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Great, more restrictions

Game’s so broken they fix things by restricting things further and further. Haha I remember trying out Albion Online and making predictions about their failures too, should have made one for Tree of Savior stating “Red flag this game if they use the typical low budget development patchwork of fixing things with cheap restrictions or coding”. Sigh.

Okay, whiteknights come tell me things are okay, keep telling us everything is alright and tolerable and okay. It might actually make me feel better.

Note how fast they acted when they really cared. When money is involved, they’re working overtime. (They could have as quickly fixed spawn rates or lifted all the trade restrictions, but nah, that’s only what the community wants. They don’t see the dollar values in that somehow)


Does this restriction really affect anyone at this point? How many new teams are you making?


I would say that this is still a necessary stop gap measure as of now, since the main influx of DLC scammers are those with newly created teams to spam the DLC (and also apparently its caused by Valve’s end so as much as I agree their coding is normally patchy and shitty, this instance isn’t really their fault).

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You’re right it doesn’t. But it’s the principle and the nature of how they’ve been going about things. Their entire philosophy revolves around restrictions. It’s pretty annoying to see this trend and where it might lead, what it’s already done.

I agree, it’s a good temporary measure. This would fly by anyone’s head as a good point and a normal expected procedure to follow, if they didn’t already have a history of restrictions all over the game. Come on you know this game is feeling tighter and tighter. I know I’m barking up the slippery slope fallacy, but let’s just see where they go, what they “fix” next by slapping a paywall or a restriction to it.

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this restriction doesnt affect players that already made team more then 78 hrs. actually it’s a good impliment. unless u are one of the botters whose spamming team account. why would u even be bothered by it


This isn’t even a problem. It’s a perfectly fair restriction. Get real.


Well this actually sounds reasonable to me, surprisingly. I am actually happy to see this kind of restriction in fact, despite how much I hated how they made us have to wait 2 days before we get our silver and no trade for f2p.

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How the heck does this even effect ANYONE that isnt a cheater? what in the world do new players have to sell anyways in the first 2 days that is worth putting up? not a dang thing thats what you are complaining just to complain.


botters arent really affected by this - they can continue buying overpriced things from the market to transfer botted silver.

I don’t see a problem with this. Most of us are already 2 weeks in and we’re not creating new teams so this restriction mostly affect bot users. So either you’re pissed because you’re a bot user yourself or you are having a knee-jerk reaction to the word “restriction” and went full “MUH FREEDOM!”


A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later. -Patton

I think instead of restricting new teams they should’ve removed the DLCs from sale temporarily (until they found a solution to this whole issue).

I can imagine in a few hours some legit players may buy a DLC and find out they’re completely restricted from trading now just because they’re late on the early access.

Prepare for more forum complaints.


Rare materials for collections or arde daggers. And i’ve sold collection items myself and it greatly helped my hunter (upgrading bow, buying attributes, training pet etc.). 3 days is a very long period of time.

again like i said. does it even matter? .u are restricted for 3 days.u wont need the 3 days at low lvl anyway.ur gears are all provided by quest .unless u are intending to grind 24/7 for the 3 days. then it would be a big thing for the new player.
other then that., i would say this is a good move.


I mean I won’t deny, part of what you’re claiming is true. I hate restrictions, I love freedom. But how about seeing it this way, how many other games have these kind of restrictions? What other game do you start on, have to pay for a finite amount of trades or what not (dungeon entries, etc etc, which btw they’ll eventually sell for TP, a whole different issue), and then for the first three days you’re limited still even if you were premium. It’s the principle, it’s the precedent they’re setting.

This is TWO WEEKS prior to release, and look at their grip tightening over how you are suppose to enjoy the game. If anyone hasn’t noticed, the game is already as linear as an “MMO” gets. Stats, story, quests, etc. It’s like you’re in a hallway and you’re buying a ticket to witness something more than play something. Time will continue to tell.

then the game is dead here and now. if all they are do is more and more restriction its over. what next? after the god now how much new bots on the 28 we will have no more drops from monsters? bot don’t give a ■■■■ if they cant seel for 3 days. there will be nothing to sell in 3 days any way. like what this thing is here for? or any one say here they cant find and bad bots in 3 day?

No it really isnt a long time 3 days gets you to maybe around lvl 50 depending on how much time you actually spend playing. Most players did not even touch the market because they were busy trying to burn through the quests.

Also you are level ONE for christ sake you dont even need to upgrade your gear until lvl 120 when it really matters because you are leveling so fast your gear is replaced just as fast through questing. So again what do new players need to sell in a 2 day span that will actually help them level when leveling is so fast and easy until around lvl 120?

in 3 days .if anyone could sell a arde dagger. i would either call that player “no life” or a bot. considering arde dagger is a lv 90 dungeon.
and u cant get much from selling collection items.yes it might help just a little, but i dont think new players are gonna farm that much ,they would quest rush andgrind most of the thime.that would already take them 3 day by then.
anyway ,let’s assume u wanna sell collection item,3 days + storage ,i dont see the prob, u can always use the storage or just hold them in ur inventory

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On the real though, it’s how I make most my silver but… I can see why it’s necessary so I’ll deal with it.

I read it wrong, thought it said Items not team.


You are basing yourself off reasoning.

There is no reasoning.

When those new players find out they are restricted to trading when others aren’t they won’t think twice. Doesn’t matter if they do have items to sell or not, they will just complain about it. It’s a matter of having something to complain about.