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Why i Can't use trade market? Cant buy or sell :(

Hi guys i played first in silute and them on klaipedia, but 2 days ago i started to play in Orsha and now i cant use de trade market with my lvl 60 char :s it says “unavalliable until 16/06/24” why is that happening? im not token user or bot or gold seller, plz help.

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Hi @juansoler245 we would like to inform you that we have a new system that do not allow the new account to register/buy items in the market place in order to block RMT.

For further details please view this link:

Thanks for answer me, but the things is that i allready have chars on silute an klaipedia and the restrinction says “this function will be avalliable after 16-06-24 4:01AM” so the orsha character was created on 16-06-18, 3 days will be avalliable on 16-06-21 not 16-06-24 an the other thing, is that i can buy with klaipedia an silute chars. So im almost lvl 75, after that is too easy to rech lvl 100 and i even cant buy a token from trade market so, what i suppose to do? lvl 100 witch a lvl 40 bow? lvl 120 with cafrisum set? i’m on game and i went to the market and still the same msg, please help!

lol, I am level 141 with a lvl 40 sword and lvl 1 shield… market will be available in 17-06-25 haha. Not a good way solving a problem by creating another one

So, as you’ve read, lad, new implementations, will have to wait a little longer to access IMC’s RMT.