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Changes to Market and Trade Use for New Teams

Temporary solution or not, 3 days for new player is nothing harmfull. Nice idea!

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you should give out dungeon reset scrolls


What about players that have exploited and have billions of silver now? Are you going to ban them? Something has to be done.


I’d like to see one of those.

Yeah but they announced the maintenance hours before on the forums so there still was notice just not to in game people not paying attention. I’m not that upset over it but considering it’s so close to daily reset, having the maintenance include just reseting again would make everyone happy and still be able to surprise those that needed to be.

Are you seriously crying about 1 wasted dungeon/mission? Seriously?
They are trying to fix the game, it’s way more important than your single wasted dungeon run. Please stop being so selfish.


Eh it looks like there is always warning (even for weekly) but use this post as an example. Post says 4 hours ago is when it was written. First reply is 1 hour ago. That’s implying it sat here in the forums for 3 whole hours before someone bothered to reply to it; a full 3 hour warning right? =P

They write their message, make sure it is marked hidden (or in a private forum), and then unhide/move it to where we see it now when the time is right.

Hmm I fully agree, they should include another morning reset post-maintenance. I think everyone would be happy with that =)

they just want to prove the point usually before the server shutdown they have like a countdown to warn everybody… but they DIDNT sad…

Thanks i hope Please add some item reset for Stat and make equipment more time before damage. Please make a market make a reasonable item sales price Thanks TOS team.

i think what your thinking is not possible like increase the dura of item? then u want squire to lose its purpose?

Ah okay cool I didn’t know that. Thanks. That makes more sense now.

So much ENGRISH in this forum. D:

Hope you guys can track every single abuser now since day one.


More restrictions for normal players. Zero effect on long standing players, but this means a new player cannot receive help from friends for three days. Isn’t the worst or a game-ending change, but just another drawback on top of the pile.

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Back to Zero all and give 10 pcs item for experience token :slight_smile:

The problem is, this will only work during the EA period.
They have 3 days to check the payments now.
But when there are no payments to check and everybody can just create an account and log in it’s gonna end harsh if they don’t get creative. :cry:

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Someone! Please explain this to me in english.

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All this bloody effort and limits to stop bots and silver selling at it’s still 100% present. All you have done is made the game a hell of a lot less fun for your paying customers. Deal with the bots and let your players enjoy the game and trade with others at least more openly on the market if not in person.

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Thank god, the game is saved now.

I said all player will back to Zero or start.
And give 10 token for who have genuine DLC buyer. :slight_smile: