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Changes to Market and Trade Use for New Teams

Greetings, Saviors.

Apart from the administration of fraudulent billing and purchase activities by Valve’s fraud department, we’ve implemented our own mechanism to provide additional security measures.

Newly created teams will not be able to register items on the market and participate in 1:1 trades for 3 days (72 hours). After the 72-hour mark, players will be able to fully use the market and trade systems as intended.

*You can still purchase items from the Market.

We’ll be checking for cases of abuse during those 3 days, and block abusers and confiscate their items as necessary.

We hope to maintain a reliable in-game economy by preventing abusive commercial activities ahead of time, and request your cooperation.

We will be performing a temporary server maintenance to apply these changes as a patch. Please look out for our maintenance announcement on this particular feature.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

IMC Staff


nice :slight_smile:


Does this mean users will have no trade limit restriction (assuming they have fulfilled the aforementioned condition)?

Do correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

seems like a temp fix for the infinity silver exploit but its better than nothing until u find a permanent fix i guess :slight_smile:


I think you have misread “Team” as “Item”.

It would’ve been nicer if you announced in game about this earlier than just 5 minutes prior. I wasted a mission run because of this.

Next time could you do a count down thing like other mmos with 1 hour before, 30 mins before, 10 mins before, 5 mins before. So we can plan accordingly? Thank you.


@Staff_Julie: 3 hours of token extension does not give back my dungeon run.


This - and not all players are token users. If you caused a major lapse that urgently needs to be resolved then you ought to be prepared to give a heavier compensation and not just herpderp 3 hours+ done deal.


Corrected my mistake XD

It’s so close to the daily reset if the staff could just reset it again that would be great.

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Glad to read this news. But what about trade limit for month?

Why were not warned of the hour, I could not get through the dungeon …

Yea, how about this bullsh@t ?

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Good news but I agree with the persons above that the announcement should have made sooner, not 5 minutes prior. I wasted my dungeon run. :disappointed:

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i dont think this will affect gold sellers even in the slightest bit, they have hundreds, maybe thousands of inactive accounts ready to be used for their selfish purpose.

Hey, does this only limit to token owners? non token owners still can’t trade after the 3 days?

Non-Token users still cant trade what-so-ever :confused:

Also a Suggestion for Anti-Spamming bot… you can use shout with a requirement level…

So does that mean that those accounts will be deleted? :smiley:

Normally I’d be in full agreement. I raised a ruckus over the fact that this latest weekly maintenance didn’t have all sources updated in time (and instanced players didn’t get the server-wide warning message).

However… this time… I completely understand and accept their lack of warning. For you, me, and 99% of the community, this would be a good thing. For that 1% or whatever percentage that has been actively exploiting… better to not give them a warning. Best to not give them a time frame that they can move what they need to before dumping accounts.

Sudden was, in this case, the best route to go.

And their solution should be able to hit RMT and botters too, since they won’t be able to dump their silver by refunding; it’ll be past the 48 hour refund period xD

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