telsiai open to f2p

On server login screen would be nice.

NO do not open the server, all pay to play gamers will be thinking of quitting the game bec of the lag, bots etc… and to IMC you will profit more from players in telsiai if you leave it as it is. no offense to all f2p gamers but honestly i for one am willing to pay again just to enjoy this game as i am enjoying it now in telsiai.

Hello, everyone.

I wish to bring you some updates on that issue.

The announcement made regarding opening Telsiai server to F2P users was made incorrectly. The plan is not solid nor substantial yet. It is currently under discussion.

You can read the corrected version of the announcement from the link below.


best decision ever :+1:t3:

Thanks for hearing us out.

so other players are still restricted from entering Telsiai?


i too willing to pay to play if the price is reasonable. if i have to queue for dungeon/login and seriously looking at those BOT roaming around, mind as well i quit this game, let the BOT enjoy their BOTTING

RO - bot - i quit (last long 3 year)
RO 2 - gold seller - i quit (only within 1 year)

tos - if same - at the end still quit (how long this gonna survive?)

It’s sort of a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation…

I have nothing against free players coming if it was just that. The problem is the rampant bots and they seem to be on mass today… saw about 20 of them as I was running past a low level area. With bots flooding in and people buying from currency farmers, prices are going to be seriously inflated not to mention server instability and making it hard for actual players to progress through the low level areas

the amount of self entitled crybabies in this thread is mind blowing.

you people define the degradation of humanity o.o

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Basically saying you guys are not a man of your words. Announcing an incorrect announcement or should we say you guys are just intimidated by these ELITISTS saying that we should’ve more days to be exclusive or make it permanently exclusive for players who’ve purchased the founders pack! Please be professional by your actions IMC. you are losing the Trust of other players.

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dude go and move to varena and stop bitching abt telsiai

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i agree with you.
I buy this game because I read the information from page.
Telsiai will temporarily become exclusive

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As they said “temporarily”. I’ll wait here for playing with my friends at Telsiai.

Typical players always suggests “go and move to other server”.

Lmao Commanderloadfail advance has been halted!

lol you can always go tell your friends to find a job so they can pay the $10 early access or go and move to varena with you’re friends.

seriously if you really want to play with your friends go and move to varena. how hard is that? i would move to varena if my friends are playing there. sadly they dont

They really need to fix this fast. @.@ +1

Where do I sign /20charactera

so right now is there no way for new player to enter telsial?