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Please remove market purchase limitation


I recently tried making a QS. The quest asks me to upgrade a xbow. But I only has some 2k silver on me. Now, a xbow is being sold at the market for 1.5k. But I can’t buy it as there is a limitation on buying from the market [kept telling me I can’t buy before 17th may 10:30 or something]. This kinda ruins the play for me as I can’t advance my class nor can I switch to taking some other class’s advancement quest [I’d have gone ranger instead]. As such I do not ask to change the quest or anything [though maybe gifting the players a xbow wouldn’t be bad], just let me at least buy it off the market. The equipment seller has it for 3.6k or something btw

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Yeah, this limitation is somewhat weird. It does absolutely nothing to goldsellers because they can (and, I’m sure, actually do) register a bunch of accounts in advance, while regular players suffer from being unable to use the auction.

This limitation was set in place because of steam purchasing exploits.

I am not clear on the exploitation via steam purchase. Could you enlighten me?

Im not really the kind of guy that does well in explaining stuff so i’ll just drop a link to the announcement they made, here~

The announcement states purchasing would still be allowed. But, like I said, I haven’t been able to purchase either

then again : Can't buy from the market

It’s kinda wonky how they stated it, but in short, newly created chars will have to wait 72 hours before they can use the market and trade system

once maintenance is over check your team lodge for a mail icon on the top right corner, you will notice the date stated as limit to redeem the item there matches with the date you gave on the thread starting post.
i noticed mine vanishing during the weekend (saturday or sunday, not sure) while i had one on mine that was for the 16th (yesterday morning) so that timer could be because of said mail.

your account/character is new, so you have to wait like 3 days before you can access the marketplace. this function was implemented after the multiple steam accounts exploit which happened before the F2P launch.

So now that the game is f2p and founder packs are no longer sold what’s the purpose of this?

…you have a point, RELEASE THE HOUNDS! In all fairness though, most likely founders-like packs will be coming in the near future and IMC hasn’t quite gotten the problem under control yet.