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I haven’t played for 2 days due to work. I just read along news. So I heard there’s a new restriction up? the 3 day thing for new teams?

It seems that IMC’s favorite solution is restriction. It’s like a trend now. Will this keep up for future issues?

I guess it’s back to RO weekends :))


Welcome to ■■■■ Germany. Next if your not caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes you won’t be allowed to used the market.


Was wondering do we still need token for 1:1 trading?

3 days for what? team what?

i feel like i missed something @_@


actually i don’t think this is a bad idea ‘-’


yes (+20 characteres restrictions)

I see that is pretty dumb if I can trade 1:1 after 3 day of waiting I think it would be worth it.

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Believe it or not, South Korea actually has very restricting laws. It’s something Westerners probably wouldn’t really understand.

I mean, it’s illegal to play video games past midnight for teens lol.

i don’t even think someone would need trade function before those 3 days .-.

saving for trading some dropped loot with a friend

the ones who will most likely get hit by those restrictions are the gold sellers, with a few casualities


How about a friends you ask to play the game and you want to give a head start? after 3 days theyll be 80 atleast.


well, if you really want to help him/her, you could rush quests with him/her, since exp sharing don’t have level restrictions

aside from that, the only game changing item you could give him would be an arde, or maybe some uber enchanted hats

but those would be used for a long time, and even after those 3 days it would still be usefull to him/her

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True but you are decreasing their xp after the split, doing more harm then good.

Yea because +10-15 equips would make no difference in the early game <-- this sarcasm just encase you decide to take it seriously.

the exp is not equally shared, you gain a bonus for each character in the party, even more if they’re from different classes

and even if you were only 2 questing, and both with the same classes, you’d still gain like 75% of the exp

considering a high level charecter (even a support) would simply nuke any low level monster, you can easily quest/grind with him/her with no harm

the +10~15 low level equipments wouldn’t last that long, you’d still probably change them once you hit 75~120, and you can easily hit that in 1 day, with a proper rush

and if you’re willing to give away a lv 75~120 upgraded weapon, you can still give it after those 3 days and he/she would still use it for the whole week or even more

and as i said, this would hit gold sellers way harder than normal players, with only a few casualities

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…The fact that you don’t consider 25% a big loss is outstanding. Give me 25% of everything you own, you apparently wont miss it.

Yea and upgrade them every time they hit a new equipment threshold… duh. Im not gonna give them a lvl one item and ■■■■ off. Im going to keep upgrading them.

Silly people making threads about slightest changes, specially for something as minimal as this.

This mostly only impacts players who intends to make alt accounts to sell tokens and send silver to their main account.

I would show sympathy, but there is none needed.

What QQ comes next?
Next restrestriction “-you can only create up to 10 new characters per day on each account” ?

People would still be like "damn…the restrictions…i…cant…breathe…


It also hurts people who want to bring in new friends. Lets hurt the expansion of our player base… brilliant

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How, going to make a fortune on panto horns?

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it’s not working like that, let’s put it in another panorama and i’ll gladly accept your offer

let’s say i can make 100 dollars an hour, you can make 200 dollars an hour, together we’d make 300 dollars an hour, then we get a 50% teamwork bonus, and it goes to 450 dollars an hour, then we share it, but each will get 75% of it…

so we’ll get 3/4 of 450,
450/4 = 112,50
(112,50*3)= 337,50
337,50 dollars an hour each

so yeah, i’d accept your offer :smiley:

and as i said, you can rush him/her to 75 in one day without a problem, so there would be no trouble on skipping those lower level equipments, and the higher ones would still be usefull even after those 3 days

the main problem is, you WANT to complain about it, you don’t want to see the benefits of this system, you refuse to see any reason on IMC decision and think they’re completly and totally wrong

with that in mind, i’m out

My math was completely wrong, and i edited the text because of it lol

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except thats not how it works. Each kill gives you 150% in the group 75% each. And yes the high lvl can kill fast.


A low lvl with a +10 weapon will one shot everything themselves and get 100% of every kill. If they can 1 shot everything themselves they don’t need someone decreasing their xp to one shot things.

Okay ill cover the problem with your edit, with a edit. Adjusting to this, the maps spawn rates aren’t high enough to accommodate two players one shoting things withing exp share range so once again your example falls on its face because your not helping each others earnings.

Oh, now i get it, its about rushing the game, the 72 hour delay, dear lord, im starting to feel pity.

ecks dee