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I find that the Heal skill feels like your playing DDR aka Dance Dance Revolution and kinda really annoying and messy when you got other skills on the floor.I would scale the heals accordingly so we get less tiles and avoid mass heals tiles all over the place.I rather revert to the old 5 Heal tiles,if Heals need a nerf so be it but I rather something close to 5 tiles then have 15 tiles on the floor.

I mean imagine 3 Clerics that has lv 15 Heal -_-.

Okay, summarizing things i want to know about clerics

First of all, paladin needs some buff or rework…

And then, the doubts…
1st - if i miss the main attack, does sacrament (priest)/last rites(chaplain) and/or aspergillium(chaplain) still proc?

2nd - does incineration(plague doctor) and discerning evil(Pardoner) work along?

3rd - how well does last rites(chaplain) scale with sacrament (priest)? And how much does the low HP buff on last rites increase the DMG?

I’d like vídeos if possible, but the straight answers would do <3

Thx everyone

4th - can a druid use carnivore and sterea troth in the same chortasmata?

5th - After using shapeshifter or transform, do i keep my character stats and equipment bonus and effects? or do i become iterally a copy of the monster?

@STAFF_J - Thank you for creating class sections. Provided below is a list of interesting and well developed cleric-related threads in the Class and Rank forum. I believe this section would benefit from moving those threads to this new cleric category, as those have a lot of useful information (as opposed to the many simple question or rate my build threads, which it is likely not worth to dig through). While we are at it, those threads could also have OP always available for editing.

Cleric build discussion: The Chapel [Cleric Build Discussion]
Chaplain thread: [Class] Chaplain - Hidden Class Rank 5
Plague doctor thread: [Class] Official Plague Doctor Thread
Sadhu thread: [Class] Official Sadhu Thread
Pardnoer thread: Pardoner Skill Explanation + Simony Scroll List
Dievdirby thread: [Dievdirbys] A more in depth approach
Paladin thread: Paladin build compendium

I also recall reading a very good Druid compendium in the Sadhu thread. Was there a druid thread based on that guide and does anyone have link to provide to the mods?

Thread died hard after sadhu possession interrupt and OBB damage nerf both hit in the same patch.

Hello @Crow_mw

The threads that you mentioned via a last comment have been moved to new cleric category.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for your work as well.

Why is my level stuck at 15… I chose the cleric tier 2 and I didn’t receive any new skills and my class level is now stuck at 15… what is happening :confused:

Really not sure, had the same myself.
Logged out, logged back in after a tedious que and now it does work.

your class bar is ont he right side. your exp wont reset (you will be level 15 still)

Im a newbie that didnt play in any beta stages, i’d like to know if i can, and how can i, play cleric like a mage burst type character

Buy the reagents from the trainer…

Ok so im fairly new here and i dont know all the game mechanics, and seems i cant find noone else who brings it up but… I been noticing while i level that, well besides being hard as hell to level with no skills to kill enemies besides heal which misses flying enemies, we just have Autoattack to level off from, and from this i notice that, we cant mob and kill the mob? What i mean by this is that if we mob we can only attack 2 monsters at a time. First i had to make sure, soo i tested it with 3 monsters true enough only 2 get hit at a time even with 4 only 2 are getting hit. So i really want to know the reasoning behind this. Or is it just a skill i need to get pass this? Because i see a knight normal and he can hit the whole mob. Clerics/preist has to be the slowest and hardest to since they have no attack skills what so ever untill maybe exorcisim which i say… isnt impressive for a class 3 preist. I know everyone is going to said this but… every other class has skills to kill monster quick but we have to auto with low damage? I know the option to party but… again this is me being new here but it seems that every other class can solo to atleast 100 quicker alone then with party which seems to be the reason noone parties with a cleric/preist until what i see in 200’s when you actually need their skills i guess. So i just want to know why it seems that their nerfed so hard? Also as a new person here im trying to find a purpose to play the game? Im no stranger to grinding and i can grind for hours which is why im at the level im at now, but its seems its messed up if i have a mob on me and im hitting only 2 monsters then any other class even lower level then me comes and wipes them all.I be mad if i say im not salty. If i were to play another class i probably be 100+ by now thats how many hours i put in on this cleric. So i just want an response why?

wich one of the krivis builds is the best for pve? the one with the cl-2 kriv-3-druid2-tao2? or its better the one with sadhu 3 instead of druid?