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About the Graphics category (4)
Isolated Library (4)
Damage Text almost invisible (7)
Skills with broken effect (3)
Minimap Broken, it teases me so, it entices me, I need the real thing (14)
Turning off all characters effect doesnt work properly after new update (1)
Witch Hat Clipping (1)
Stuttering Framerate (12)
Cryomancer Skils not showing (7)
Something wrong with Goth Loli hair hairstyle and Red Evil Wings :( (1)
Weapon refinement glow disappearing after skill use (2)
Character info text is blurred (2)
[REPOST] Mouse too small on 4k resolutions (1)
Graphic bug everywhere (1)
Fencer and some hoplite skills sounds gone (2)
Black Screen Glitch After 5/2/18 Maintenance (7)
Quest Away from the Watch bug (1)
Mouse mode still broken (13)
Nevermind. Fixed. Delete please (4)
Guild: Guild emblem not showing (3)
Two-Handed Sword unique walking animation missing on female character (1)
Uphill mob visual problem (5)
Missing animation and sound for 2-Handed Sword normal attack (9)
Dragoon/pelt skill bugs (1)
Visual bug at rainbow trek (annexed img) (6)
Character head spazzing out when running diaganolly ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (111)
Some attack effects don't appear (1)
Portals now showing anymore (1)
Stutter with 1 character (8)
Medium Cut Hairstyle (2)